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25 Highest Paid Nonprofit CEOs who You Should Know

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25 Highest Paid Nonprofit CEOs who You Should Know

Nonprofits organizations are systematically structured to serve the purpose of their clients at little or no cost. Nonprofit CEOs, who provide such great services, earn almost nothing from their businesses. However, donations and charity events are undoubtedly some of the best ways to help them and spread good will. CEOs of many such organizations have made great fortunes this way. In this article we will get to know some of the highest paid CEOs of non-profit organizations.

What do the Nonprofit CEOs Do?

The main job of the nonprofit CEOs in the organizations involves making the highest value decisions that will keep the nonprofit organizations in business. The responsible CEOs will have to decide on how much money the organization has made, what things to look after, allotting the money to specific works, and overview the entire thing that goes on!

As simple as the CEO job seems, the nonprofit organization has a lot of things to deal with! Like any other organization, these nonprofits run similarly. They do have shareholders and investors in the process. They even make money at the same time.

So there is little difference between a normal organization and a nonprofit one apart from the goals. The charities are funded through various means that determine how much the CEOs will be paid. Sometimes it is a lump sum, and in some significant cases, it is a standard payment process.

25 Highest Paid Nonprofit CEOs Who You Should Know

Standing firm with the non profit CEOs of charitable organizations in the name of donation is a great way to spread a good cause. There are a lot of expenses in these organization programs that urge them to get a lot more funds for smooth functioning. There is a structure of salary, bonus and even retirement pay to the nonprofit CEOs observed in the charity sector. Let us begin our list.

1. Ernie Sadau, Christus Health

Ernie Sadau: What are your expectations of CHRISTUS leaders?

The nonprofit organization Christus Health is a Catholic health system that offers faith-based care to people in need in areas like Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico. More than 40 hospitals and clinics offer ample facilities to people everywhere. The CEO Ernie Sadau is considered the highest paid CEO in charity; much growth is witnessed under him.

Compensation: $13,463,390

2. R Heldebrant, Star One Credit Union

R Heldebrant is one of the highest paid CEOs in charity. The organization Star One Credit Union is a cooperative society where the purpose of promoting is to collect the savings of the commoners as a course of credit to them. The interest rates are low and decided by the board of directors to offer an opportunity to all for granting low-interest mortgage rates and car loan rates, and more.

Compensation: $12,465,866

3. Steven J. Corwin, New York Presbyterian Hospital

The most famous organization, New York Presbyterian Hospital, is known as a world-class academic medical center. It is committed to offering excellent education, research, and patient care with a growing community service that acts powerfully to combat any issue with ease.

Steven J.Corwin is the highest Paid Nonprofit CEO who has significantly worked for the betterment of the organization and shown excellent results over time.

Compensation: $12,414,295

4. Peter S. Fine Fache, Banner Health

One of the largest nonprofit organizations in Phoenix, Arizona, is Banner Health. They are the leading hospital service providers catering to all the communities for the commoners’ needs.

Peter S. Fine Fache is one of the highest paid Nonprofit CEOs who has significantly made the growth of this organization, offering a large number of employees. Around 50,000 employees are working for the commoner’s health support.

Compensation: $11,256,938

5. Jack N Gerard, American Petroleum Institute

Planet Forward: API President Jack Gerard

American Petroleum Institute, popularly known as API, is known for promoting safety all across the industry at a global range. They influence public policies to support the viable US oil and natural gas industry.

The framework of the safety program here is powerful and, under the leadership of Jack N. Gerard, has achieved high-flying results. He is one of the highest paid nonprofit CEOs across the globe.

Compensation: $10,669,493

6. Anthony R Tersigni, Ascension Health

If you think about the most significant private healthcare organizations, then Ascension Health holds a great position in offering the best service for the sake of the commoner’s welfare. It offers faith-based healthcare services with a wide range of centers across the United States.

Under the leadership of Anthony R Tersigni, this nonprofit and catholic health system has responded to great results. There are 142 hospitals and 40 old age or senior living centers with facilities.

Compensation: $10,631,627

7. Teresa Campbell, San Diego County Credit Union

San Diego County Credit Union is the largest locally owned financial institution, where they have raised more than $10.7 billion in assets. This nonprofit organization is a credit union that helps the commoners to get credit-related services.

This organization’s primary focus is to help everyday people with bank deposits and small loans. Teresa Campbell is known for his outstanding service as the CEO, and he is also one of the highest paid CEOs in Charity.

Compensation: $9,946,020

8. James D. Dahling, Children’s Health System

The nonprofit organization, Children’s Health System is known for serving south-eastern Virginia and North Carolina. They are solely contributing to their subsidiaries’ planning, supporting services, and managing the entire system.

The CEO, James D. Dahling, is known for his outstanding managerial skills that have brought growth to the organization. He has the highest pay records as CEO in charity as well.

Compensation: $8,917,055

9. David C Pate, Saint Luke’s Health System

The most famous Saint Luke’s Health System is known for offering high-quality patient care facilities to everyone equally who comes to their door. David C Pate made a very comprehensive approach for the organization to serve the commoners with excellent service. He is recorded as one of the highest paid CEOs in charity to date.

Compensation: $8,564,141

10. Howard P Kern, Sentara Healthcare

Focus, Discipline, Success | Howard Kern, CEO Emeritus, Sentara Healthcare

Sentara Healthcare leads the list if you think about a progressive and integrated healthcare nonprofit organization. The concerned persons are dedicated to the patients.

The experts are available to offer innovative and improved health services. Howard P Kern has contributed to the best of his abilities to make it what it is today. He is the highest paid nonprofit CEO in charity.

Compensation: $8,053,745

11. Zarin Mehta, New York Philharmonic

Zarin Mehta, the president of the New York Philharmonic, earns around $2.6 million as compensation, which shocked everyone when the report came out.

The charitable organization performs best and gets a good percentage of revenue every year. Under Zarin’s leadership, the organization offers excellent service to ordinary people as a nonprofit organization.

Compensation: $2,649,540

12. Glenn D. Lowry, The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is the home of the lending artists’ and painters’ work. The director or the CEO, Glenn D. Lowry, earns great, and the contract is rolling out well. MoMA decided to put him as a director, and this salary reaches an extent of $2.5 million, reflecting how high the bonuses can be!

Compensation: $2,447,882

13. Donald Johnson, Evans Scholars Foundation

The chairman of the most popular Evans Scholars Foundation collects a good salary that puts him in the list of highest paid CEOs in Charity. Johnson left the organization in 2009 but is still recorded as one of the Highest Paid CEOs in Charity. This foundation has created a lot of good work for the commoners and contributed to society.

Compensation: $2,049,976

14. Thomas Krens, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

After several years of great work, the CEO of Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Thomas Krens, recorded the highest paid CEOs in charity to date. A lot of criticisms came to the limelight for his expensive efforts to create satellite museums worldwide. The foundation has grown tremendously under his leadership and planning.

Compensation (2008): $1,716,343

15. Michael Kaiser, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The Arts Are "Too Darn Expensive"

The most popular Kennedy Centre is a much-desired place of culture. There is diversity in the performances that are reflected in the country’s people and places. The donations are on the higher side, making Michael Kaiser one of the highest paid nonprofit CEOs in charity. He gave justification for his million-dollar salary as well.

Compensation (2008): $1,091,444

16. Peter C. Marzio, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The most popular Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is one of the largest art museums with millions of visitors every year. There are outreach and education activities that reach more than 670,000 by the museum calculation. Being the CEO of this, Peter Marzio appears in the list of Highest Paid Nonprofit CEOs.

Compensation (2008): $1,054,939

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17. Brian A. Gallagher, United Way Worldwide

The United Way is famous worldwide for its great commercials and iconic logo. It is fighting against poverty in 45 countries and territories. The CEO, Brian Gallagher, is heading both American and worldwide divisions, looking into the entire flow of the organization. He is also considered among one of the Highest Paid CEOs in Charity.

Compensation (2008): $982,768

18. Reynold Levy, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

The president of Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, Reynold Levy, holds a good amount of share from the NGO. The number is on the higher side and considered one of the top highest paid nonprofit CEOs of 2022.

The Lincoln Center has a substantial cultural offering, and donors support the center’s operations and education with outreach activities.

Compensation: $970,707

19. David Mosena, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

The most popular Science Museum in Chicago is this one which is permanently the home of the German U-boat in the US. It gives visitors the opportunity to promote science education among children.

The president and CEO is David Mosena, who has held this position since 1997. Per the research, he is among the highest paid nonprofit CEOs with excellent compensation.

Compensation: $954,827

20. Edwin J. Feulner, The Heritage Foundation

Dr. Feulner Discusses Heritage's Future

The most famous, The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank which is located in Washington DC solely concentrates on the formulation and conservation of public policies that are based on set principles.

The CEO of this organization Edwin Fueler is credited with bringing in the highest level of policy and decorum which has helped transform the foundation. His compensation makes him one of the highest paid CEOs in Charity.

Compensation: $947,999

21. Deborah Borda, Los Angeles Philharmonic

The supporters of the Los Angeles Philharmonic donate a lot of money to support the organization’s efforts to promote education, performances, and music at the school level in churches and neighborhoods.

Regular classical music concerts are common. The president Deborah Borda gets a handsome salary by contributing to the organization to be at its best.

Compensation: $928,232

22. Jonathan W. Simons, Prostate Cancer Foundation

One of the most famous prostate cancer foundations affecting millions of Americans’ lives has created a well-structured health awareness to save people from dying.

The foundation seeks to reduce the numbers soliciting donations to fund the high-risk and highly researched organization to fight this threatening disease.

Jonathan W. Simons is reported to be one of the highest paid nonprofit CEOs worldwide, earning a considerable amount of money and compensating for tremendous growth.

Compensation: $880,801

23. Richard Moe, National Trust for Historic Preservation

There is no surprise to the fact that the importance of history that this national trust for preservation has taken care of is phenomenal. To preserve it the organization is operative and raises its voice for smaller sites and landmarks for granting growth in those areas. Richard Moe has received an equivalent salary of 1.46% from the organization. His 16 years of work with this organization showed tremendous growth.

Compensation: $861,625

24. Edward J. Benz, Jr, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The most famous Dana Farber Cancer Institute is the main center for research and clinical sides related to cancer issues. It focuses on the flagship fundraising arm, which chiefly organizes charity bike rides, walk-a-thons, and golf tournaments.

Edward J. Benz is one of the leading masterminds for the organization’s growth. He is one of the highest nonprofit CEOs in the world. He has directed numerous partners in the organization, like the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center and Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Care.

Compensation: $848,802

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25. Stephen Prescott, Okla. Medical Research Foundation

Sunday Conversation: Stephen Prescott (2009-02-08)

The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation has accomplished stem cell research in combating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Lupus. The group is consistently working towards welfare to minimize the issues and maximize the impact of the contributions made by the benefactors.

The transformation has taken a deep root and has created a lot of impacts, with around 66% of growth under Stephen Prescott. The revenue earned by Stephen as a CEO is considered to be recorded in the list of highest paid nonprofit CEOs.

Compensation: $806,150

To conclude, the CEOs in charity are the highest paid for various reasons. The foremost factor is to take up the entire responsibility for the overall performance of the nonprofit charitable trust.

Financial planning, structuring, and implementation responsibility depend on the CEOs. In short, they confirm the smooth performance of the organization for effective functioning. Nevertheless, these CEOs are responsible and efficient in their work, showing remarkable organizational growth.

Aditya Farrad

Aditya Farrad

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