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Guru Randhawa Net Worth, House, Monthly Salary

Guru Randhawa Net Worth, House, Monthly Salary

Guru Randhawa, a renowned name in the Punjabi music industry, has left a memorable mark with his talent and captivating tunes. As one of the most celebrated singers, his songs have gained massive fan following and substantial wealth. In this article, we will look at Guru Randhawa net worth, house and monthly salary.

Guru Randhawa Net Worth, House, Monthly Salary

Guru Randhawa, a singer, composer, musician, and songwriter, has become a renowned figure in the Punjab Music Industry. With his captivating smile, he has won the hearts of many and has been adored by numerous girls. Rising to stardom, he earned the nickname High Rated Gabru from his solo track of the same name. Guru Randhawa’s journey is a true testament to a struggling artist’s success through dedication to his craft. His exceptional talent as a singer and a songwriter has etched his name in the prestigious halls of both Punjabi Music and Bollywood industries.

Net Worth $6 million
Monthly Income Rs. 45 lakhs
Yearly Income Rs. 5 crores
Wealth Rs. 50 crores
Properties Owned and their Valuation
Miscellaneous Assets and their Valuation Rs. 6.2 crores

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Personal Life

Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa, popularly known as Guru Randhawa, was born on August 30, 1991, into a Sikh family in Noorpur village, located in Gurdaspur district, Punjab. Growing up in a middle-class household, Guru excelled in academics and had a strong passion for learning.

At the tender age of seven, Guru began practicing singing and harbored a lifelong dream of becoming a singer. Following his high school education, he relocated to Delhi to pursue higher studies. He earned a degree from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management and later achieved a master’s in business administration.

Guru Randhawa chooses to lead a tranquil life, setting himself apart from other celebrities by avoiding parties and instead focusing on working during nighttime. With a reserved nature, he maintains a small circle of friends.


Guru Randhawa on handling success and fame

During his early years, Guru actively participated in numerous school competitions, always eager to showcase his skills. His passion for singing grew as he developed a strong affinity for watching television and enjoying the songs featured in various shows. Notably, Guru achieved victory in a school competition where he demonstrated his talent by singing five different songs.

He had a burning desire to pursue his passion for singing and turn it into a profession. Guru made his debut as a songwriter with the song Same Girl, sung by Arjun Coomaraswamy and released in 2013. As a singer, Guru’s first debut song was Chhad Gayi, released in the same year. While the song didn’t perform exceptionally well, it did manage to garner him a dedicated fan following.

Guru Randhawa’s journey to success in the music industry began with his first successful song, Patola, featuring Bohemia. This Punjabi track quickly became a massive hit, garnering over 8 crore views and propelling Guru Randhawa’s career to new heights. Initially facing struggles to find a record label, he finally found success with Speed Records and released his debut album Page One under their banner.

Guru Randhawa continued to shine with other well-received songs like Outfit and Khat, turning him into a singing sensation. His popularity soared even higher with subsequent hits such as Fashion, Yaar Mod Do and Suit. The latter, in particular, became a sensation in Bollywood after being featured in the movie Hindi Medium, and it was embraced by audiences across the country.

Music record label T-Series recognized Guru Randhawa’s talent and signed him, leading to the creation of some of his career’s biggest hits to date, including Made In India, High Rated Gabru, and Lahore. His remarkable success story and catchy songs have solidified his position as one of the most celebrated artists in the Indian music industry.

Guru Randhawa Net Worth

Guru Randhawa boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $6 million, equivalent to Rs. 50 crores. His position as one of the highest-paid singers in the industry is well-deserved, considering his earnings from film songs, live concerts, and music albums. Over the past five years, his net worth has seen remarkable growth, leaving many astonished.

Aside from his musical endeavors, Guru Randhawa’s income is further boosted by lucrative brand endorsements with top companies. He earns a substantial fee ranging from Rs. 3 to 5 lakhs for each endorsement. It is worth noting that he is not just focused on personal gains, as he actively contributes to charitable causes, particularly those related to social work and children’s welfare.

Guru Randhawa Salary and Income

Guru Randhawa earns a monthly salary of Rs. 45 lakhs and an annual income exceeding Rs. 5 crores. According to Forbes, Guru Randhawa net worth in 2019 amounted to Rs. 26.40 crores, securing him the 49th position in the Forbes top 100 celebrity list. He charges approximately Rs. 20-25 lakhs per song and Rs. 5-10 lakhs for each stage show or event.

Guru Randhawa House

Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 5 Episode 2 Featuring Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa has purchased a luxurious residence in Gurugram, Haryana, along with a magnificent Koti-style mansion in his village. This serves as a symbol of his remarkable journey from humble beginnings in a small house in Punjab to achieving stardom.

Guru Randhawa Assets

Guru takes great pride in owning a yellow-colored Mercedes C Class, which holds a special place in his heart as it was his very first car from the prestigious brand. Reports suggest that the car’s price falls within the impressive range of Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 1.4 crores.

Apart from his beloved Mercedes, Guru’s collection of luxury vehicles includes:

  • Lamborghini Gallardo, which comes with a hefty price tag of over Rs. 2 crores,
  • Range Rover Evoque, priced between Rs. 66.60 lakhs and Rs. 69.99 lakhs,
  • BMW 3 Series GT, which costs approximately Rs. 50.93 lakhs, going up to Rs. 61.24 lakhs,
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Btw, priced between Rs. 45 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs,
  • Cadillac, valued at a whopping amount of around Rs. 1.2 crores.

Guru’s love for vehicles extends beyond cars, as he also boasts an impressive collection of superbikes, with his favorite being the iconic Harley Davidson.


Guru Randhawa boasts an impressive list of accomplishments. Among his accolades is the Best Debut Male Singer Award at PTC Punjabi Music Awards. In 2017, he had the opportunity of performing alongside Yami Gautam during the opening ceremony of IPL 2017.

However, perhaps his most significant achievement was the immense popularity he gained, amassing a massive and devoted fan following. One of his songs, Lahore, soared to number 21 on the Top 25 list on YouTube, fulfilling his aspiration of making a mark on billboards through his independent music.

Charitable Initiatives

Charity show - Guru Randhawa - Helping Hands

Guru Randhawa engages in philanthropy and has actively participated in numerous charitable projects and causes, with a focus on supporting education and healthcare initiatives in India.

Guru Randhawa has achieved significant success through his music, gathering a notable net worth. His financial standing is a testament to his hard work in the Indian music industry.

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