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DragonPass Vs Priority Pass: Which One Is The Best?

DragonPass Vs Priority Pass: Which One Is The Best?

Are you confused about which pass membership you should get? This article portrays DragonPass Vs. Priority pass. Compare and find the best one for you.

DragonPass Vs Priority Pass: Which One Is The Best?

Are you a frequent flyer and prefer visiting airport lounges while waiting for the flights? Well, there are thousands of airport lounges, and if you do prefer it over the regular waiting area, then you need to know about the popular airport lounge networks.

So what are these popular airport lounge networks in India?

There are two major airport lounge networks/programs in India:

  1. DragonPass
  2. Priority Pass

Let’s start with DragonPass, what is it?

Established in 2005, DragonPass is a premium service provider for frequent travelers. Presently, DragonPass covers over 900 airport lounges across the globe.

To get access to airport lounges that come under DragonPass, all you need to do is visit the partner airport lounge and show your membership card for discounted or free lounge access.

Now, let’ s talk about the Priority Pass – what is it? 

Just like the DragonPass, the Priority Pass is also a subscription-based airport lounge network that covers over 1,000 lounges in over 500 airports across the globe.

DragonPass Vs Priority Pass: The In-depth Comparison.

Now, you know what a DragonPass and a Priority Pass means. Let’s get more in-depth and find out which one suits your needs the best?

DragonPass: In-depth Review

How can you purchase the DragonPass membership? 

You can download the DragonPass App to purchase the membership, and it is going to cost you around £68 or US$99. If you don’t want to download the app, then you can visit the official website, or you can call their 24/7 hotline on +886 4-2206-8053 or UK office English Service-Hotline on +44(0) 161 929 8844. (Timings: Monday-Thursday: 9 AM to 5 PM and Friday 9 AM to 4:30 PM UK Time). You can also get membership through their corporate partners, such as financial institutions, credit card issuers, travel companies, insurance companies, etc.

The benefits of joining a DragonPass:

The benefits vary between free registration and subscription.

With Free Registration:

After you have successfully registered through the app/website, you will receive an account, and you will be entitled to these benefits:

  1. Single Lounge Access: Purchase a lounge pass without the hassle of subscribing to a yearly plan.
  2. Meet & Greet: Pay as you go
  3. Limousine: Pay as you go

With Subscription:

If you have registered and subscribed to a yearly plan, then you will be entitled to these benefits:

  1. Lounge Access: You can use your purchased or free lounge access.
  2. Single Lounge Pass: You need to buy lounge pass if you have exhausted your membership’s free/purchased lounge visits.
  3. Dining: Up to 20% discount at partner dining outlets across the globe.
  4. Limousine and Meet & Greet: Exclusive 5% discount per booking.

Please note: If you have received the membership through any of the corporate partners, then the issuer determines the specific benefits.

DragonPass has three different membership plans:

  1. Preferential Membership: This is a standard membership plan where you get access to airport lounges worldwide at a discounted fee. The membership fee is US$89/ £50. After paying the membership fee, you will have to pay a flat £16/US $27 rate for all DragonPass partner lounge visits. The same price applies to each guest that you bring along with you.
  2. Preferential membership with 8 complimentary visits: This membership comes with 8 complimentary lounge visits that you can use for yourself and your guests as well, but for subsequent visits, you will have to pay the Preferential membership rate of US $27. The fee for this membership is US$216/ £128.
  3. Prestige Membership: This membership is a bit expensive at US$432/£268. However, unlike the other two membership plans, all your personal lounge visits are free, but if you are taking another guest with you, then you will have to pay £16/US $27 for each guest.

What facilities do you get in a lounge with DragonPass membership? 

In the lounge, you will get refreshments, complimentary internet access, television, shower, and flight status updates. However, the availability of these facilities varies from one lounge to another.

Are you allowed to bring guests to the lounge who are not a DragonPass member along with you?

Yes! You are allowed to bring guests into the lounge with you if you have purchased your membership from their mobile app or website, but make sure you have sufficient visit top up in your membership card as one visit gets deducted from it for each guest you bring along.

If you have bought the membership before 1st May 2019, then you will have to pay £16 or US$27 to add one additional lounge visit. But if you have purchased your membership after 1st May 2019, then you will have to pay £19.5 or US$31 to add one additional lounge visit.

However, if you have received the membership from any of the corporate partners, then you need to check with your issuer for more information about bringing guests into the lounge.

How can you renew your DragonPass membership?

For renewing your self-purchased memberships, you will have to call their UK office English Service-Hotline: +44(0) 161 929 8844 (Monday to Thursday 9 AM-5 PM, Friday 9 AM-4:30 PM UK Time)

If you have received your membership from any of the corporate partners, then the renewal process may vary depending on the program. It is highly advisable to check with your issuer for more information.

Indian Credit Cards that provide DragonPass membership:

  1. ICICI Jet Privilege Sapphiro Credit Card. (8 domestic visits per year and 2 international visits per year)
  2. InterMiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card (Not disclosed)

Priority Pass: In-depth Review:

From where can you buy a Priority Pass membership and how much does it costs? 

Priority Pass offers membership to various lounges in its network, and you can purchase the membership directly from its official website. The annual fee is different for all the memberships:

  1. Standard membership: The annual fee is $99, which includes visits for $32 each.
  2. Standard Plus membership: The annual fee is $249, which includes 10 complimentary visits, with subsequent visits for $32 each.
  3. Prestige membership: The prestige membership is the premium membership that costs $399 per year. In this membership, you get unlimited free visits, but for guests, you will have to pay $32 for each visit.

Family membership option: There is no such option available, yet if you have purchased a membership directly from Priority Pass, then they offer you a Standard Partner membership at half price.

What are the benefits of a Priority Pass membership?

  1. Lounge Access: Priority Pass gets you to access 1300+ experiences across 600 cities and 148 countries and more lounges getting added every month.
  2. Dining Benefit: You can enjoy dining benefits from the selection available, which also includes free alcohol at most lounges.
  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity: You get to enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi at most lounges.
  4. Additional Discounts: Priority Pass members also get additional discounts on airport dining, retail, and spa.
  5. 24×7 Support: Priority Pass members get 24×7 support from Priority Pass’ multilingual advisors.

How can you renew your Priority Pass membership?

For the renewal of your membership, you will have to call the Membership Services centers. If you prefer to email them, then please mention your membership number or keep your details ready if you prefer to call them.

Indian Credit Cards that provide Priority Pass membership:

  • Axis Bank SELECT (Free Visits: 6)
  • Yes First Exclusive Card (Free Visits: Unlimited + Add on Cards)
  • HDFC Infinia (Free Visits: Unlimited + 3 Add on Cards)
  • Citi Prestige (Free Visits: Unlimited + 4 Add on Cards)
  • Yes First Preferred (Free Visits: 4)
  • HDFC Regalia (Free Visits: 6)
  • HDFC Regalia First (Free Visits: 4)

Please Note: (The data may change in the near future, please consult with the respective credit card provider for current offerings)

DragonPass Vs Priority Pass: The Verdict

If you are someone who wants a lot more than just complimentary airport lounge access, then you will have to go for the Priority Pass; otherwise, you can go for the DragonPass.

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