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Cutting the cost of your car financing

Cutting the cost of your car financing

Nowadays with various financial challenges arising like rising prices of petrol & diesel, a slowly recovering economy, and consistent job scarcity, cutting costs in every aspect of our lives have become an inevitable necessity. Unfortunately, our cars have nothing to do with our economic difficulties. When they start malfunctioning or eventually break down, we have the only way to buy a new one. Under such conditions, finding a modest costing deal becomes a necessity.

Amid the economic crisis, many manufacturers are selling cars at greatly competitive prices to induce people to purchase them. This simply implies that if you can avail of finance at competitive rates, you can manage to get a car for yourself.

Many people among us fall in the car finance trap and ultimately pay a lot more than necessary. There are some ways that can help you to cut costs and make that deal budget-friendly. Let’s explore.

Opting for Loans with low-interest rates

The loan terms are based on your credit score. People with a good credit score can avail loans with the lowest possible rates of interest. If you don’t have a clean credit score, you have to pay more due to your questionable repayment history. However, you can find some great shopping offers, yet the best thing to apply for a car finance loan is to check your credit history to ensure you apply for apt loans for your situation. Even a small increase in your interest rate can save you a lot of money over the term of your loan.

Cash is king

If you have the money in hand when you start looking for a new car, most of the dealers will treat you positively. Cash payments are highly favored by vendors. Cash purchase deals render you with a better position for negotiation. Moreover, on making cash payments, you can receive some sort of corresponding offers, cash discounts, etc.

Beginnings and ends

Although if the monthly installments seem low, it could mount to a very high payment at the end of the loan. You must check these out and prior evaluate the total amount payable.  Some car companies offer 0% finance to customers with a large deposit; you can consider such deal offers, even if you have to pay a large deposit initially.

Refinance your car loan

If you are paying too much as interest or your credit score has improved, you will probably be able to downsize your car payment by refinancing your car loan. If you can’t avail of a better rate, you can truncate your payments even by extending the term of the loan. Though, in the long run, you’ll have to pay more as interest.

Car leasing

Some people find that car leasing can be a great alternative if they have below-average credit. Oftentimes, rather than paying high-interest rates, it is comparatively a lot cheaper to lease a car.

Car leasing can also be suitable if you wish to purchase a car with a high depreciation as you would not suffer that much if you lease than if you have to sell the vehicle. However, there are terms and conditions that you must check prior to making a decision.

Purchasing a cheaper car

Do you want to purchase a new car of your dream model or a pre-owned model that is slightly used to meet your practical needs for a car? If you really want to buy a luxury car, you should be having an arrangement of adequate funds for it; otherwise, such purchase of an expensive car will put you deeper in debt. It’s worth considering seriously.


Many car dealers have pre-registered cars for those people who want to try out a new vehicle. However, these cars may have a few hundred miles on the clock, but they are new at the core. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a pre-registered car over a featured brand new car.


Haggling can reduce the initial price of the car and for a moment’s work; it enables you to save a few hundred pounds. As an outcome of this, a lower price is to be paid. For those people willing to haggle, better service packages and extended warranties may also be available.

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Availing finance for your car at competitive rates is a lot easier than it was before. There are a number of ways to save money on your car payments. The final tip is to not make hurry in the process of buying a car. Straight from the very beginning, carefully evaluate all of your options, and make the choice that’s apt for you.

Sushma Singh

Sushma Singh

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