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Badshah Net Worth, Income, Property

Badshah Net Worth

Badshah is a popular Indian rapper, singer, and songwriter. Badshah began his music career as a member of the underground rap crew Mafia Mundeer. He gained nationwide recognition with his debut single ‘DJ Waley Babu’ in 2015. In this article, we will take a close look at Badshah Net Worth and his salary. 

Badshah Net Worth, Income, Property

Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia is the real name of the man who we all know as Badshah. Also known as Prince, Badshah’s credentials include being a music composer, singer, and rapper.

He made his debut as a rapper back in 2007 and his first album came out in the year 2012. He was born in New Delhi on 19th November 1985. The singer is no longer married as he got divorced in 2020 and has a daughter from his marriage.

Name Badshah
Net Worth Rs. 40 crores
Month Income Rs. 50 lakhs
Yearly Income Rs. 6 crores
Properties Owned Multiple houses in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune
Other Assets 8 cars and other vehicles

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Badshah Net Worth

Badshah Lifestyle 2022, Wife, Income, House, Cars, Family, Songs, Bio,NetWorth& India's Got Talent 9

Badshah has varying working credentials and has been linked with top Bollywood films and has done a lot of songs. All of this has ensured that Badshah net worth has grown significantly.

As of today, the man is estimated to be worth no less than Rs. 40 crores. To achieve this figure he is understood to be making more than 50 lakhs rupees a month or more than 6 crores rupees a year.

His net worth has also been boosted by his stepping into multiple other fields such as business, hospitality, clothing, etc. He has been earning income from multiple sources and because of that, he has regularly featured in the Forbes India celebrity list.

Music sales, live concerts, production, and other channels also contribute handsomely to his growing net worth.

Badshah Car Collection

Reportedly the Badshah car collection consists of 8 expensive cars. The cars he owns are not just expensive but also the ones that many must dream of. He owns a Rolls Royce Wraith worth 6.4 crores and a Lamborghini Gallardo worth 3.06 crores.

He also has a Mercedes Benz S class worth 1.9 crores, BMW 649D worth 1.15 crores, Porsche Cayman 718 worth 90 lakhs, Lamborghini Urus worth 3 crores, Audi Q8 worth 1.3 crores and Jeep Wrangler worth 60.25 lakhs.

Badshah Property

Badshah Interview With Anupama Chopra | O.N.E

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Badshah, like most stars, owns multiple homes. Considering that he has almost 10 cars it would only be fitting if he had at least a couple of properties here and there.

It is estimated that Badshah property includes homes in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. His house in Mumbai is assumed to have a value of 4 crores and the total value of his properties combined is said to be 15 crores.

Badshah House

We know that the singer has multiple properties and they are located in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. While not much is known about his home, the Badshah house in Delhi reportedly cost the rapper a whopping 12 crore rupees.

He also got himself a production house in 2018 which is named Afterhours.

Badshah Family

Badshah belongs to a Hindu family. Badshah’s mother is from Punjab while his father is from Haryana. He also has a sister named Aprajita. In 2012 the singer got married to Jasmine and together they had a daughter named Jessemy Grace Masih Singh who was born on 11th January 2017.

The couple were married for 8 years before they got divorced in 2020. In October 2022 rumors started doing rounds that the rapper was dating Punjabi actress Isha Rikhi.

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Badshah Career

Badshah: “Raftaar bhai hai mera” | 3:00 AM Sessions | Ikka | Raashah| Paagal Tour

Badshah’s career kicked off back in 2006 alongside popular Indian rapper Honey Singh. His first rap Soda Whiskey came out in 2007.

He worked on a few more songs and rapped in a Honey Singh album before he parted ways with Honey Singh and his music group Mafia Mundeer. Saturday-Saturday became the first song in which Badshah performed the rap, composed music, and wrote lyrics all by himself.

Over the years Badshah has worked with a lot of artists like Raftaar, Aastha Gill, Gippy Grewal, and Diljit Dosanjh to name a few.

In 2016, his song DJ Waley Babu made records and a lot of hype as soon as it was released. Since then the singer has gone ahead and released multiple songs almost every year and many of them have been featured in films as well.

Badshah Awards

To date, Badshah has been nominated for 13 awards and has gone on to win 4 of them. He has been nominated for:

  • Most Stylish Music Personality Award 2023
  • Listener’s choice award 2022 Independent Music Category (Indies)
  • Listener’s choice award 2020 Independent Music Category (Indies)
  • Best song of the year 2019
  • 2017 album of the year for Sultan
  • 2017 album of the year for Kapoor & Sons
  • 2016 album of the year
  • Most Popular Music Single Artist on the Web (Male) 2021
  • Best song of the year 2019
  • Best Song of the Year 2018
  • Best Playback Singer – Male 2019
  • Best Music Director 2017

The awards he has won include:

  • Album of the Year 2017
  • Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, India, favorite rapper 2022
  • Best Singer – Male 2022
  • Best Duo/Group 2016

And with that, we have covered almost everything that anyone needs to know about the music sensation Badshah. We have covered Badshah car collection and net worth and it is something that any of us could just dream of getting. Also, Badshah car collection and his house are just wow and suit the man that has made it big in the Indian music scene.


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