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Anjali Arora Net Worth

Anjali Arora Net Worth

Anjali Arora Net Worth

Anjali Arora is a famous actress and a model who started her career through lip-sync videos on TikTok. Her charming look and immense talent paved her way to a popular and famous lifestyle. Due to her increasing popularity, people are often curious about her financial status. In this article, we will talk about Anjali Arora net worth, her monthly salary, and other valuable assets.

Anjali Arora Bio

Anjali Arora, a famous content creator, has managed to earn a strong fanbase for herself with her talent and amazing personality. She became a viral sensation when her dance video on Kacha Badam got extremely popular on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Birth Date and Age November 03, 1999; 24 years
Birthplace Delhi, India
Residence Delhi, India
  • Delhi Public School, Delhi
  • Delhi University, Delhi
Debut Short dance video on TikTok
Most Popular Appearance
  • Dance video on Kacha Badam
  • Acting in Punjabi music video Temporary Pyar
  • Lock Upp Season 1
Accolades Popular Face of the Year, Star Eminence Awards (2022)

Anjali Arora Net Worth, Monthly Salary, House

With her immense talent and charming looks, Anjali has managed to build a decent following on her social media platforms and enjoys big internet popularity. This dedication of her work towards content creation as well as her acting is worth every admiration.

Net Worth $1 million
Monthly Income Rs. 5 lakhs
Yearly Income Rs. 80 lakhs
Wealth Rs. 8 crores
Miscellaneous Assets and their Valuation Rs. 60.5 lakhs

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Her Personal Life

Anjali was born on November 03, 1999, and hails from Delhi, India. She lives with her parents Ashwini Arora and Babita Arora along with her brother Vansh Arora. She also has a pet dog which is often seen in her pictures on social media.

Anjali completed her primary and secondary schooling from Delhi Public School and later went to Delhi University in order to complete her graduation. She was inclined towards acting and modelling from an early age and was an active participant in her school’s cultural programs.

Anjali is reportedly dating Akash Sansanwal, who is also a digital content creator. Both of them can often be seen making content together for social media platforms. Apart from this, Anjali is fond of travelling, and is also an avid animal lover. Her Instagram reels are proof of her charming nature and beautiful personality.

Anjali Arora’s Career

In 2017, Anjali started her career by creating short lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok. One of her dance videos on the song Kacha Badam got extremely viral, which helped her gain millions of followers in a short span of time. Along with the social media content, she started her acting career in Punjabi music videos of some famous singers.

She gained immense popularity and fame through her acting in the Punjabi music videos. In 2021, Anjali was featured opposite Kaka (Ravinder Singh) for Punjabi songs like Temporary Pyar and Aashiq Purana, which are considered to be great hits of the year in the Punjab music industry. She has also appeared on music videos including Tere Baghi, Diler Kharkiya, and PAUNE 12. Apart from the Punjabi hits, she is also featured in several Hindi as well as Haryanvi songs. Zee Music Company casted Anjali opposite Pranay Jha for the music video Oh Humnasheen in 2022.

Along with the massive fame through her acting in the music videos, Anjali is also a popular digital content creator. She runs her own YouTube channel named Anjali Arora with 574K subscribers where she posts vlogs and videos related to her daily life updates. She also has a good number of followers on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Moj.

Recently, Anjali appeared as one of the contestants in a reality show called Lock Upp Season 1, where she was one of the finalists on the show and spent 72 days inside its set. Because of her way of playing the game inside the Lock Upp, she gained huge popularity on the internet, making it a significant milestone in her career.

Anjali Arora Net Worth

Anjali boasts an estimated net worth of $1 million, which is roughly Rs. 8 crores. Her total net worth is calculated including all income sources such as YouTube, brand collaboration, and music videos. With this net worth, she is considered as one of the most financially successful social media influencers in India.

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Anjali Arora Income and Salary

Anjali Arora income stems from various sources. With her constantly increasing fandom on the internet, Anjali has an estimated monthly salary of Rs. 5 lakhs. Most of her salary is generated from the Google AdSense and from the music videos she gets featured in.

According to sources, Anjali charges Rs. 5.5 lakhs for a sponsored Instagram post, Rs. 2.5 lakhs for every sponsored story and Rs. 12 lakhs per video on Instagram. Notably, she earns approximately Rs. 1.5 lakhs every month through her YouTube channel. Anjali Arora salary surpasses Rs. 80 lakhs annually, which includes all of her sources of income.

Her House

Anjali has a house in Delhi, India where she lives with her parents live. She also owns a lavish residence in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Anjali Arora Assets

Anjali Arora’s assets include a Jaguar XE worth Rs. 48.50 lakhs and a Kia Sonet with a price tag of Rs. 12 lakhs. Recently, she gifted a brand-new car to her father and shared this special news to her fans on social media.


Anjali was awarded the Popular Face of the Year category award at Star Eminence Awards 2022. She was nominated for Viral queen of the year category by IWM Digital Awards in 2022. She was also nominated for Viral Social Star of the Year category by Bollywood Life Awards. Other than that, in 2022, she was also listed in the top 10 most searched celebrities on Google.

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Controversies surrounding Anjali Arora

Anjali was in the limelight for some controversial reasons throughout her career:

  • In one of the episodes of Lock Upp, Anjali revealed that she went to Russia and partied with a man for money. This became a topic of controversy against her on the internet.
  • In the show, she also confessed her feelings for her fellow contestant Munawar Faruqi. This became controversial as Anjali had a boyfriend before she entered the show. People were accusing her of showing fake love on the show for fame.
  • Anjali also made headlines because of her leaked MMS video on social media. She didn’t speak about it openly at first, but it is now claimed by her that the person shown in the MMS video is not Anjali, and the video got viral just to demean her.

Anjali Arora achieved several milestones in her career through her content in a brief span. She is adored and followed by a huge chunk of the audience which depicts the quality of her work. This has also helped her to be economically prosperous in life at such a young age.

Source: Anjali Arora Assets


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