Yes First Exclusive Credit Card Review 2022

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High Standard of life and frequent flyer if these two are your personality traits, then Yes First Exclusive card offered by Yes Bank is the credit card that would be best suited for your need. Here is our extensive Yes First Exclusive Card Review 2022.

If you want to have premium quality and high standard life, and if you are a frequent flyer, then get your hands on the Yes Bank’s “Yes First” Exclusive Credit Card now. Yes Bank has now given out a more privileged credit card, which is the ‘Yes First’ exclusive credit card. In direct competition with the HDFC Infinia, this one proves to be better.

Yes First Exclusive Credit Card Review 2022

The super services and perks offered by Yes Bank make them unique and stand out from the crowd of other premium credit cards. Major perks include access to the airport lounges of international as well as domestic ones that, too, for all cardholders, whether primary or add-on. Customers also get never-expiring reward points and less markup on overseas currencies with the most important, the priority pass.

Check if you’re eligible

Yes, you read it right, now one doesn’t have to be the part of the billionaire squad to get access to the prerequisite life.

To be capable of applying for the ‘Yes First’ exclusive credit card, you should be between the age group of 21 to 60 years.

If you are salaried, your net salary should be more than 3 lakhs per month.

And if you are an entrepreneur or an independent freelancer, then your IT return must be greater than 40 lakhs to be able to apply for this credit card.

Also, take note that the joining payment and renewing prices are INR 10,000 + GST, and also, the customers will have to pay the goods and services tax (GST) of 18% on all the services supported by the card.

Additionally, if you own a card with more than 8 lacs of credit limit and use it for one year without any delayed payments, then you can get your hands on this premium card free for a lifetime. But please note, if you do so, you will not get the Taj gourmet benefits and joining reward.

The application procedure

To apply for the service of this premium card, if you qualify the eligibility, you should have the necessary documents for proving your identity, address, and income.

To apply, you can go to the website of Yes Bank and apply for the same by filling all the required detailed information.

After you submit, Yes Bank official will contact you for verification of the documents and their submission.

Once everything is completed and verified, the bank will dispatch your credit card to your address and will get it real soon.

Prime Attributes

So now, we have a very long list of the features and benefits of getting this premium card. As it’s a premium card, you’ll get amazing benefits that let you live a luxurious and high-quality life. Let’s go through every feature one by one.

First, you have a welcome gift in the form of 50,000 reward points when you make your first-ever transaction within 90 days of getting your card.

Also, every time you renew your card, you will get 40,000 points.

Customers will also get gratis membership of TAJ Inner-Circle gourmet for the first year of availing this premium card.

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Use more and earn more reward scheme

Every cardholder will have exclusive benefits that reward you with points every time you use the card, the more you utilize the card, the more rewards will be credited, and you’ll enjoy more benefits.

  • 6 reward points are awarded on every hundred rupees you spend through the card irrespective of the category, with the rate of reward being 1.5%.
  • And when you pay for travel operations, domestic air travel, or dine-ins, you will get 12 points for every hundred rupees, with the rate of reward being 3%.
  • On successful registration on the YES PayNow, customers will be rewarded with 1000 points.
  • If you spend 20 lakh or more in one year, 25,000 points will be rewarded to you as a bonus.
  • And if you shop using Yes Card at any of the E-Commerce websites like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, or TataCLIQ, you will get 5X points as a reward.

But you might be wondering what the use of earning these reward points is, so here is the answer to your question. These points can help you get amazing vouchers and offers when you redeem them through Yes Bank’s specialized portal of redemption, “The Yes Rewardz.”

You can get your hands on huge offers and vouchers of Big Bazaar, Reliance Digital, Crome, Pantaloons, Central, Cleartrip, etc.

Golf sessions of MasterCard

Though ‘Yes First’ premium card runs through MasterCard, you can get access to the MasterCard golf campaign.

In this, you will get access to repudiation in fee for three greens, but only for selected golf outlets across the country.

Also, you can attend one golf session every month, which is complimentary but is available only at a few selected golf-courses throughout India.

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Ingress at Airport lounges

You can count this feature as one of the main perks that are available through this premium card. Whether you have a primary ‘Yes First’ card or an add-on one, you will get access to unlimited luxury lounges available at international airports. And unlimited access to lounges available in the domestic airports of more than 25 cities across India along with the priority passes in a total of 1200 and more lounges all over the world.


This card also provides you with the feature of different insurance schemes for multiple situations, like:

  • Life insurance worth 3 crores if death happens due to flight accidents/mishaps.
  • While you are exploring a foreign land, if you suffer through any emergency and are required to be hospitalized, you can get coverage of medical insurance worth rupees 50 lacs.
  • And if you are a primary cardmember, in case of accidental death, you can get a credit shield for all your pending dues.

Concierge Services

You can avail this service through YES-ASSIST, for assistance in reservation and referral of:

  • Limousine and car rentals.
  • Travel, hotel or special event and performance
  • Assistance in movie tickets but only for few cities like New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.
  • Gifts or flower deliveries.
  • Assistance for emergency towing and roadside vehicle repair

Lower charges in finance and other banking benefits

  • You will get 1.75% of markup on foreign coinage.
  • And interest rate of 1.99% per month for cash advances, credit revolving and any pending amount, if you are a cardholder but do not have savings for salary account in Yes Bank.
  • Furthermore, if you also have a Yes Bank savings or salary account, then you will get a monthly 1.20% interest rate on your credit amount.

Additional perks

  • 25% discount at BookMyShow for movie tickets
  • And for the transaction on fuel between rupees 400 to 5000, you will get a waiver.

Emolument and charges

Now let us understand the different fees/charges you have to pay on various events.

  • The annual charge of availing the service of this premium card is INR 10,000 + GST
  • The limit of cash that you can withdraw is given as only 30% of the credit limit
  • For the cash advances, you will be charged a fee which will be 2.5% of the withdrawn money (minimum 300)
  • If you go over the limit, you have to pay a charge of 2.5 % of the amount that goes over the limit (minimum 500)
  • If you are late in the payment, fine will be charged as per different slabs
  • Up to ₹100, no fees charged
  • From ₹100 to ₹500, you will be charged ₹100
  • From ₹501 to ₹,5000, you will be charged ₹400
  • From ₹5,001 to ₹20,000, you will be charged ₹500
  • And above ₹20,000, you will be charged ₹700


Even though it seems very attractive, there are some drawbacks to this card as well.

  • There is a lesser variety for the redemption of the reward points in the catalog provided at the redemption portal, and due to this, you might not get great advantages out of the rewards that you earn.
  • The overall rate of reward for this card is only 2.5 %, which is lower as compared to its competitors.
  • For Yes-Cart, there are no partners for travel, which is the major drawback of the Yes First exclusive credit card scheme. To gain more advantage over the market, Yes Bank should pair-up with travel agencies to provide offers on tour packages and flight/train as well as hotel bookings.

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USPs of the service

Unlimited access to the airport lounges, rewards that never expire, and discounts offered on so many different stores are the main USPs of the ‘Yes First’ exclusive credit card.

Payments of bills of Yes Bank credit cards

You can pay through cash, cheque, net banking, or NEFT for all the credit card services that you avail from Yes Bank.

Do you have more queries?

If you have any more queries regarding this premium credit card service, you can visit Yes Bank’s official website for more details or contact the customer service desk on the toll-free number 1800 103 1212.

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