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WPX Hosting Coupon Code 2022 [50% OFF Discount]

Written By Sushma Singh

Are you facing any challenges in finding an ideal place to host your website? Undoubtedly, it isn’t easy to choose from numerous web hosts as each one claims to be the best. However, a few web host providers offer you the services without over-bloated market schemes. WPX Hosting is one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers. And for the reader of moneymint we are providing a special discount code for WPX hosting. Use our WPX hosting coupon code, you get a flat 50% discount on all WPX hosting plans (applicable to monthly plans).

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WPX Hosting Coupon Code 2022 [50% OFF Discount]

What exactly is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is the space in which you store your website’s files. Basically, you need to buy this space on a web server. The more space you need, the more you need to spend on the web hosting plan and visa-versa.

Web hosting makes the files comprising the website, such as images or codes, visible to the users online.

Similarly, you can say that web hosting service allows companies and individuals to enable their website to be accessed via any user worldwide. It is a form of internet hosting service.

How does Web Hosting Work?

Web host providers are organizations or companies renting out their technologies to host websites on the internet. Once you find a web host provider for your new website, any user can access it by typing your web address in their web browser. The web address is nothing but the domain name you need to purchase while planning to get a new website designed by a web developer or designer.

As the web host provider purchases a domain name, the user will be redirected to your website. But, how? It is because their computer connects to the server your website is hosted on.

Significance of Web Hosting

Web Hosting is of utmost importance for your business and brand’s image. Having a reliable web host provider will ensure the user experience remains good and you do not lose the customer’s trust. Always remember, you may find very cheap web host providers these days, but they may hurt and spoil your business reputation more than they may help. So, always find a web host provider who you have heard of.

Why Opt for WPX Hosting?

You might not have heard about WPX hosting. But, this does not mean this web hosting provider is not competent like other famous hosting providers. In fact, WPX hosting does not spend lots of money on expensive marketing programs, which keeps their prices affordable. As they believe quality speak for themselves.’

WPX Hosting is a superb option if you are looking for a complete package. This website hosting offers excellent performance and is available at reasonable prices as it is cheaper than most other managed WordPress hosts. Overall, WPX hosting proves to be the best option if you want to host multiple websites.

The WPX hosting promo code offers a wide variety of efficient hosting plans and a high-quality service that ranks higher than its competitors.

There are various WPX hosting coupons through which you can also avail of ongoing discounts applicable for a selected period.

WPX hosting is an ideal option to choose from a high-traffic website or multiple websites or blogs. So, the same hosting plan of WPX will enable you to manage several websites and help you save immense money.

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Other reasons you to consider WPX hosting includes:

1. Free SSL Backups and Site Migration

WPX hosting offers free SSL certificates. This helps in converting the site from HTTP to HTTPS version, which is just a click away.

It also offers free backups that prove to be valid for customers in keeping their website’s database. The best part about WPX hosting is that the backups it creates; are stored securely in an entirely separate server for 28 days. Moreover, it is effortless to restore the backup anytime you want, as you need to use their manual backup tool to access the system backups.

They also have a specialized department proficient in migrating customers from other hosting plans to WPX hosting. So, no matter if you are using a different hosting plan, their skilled team officials will help migrate you within 24 hours free of cost.

2. Prompt customer support assistance

The customer support team of WPX is efficient as they always reply on time, within 24 hours, and are extensively bothered about solving customer’s hosting-related issues.

In fact, you might be glad to know the WPX hosting has an average of 30 to 40 seconds’ response time. Yes, you have heard it right! Their customer support officers are so fast and are competent in solving any of your issues through live chat.

3. Provides swift servers and impeccable performance

Do you know why so many websites have shifted from some other hosting to WPX hosting? It is because those sites needed faster loading sites.

Recently, they have launched a cloud feature making your site secure and faster than before.

All the websites supported WPX hosting loads within half a second. This is one of the primary reasons why single and multiple website owners have shifted to WPX. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, viewers or readers will get disinterested and leave your site immediately. This will hamper your traffic, leads, and sales of your product or services.

So, why bear so much loss just for not having an ideal hosting plan? Go for the WPX Hosting Promo code, which will offer you all its services at the discounted prices.

WPX Hosting Promo Code: Exclusive deals and special offers in 2022

Now, you are getting to know something you may not believe. One of the fastest website hosting providers, WPX hosting, provides its customers WPX hosting coupons to get a flat 50% discount on all WPX Hosting plans.

To avail 50% discount on all WPX hosting plans, use the coupon code ‘FIFTYOFF’ by clicking the link here.

WPX hosting coupons offer two different types of discount deals. The first discount is for the customers who are purchasing hosting plans monthly, and the second discounted deal is for the ones buying annual hosting plans.

1. Offer 1- Flat 50% Discount

To get a 50% discount on all the WPX hosting plans, you can use our special discount links listed below. Once you click the link and enter the promo code (WPRESSBLOG), the next step is to complete the signup process.

Hosting Plan Regular Price Our Price Coupon Discount Link
Business $25 $12.50 FIFTYOFF Avail Discount Offers
Professional $50 $25 FIFTYOFF Avail Discount Offers
Elite $99 $49.50 FIFTYOFF Avail Discount Offers
You can only get a 50% discount on your first-month WPX hosting plan purchase. However, if you wish to get a considerable discount on an annual hosting plan, you must follow the Offer steps and enjoy the offer!

2. Offer 2- Free Hosting for 2 Months

To avail of the offer, you only need to sign up and register your account with WPX. Once you do it, choose your hosting plan and make sure you purchase on an annual basis. Before making the payment, you will get an option to choose free two months hosting plan on a yearly purchase. You do not require any WPX Hosting coupon to activate this offer. Only follow the link mentioned below:

WPX Hosting Coupon Code

We will inform you about using WPX hosting coupon code to get a flat 50% discount on its hosting plans. Listed below are the steps you need to follow:

1. Visit the WPX hosting website and sign up.

2. You will be redirected to the WPX Hosting page. Here, you will get three different hosting plans equipped with unique features and prices.

3. Now, select the hosting plan as per your needs by clicking on the Get Started button as depicted below.

WPX Hosting Plans | WPX Hosting Coupon Code 2021 [50% OFF Discount]

4. The next step is to choose the data center for your hosting. You can choose among the options, including UK, Australia, and the USA.

Select your desired data center

5. If you already have the domain name registered and only looking to buy the hosting plan for your website, you can select the option ‘Hosting Only.’ However, if you want to buy both the domain name and the hosting plan, you can choose the ‘I Need A New Domain + Hosting‘ option.

Select Hosting only or I need a new domain plus hosting

6. Let’s suppose you already have a domain name and want to buy a suitable hosting plan for your website; simply type the domain name and hit Enter.

7. The next step will redirect you to the payment page. If you choose the monthly payment option, you will get a 50% discount after using the WPX hosting Promo codeFIFTYOFF’. Whereas, if you opt for the annual payment option, you will get 2 months hosting plan for free.

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WPX hosting Promo code Discount

8. The next step is to choose the payment mode through which you want to make the payment.

Select the payment method for WPX hosting

9. Now, fill in all your details in the client information form.

10. Make the payment, and it’s done!

Features of WPX Hosting

1. Free Site Migration

Opting for WPX hosting plan will enable you to migrate your site for free without making extra efforts. WPX will manage all the technical stuff without charging anything.

2. Click WordPress Installation

Although it is pretty simple to install WordPress, some users still find this part complex. To sort this out and make it easy for every user, the WPX hosting plan has made it effortless to install WordPress. As with each WPX hosting plan, you are allowed to download WordPress only with a single click.

3. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you have purchased WPX hosting and you are not satisfied with their services or maybe having any other issue, you have an option to get your money back within 30 days of making the payment. It implies giving this service provider a chance is not risky as you will get the full refund if you feel dissatisfied with their services due to any reason.

4. Daily Malware Scan

Malware Scan is one of the most unique and incredible features offered by WPX. This feature is found with very few web hosting providers, and in case it is provided by any hosting provider, it cannot be accessed for free.

However, WPX offers malware scans entirely free of cost. A malware scan helps scan your website automatically to see if it is analyzed or tracked by hackers or if somebody is trying to steal your website’s information or is infected by malware.

5. Daily Backup

WPX hosting provides you a free backup of your website every day. Overall minimizes the risk of hacking or stealing your website’s information by any hacker or some third person trying to delete your WordPress posts. This proves to be a helpful feature as if something goes wrong, and you will be able to revert.

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Other Significant Features Offered by WPX Hosting

The list is not ended yet. Other amazing features offered by WPX hosting providers are mentioned below:

  • No increase on plan renewal
  • unlimited email addresses
  • The staging area is offered
  • Uk and Us location options
  • 95% uptime guarantee
  • Provides you with DDoS installations
  • The full backup manager is provided for up to 28 days
  • Customer support is always ready to help by making the 24×7 live chat option available
  • Offers WPX Cloud CDN for faster website loading times
  • With EWPX Hosting, receive the privacy policy for your domain without paying anything, which generally costs more than $7 per year.

Pros and Cons of WPX Hosting


  • Fast and effective customer support.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Reasonable prices as compared to other hosting providers.
  • Supports emails, unlike many other WordPress hosts.
  • Competent in managing traffic without sacrificing page load times.
  • Supports other content management systems apart from WordPress.
  • Provides users with Malware scanning and cleanup option.
  • Blazing fast speed with their SSD storage.
  • Its cloud feature enhances your site performance and makes it more secure.


  • It offers limited bandwidth, which means you have to keep track of your website’s bandwidth to ensure the users can open and carry out activities on your website seamlessly.
  • No phone support, although live chat is available 24×7, all days a week.
  • The interface is lacking in some features. However, this could also be considered an advantage because it is less complex and easy to use.

WPX Hosting Plans

WPX offers its customers three types of plans which are ideal for all kinds of users. There is no individual or small list available; however, you can opt for affordable plans perfect for individual bloggers. The plans it offers are mentioned below:

1. Business: This hosting plan provides you with 10GB storage space and 50GB bandwidth. With this plan, you can host up to 5 static or WordPress websites. You will need to spend $24.99 every month to purchase the Business plan.

2. Professional: The professional plan is priced at $49.99 per month if you have up to 15 websites to host. This hosting plan of WPX allows you to get 20 GB disk storage space with a bandwidth of 200GB.

3. Elite: Elite hosting plan is the most premium one. It is priced at $99 per month, in which you will get 40GB of storage space with unlimited bandwidth. In addition, it covers an immense range of hosting websites that is up to 35.

WPX Hosting Plans

It entirely depends upon your utility and requirements that which plan fits you the best. You can easily upgrade your plan if you plan to increase the number of websites or make the existing one a bigger one in the coming months.

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FAQ’s on WPX Hosting

Q1. What does the ‘Fixed For You’ guarantee mean in WPX Hosting?

A1. As per the ‘Fixed For You’ guarantee, if your website comes across any challenging situation such as hosting-related issues, any technical glitch, or your site got hacked with malware attacks, WPX takes accountability to fix everything free of cost.

Q2. What happens if the bandwidth limit is exceeded on WPX hosting?

A2. You can lower your bandwidth usage by using several options, including caching, plugin configuration, enabling a CDN, compression, or reducing resource-intensive content. However, if you exceed the bandwidth limit, the owner will get a call from the WPX team to find out if this spike was a one-off or will be an ongoing issue.

The best part is unlike other hosting providers, there is no automatic site shut-off, even after you exceed the limit.

Q3. Which WPX hosting promo code offers the maximum savings?

A3. When users enter the ‘WPressBlog’ coupon code, they get a maximum discount and save a considerable amount.

Q4. Are there any fixed days for WPX Hosting to offer special offers and discount deals?

A4. Usually, WPX hosting providers offer attractive offers and huge discounts on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. However, there are no specific criteria for the company.

Q5. What are the payment methods supported by WPX Hosting?

A5. You can make the payment through all banks’ debit/credit cards, along with supporting Paypal transactions.

Hosting several websites has become easy with WPX hosting coupons.

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Furthermore, the WPX Hosting promo code offered great deals and special offers on buying WPX hosting plans, still thinking about grabbing their hosting or not? It is the most secure, reliable, and fastest hosting you can opt for, too, at the most reasonable prices. So, don’t think, go for it!

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