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World Bank gives Rs 1 Crore in grants to expand operations in North East India

World Bank gives Rs 1 Crore in grants to expand operations in North East India

World Bank gives Rs 1 Crore in grants to expand operations in North East India

After months of deliberating, site visits, evaluations, and hard decisions, India Development Marketplace and IFC’s South Asia Inclusive Business Models Group have announced the finalists of the 2014 India Development Marketplace program.

The World Bank’s Development Marketplace (DM) is a competitive grant program that funds innovative, development projects with high potential for development impact that are scalable or replicable. The grant beneficiaries are social enterprises with projects that aim to deliver a range of social and public services to the most underserved low-income groups.

Since the launch of the Development Marketplace, an estimated 20,000 entrants, and 1,000 finalists have been vetted by thousands of expert jurors and assessors, resulting in 220 global DM projects.


Nine innovative organizations have been chosen to receive grant funding up to US$150,000 (Rs 1 Crore approximately) and access to tailored capacity development programs to assist them to scale and replicate their programs in the Northeastern states of Assam, Mizoram, and Meghalaya.World Bank gives Rs 1 Crore in grants to expand operations in North East India

In addition to these nine full IDM2014 grantees, the Development Marketplace will also be awarding three organizations with US$25,000 in capacity building programs.

BASIX Sub-K transactions Ltd.provides financial inclusion for those in most need through branchless banking in the Northeastern states of India. Banking systems are set up through local community members who have already established businesses and have the trust of the community in which they work.

Seven Sisters Development Assistance (SeSTA) is a women’s collective that catalyzes inclusive development in North East India by enhancing the capabilities of rural communities.

GNRC Ltdprovides free medicare to those who usually would find it out of reach through its GNRC Medireach program. Mobile service busses reach out to hard to reach communities that find it difficult to reach.

SAS Poorna Argoya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (SAS-PAP) offers innovative schemes that suit the socio-economic conditions of the urban and rural poor across India.

Shija Hospitals and Research Institute Pvt. Ltd. is a private health institute that provides advanced healthcare technology with a human touch to the masses.

FIA Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. improves financial inclusion by delivering banking and financial services at an affordable cost to vast selections of disadvantaged and low-income customers.

The South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE)’s NEWS-UP program provides non-conventional energy in water and sanitation for the urban poor.

North East Diocesan Social Service Society (NEDSSS) provides community health solutions to Assam and rural Meghalaya through its CHARM program.

Swabalambi rehabilitates and trains disabled individuals in order to integrate them into communities. They conduct awareness programs through all levels of society so that people with disabilities are accepted throughout.

GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute use research technicians to improve emergency management in local hospitals.

Agastya promotes to transform and stimulate the thinking of economically disadvantaged children and promote science learning through innovative teaching techniques.

ERC Eye Care is an eye care service social enterprise that provides affordable eye care solutions to rural people in the Northeastern states of India.

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