What does VeriFLY cover? What is included?

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The times we live in are all about luxury and comfort, of course only for those who can afford it. Travelling is no different. Today, there are many apps that take care of all your travelling needs. From checking in and managing documents, all can be done in a few clicks. One app that does this is VeriFLY. This app has a large user base and is used around the globe. In this article, we will inform you what does VeriFLY cover and what airlines use VeriFLY app.

What does VeriFLY cover? What is included?

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The traveling scenes pre-2020 and post-2020 are very different from each other. Just like before 9/11, the airport rules were different from what they are today, similarly, COVID-19 played a huge role in changing the way the more recent air transportation looks. You already had a ton of documents to show at the airport to be able to board the plane and then COVID certificates and other such medical documents became a part of it as well. To solve the issue of having to carry so many documents, an app like VeriFLY took flight. Let’s see what does VeriFLY cover for you.

Just like Global Entry, TSA Precheck, and other such systems that help reduce time spent at airports in various check lines, VeriFLY does the same for you. You need to submit various paperwork at the airport like the COVID negative certificates, passenger locator forms, passport, Visa, etc. All these papers can be digitally stored in the VeriFLY app and be produced by you to the necessary agent at the airport on arrival rather than giving them each document individually.

You just need to download the app on your Android or iOS device and create an account. After this, you have to create a pass for the place where you are traveling to and then you need to enter your flight details and passenger details along with the necessary documents. Travel requirements for each place are different and so you have to create a new pass each time you travel so that the app stays up to date with the information on necessary docs.

When dealing with different travel locations the document and testing requirements are different and you might need to provide different docs for each place. This is why we will look at what does VeriFLY cover. You need to put in the passenger details, departure and destination airport, passport information, companion information, photo of you and your companion, negative COVID-19 certificate, proof of vaccination, and travel authorization if required. 24 hours before the flight you need to check for all the necessary documents and complete the pass which you can then directly show to the agent at the airport to save your and their time as well.

What Airlines use VeriFLY app?

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VeriFLY is not exactly a discovery or invention that took place recently but it has been around for quite some time now, yet it is not accepted in all locations and by all airlines. You can use this facility at only a few select partner airlines. However, that’s not it. Luckily the app can also be used by you at certain cruise partners that accept the app and make the process quicker for you just like at the airports. So come let’s see what airlines use VeriFLY app and also what cruise partners do the same.

Aer Lingus is one of the few airlines that supports the VeriFLY app. All the flights from Ireland to the US are supported but only from a select few airports. American Airlines also uses VeriFLY app for all its flights from international locations to the US and some international locations from the US to places like Europe, the Caribbean islands, Asia and South America. British airlines support all UK flights to international destinations like Europe, North America, the Caribbean islands, and Asia.

Japan airlines is another airline that uses or accepts the VeriFLY app as it supports certain flights from Japan to the US along with certain countries in Asia. Tradewind airline supports Tradewind flights from Puerto Rico and lastly, ZIPAIR supports ZIPAIR flights from the US. In addition to these airlines Holland America line, Seabourn cruises, Viking cruises, P&O Cruises (Australia), and Carnival Cruise line also accept VeriFLY.

Above we saw what does VeriFLY cover where all the necessary travel documents that the app can carry were mentioned. Now that we know what airlines and cruises accept it and the locations that it supports you can get an idea of the papers required to travel to each location.

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What is VeriFLY app?

In the flow of things, we forgot to formally introduce the app. While we might have skipped ahead and learned a bit about VeriFLY it is never too late to come back and get a little bit of introduction done and so now we answer the question, what is VeriFLY app?

Available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store VeriFLY is a travel wallet app. Self-proclaimed most popular travel wallet VeriFLY has more than 9 million users who have completed a combined total of more than 11 million travels using the app. They claim to add more than 2,00,000 new travelers a week while adding 700 plus flights in the same span. They operate in more than 85 countries.

Be it the Android store or App Store the app website claims that they have a 4.5-star rating on either platform and its page is filled with positive reviews from its past customers who had nothing but good reviews to share with them. A lot of top travel brands trust VeriFLY which is also the reason they have partnered with it and make a traveler’s life easy by reducing the time spent by them at airport or cruise check ins.

As per VeriFLY, they are out to grow your trust in them by prioritizing health and safety while you travel. They also believe in privacy and so your health data is only shared with concerned parties that too with your consent making sure your data is very safe. Their app also aims at providing you with flexibility as you can choose the whole of a service or take parts of it that suit you. Not only your health data but all other data is treated with utmost care and with great security measures in place. Their security systems are independently audited each year to confirm the same.

VeriFLY has been created by Doan an Irish company that is into the digital identity space. They have worked with governments, and some of the big companies and organizations to make sure that their digital identity process is safe, secure, and simple. So we now know what does VeriFLY cover, its partner airlines, and the app so it’s time to move to the next topic.

What is VeriFLY QR code?

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We are through with understanding what the VeriFLY app is and where it is useful and how it is useful but we haven’t yet established how or where to use them. There are TSA Precheck lines or entry points for Global Entry members where they can show the necessary ID and proceed but what does a VeriFLY user do? Are there special lines for them? Maybe a separate entry? For a VeriFLY member, you have QR codes at specific points. What is VeriFLY QR code?

We all know what QR codes are and how they work, VeriFLY has thus integrated them into their system as well. Once you get yourself a verified pass you need to use them with pass providers to access the service that you wish. You need to provide the verified pass at VeriFLY checkpoints, these checkpoints verify the pass and give you three options. You either scan the QR code at the checkpoint gate, scan the QR code at the checkpoint kiosk, or by showing a valid pass to pass provider staff present around you.

If you want to scan the QR code at the checkpoint gate then you need to have an active pass which also has a QR code generated. You can then scan the code at the checkpoint and proceed. If you want to scan the QR code at the kiosk then you will be shown a code after you scan it the system checks for the pass if it is valid or not and the credentials and if everything is in place then you can proceed.

Lastly, if you want to show your pass to the checkpoint staff then you need to open the app and head to the necessary page where all the details are. Once the staff member verifies the details you are free to proceed. So you see what does VeriFLY cover? It covers three different ways of providing checks to a valid pass holder of VeriFLY which in turn helps to make your checking process simple and quick.

Setting Up VeriFLY

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We have seen the uses and purposes served by an app like VeriFLY. From what we have seen so far we can feel that we have convinced quite a few people that they need to have this app on their phones for their next scheduled travel and since we are the ones who have convinced you to use the app we will take it on ourselves to get you through the download and account set up process so that you can easily begin using the app.

Step one would be to head to Google Play or App Store, download the app and let it install. After this is done go ahead and launch the app. Next up you will be asked to share some of your information and will be asked to complete certain steps. First, you need to read the Terms and Conditions and give them a go-ahead.

Next, you will be asked to provide details like name, surname, and a valid email address. Post that you need to capture and share a selfie. After this is done you are sent a link on the email provided by you, this is a verification link and is valid for 24 hours during which you need to click on it and get your account verified.

What does VeriFLY provide you with? It provides you with a dotted circle within which you need to fit your face for the selfie to be taken. Once the circle turns green you can capture the photo and proceed or retake it if you want to have a better click. When getting the photo clicked remember to be in a well-lit area, make sure the background is clear, elements that block your face need to be removed, and lastly, don’t smile or frown but rather keep a plain face.

The process is the same for iPhone as well as Android users and is very easy and quick to be done. Once you are done with the sign up you can head to one of the templates within the app and start uploading the necessary documents to create a pass like the one that you might need for your trip.

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Pros and Cons of using VeriFLY

We started by looking at what does VeriFLY cover and learned about the app and everything about it. There was not much to suggest that anything is wrong or bad with this app or that you shouldn’t be using it. However, once you start getting into researching content you come across the good and the bad, why or why not to choose a particular platform. That is exactly the case here as well. When we saw what is VeriFLY app, we didn’t see its strong points or shortcomings and so that is exactly what we now take a look at.


The first and most primary benefit of an app like VeriFLY would be the fact that just like TSA Precheck, Global Entry, SENTRI, NEXUS, or any other such program they too make traveling easy for you by reducing the time spent on checking at the airport. The app not only expedites the process for you but their job becomes easier as well and it’s a win-win situation.

Other great benefits of the app would be its availability on both the platforms iOS and Android and are free to download on and use by users of both these platforms. Other programs need you to sign up for them and pay some fees which you can be reimbursed for on using specific credit cards, however, there is no such elaborate process to go through here.

Most people are procrastinators and wait until the last moment to get stuff done, however, VeriFLY sends you a message 24 hours before your scheduled flight to pre-check whether all the necessary documents have been uploaded by you or not so that you are ready and prepared way before from when you are supposed to. Also at the airport, you have three options of verification to choose from making the process further flexible for you.

The app is built by a well-established company that has been helping the government, big companies, and organizations with their digital security systems and so that helps instill a sense of faith among the users of the app. Lastly, the VeriFLY app is simple and easy to use. The app is secure, your data is secure, the app is easy to set up, they are always trying to win your trust and you are given the flexibility of signing up for a product as a whole or in part as much as required by you.


On the other hand, the issues you might face when using the app are also very much evident. If you would just go on the internet and search for the review of this app then you would see hundreds of negative reviews by a lot of ex-users of the app who found the app user interface to be bad while the app itself also didn’t work smoothly.

A lot of people had issues uploading their documents and tried to repeat the process quite a few times only to be dejected to the end. If that’s not it then the scan on the app also takes a lot of time and the documents don’t get uploaded easily on the first try. By chance, if they are then they take around 24 hours to get verified, which means before you save time on the airport check you have already wasted your time on the app.

You have seen what does VeriFLY cover, it supports a handful of airlines and is available at quite a few airports across the 85 countries where it is present. While these numbers look decent they are not so by any means. For an app as useful as it is, VeriFLY should work to get partnered with more airlines and needs to be accepted at more airports and in more countries otherwise, it is missing out on a huge chunk of people.

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