Walmart Healthy Food Benefits Plus: A Guide

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There is a famous saying that goes we are what we eat. After the pandemic, people have started taking their health seriously. Food is one of the key components that affect our health. But, most people are lazy to put the effort to search and buy healthy food. Walmart knows this and it is the reason they have launched Walmart Healthy Food Benefits Plus program that gives many features to its customers and makes buying healthy food simple. In this article, we will cover everything related to this program including Walmart plus membership benefits.

What is Walmart?

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Brothers Sam Walton and James “Bud” Walton founded Walmart in July 1962 before it was incorporated in October 1969. The headquarters of this multinational retail corporation is in Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S. This is a public company that was originally known as Wal-Mart Discount City before switching to the name Wal-Mart Inc. and then to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. It operates a chain of marketplaces that have discount departmental stores, grocery stores, and more such stores to cater to people’s demands.

By October end of this year, the company had 10,586 stores all over the world and they started the year with as many as 2,30,000 employees on their payroll. The company’s operations run in as many as 24 countries while it has more than 40 names around the world.

By revenue, Walmart can be said to be the world’s largest company while also being the largest private employer. The company got listed on the stock exchange in 1972 and slowly they also started to expand within the US as well as the world and found themselves being successful at some places while failing at others. Now that the intro part is over we can look at Walmart healthy food benefits plus.

Walmart Healthy Food Benefits Plus: A Guide

If healthy food was a brand, it would probably be the top most advertised one while enjoying great word of mouth as well. Walmart Plus and the Walmart healthy benefits plus food list offered by them is exactly that. Yes, you heard that right, Walmart offers healthy food options that come with a few benefits that might be great for me, you, or anyone in general. But before we look at Walmart plus membership benefits, we should talk a bit about Walmart Plus to understand what it is all about.

What is Walmart Plus?

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If you guessed Walmart plus to be a membership or subscription plan offered by Walmart then you were already on the right track. This is the membership plan offered by them that promises to help you save around 1,300 dollars a year. And before you are convinced or sign up for it there is also a 30-day trial that awaits you. The membership comes with a Paramount+ subscription that gives you access to live sports, movies, and over 40,000 series episodes. Orders above 35 dollars now incur 0 dollar delivery fee for you.

Shipping is now free for you no matter how small your order is. At select 14,000+ locations, you stand to save 10 cents per gallon on fuel refills. You also earn rewards on eligible purchases. The checkout process becomes quick, easy, and contact-free for you. You also get access to exclusive stuff that the non-members don’t have access to.

Currently, you also get 59 dollars worth of subscription to Spotify which gives you 6 months of ad-free music while more offers are about to come. You get all these benefits and more by paying 98 dollars a year or 12.95 dollars per month.

And now that we are done introducing Walmart plus it’s time to return to Walmart healthy food benefits plus list. In this list, you could find stuff like One a Day Women’s Gummy Multi-vitamin. You can also come across Pepcid Complete Acid reducer and Antacid Chewable tablets. There are joints and muscle creams, there are scented wipes, Q tips, toothpaste, and more such products as well in this list.

That’s not it, you can find items like bananas, or great purified drinking water on the list as well. You have milk, chicken breast tenderloins, fresh bread, strawberries, Hickory smoked bacon, Russet Potatoes, and whatnot. And not to forget since it is Walmart plus we are talking about Walmart healthy benefits plus food list that come with all their great benefits. Also, they are priced decently and with the membership, you get further discounts on their prices making them more affordable. Let us now go over Walmart plus membership benefits.

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Walmart Plus Membership Benefits

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No delivery fee, savings on fuel, free subscription to audio and video content including tv series, movies, and songs, free shipping, and a few more such benefits. All of it is mentioned above which tells you all about Walmart Plus membership benefits and its offerings. But what if we told you that’s not it and that there’s more for you in store? Who would’ve thought that paying one installment of 98 dollars or 12 installments of 12.95 dollars could get you so much more?

While you get free deliveries for orders above 35 dollars there is no limit to it and that means you have an unlimited number of such deliveries as long as you live in a spot where the feature is available and your order is worth at least 35 dollars.

You get to have your product from the very next day or two days later with free shipping and there is no minimum amount quota to be fulfilled as well. So you could go crazy ordering items from Walmart healthy food benefits plus list or otherwise and enjoy it without being much worried about the price.

You don’t just save 10 cents a gallon on fuel recharge at Walmart but also at Sam’s Club, Exxon, Mobil, Murphy Express, and Murphy USA fuel stations. Being a member also provides you with the option of paying for items as you shop them in a bid to help you save time and if you wish to have a socially distanced experience while shopping then you also can get yourself checked out at the self-checkout register.

Select prescriptions are available for free while many others come at an 85% discount at Walmart Pharmacies if you are a member. Apart from a Paramount+ subscription you also get access to content from Nickelodeon, CBS, MTV, and more. Members get early access to Walmart Black Friday deals for days as opposed to nonmembers.

You also earn loyalty currency on eligible purchases which can be used at Walmart itself in the future. And lastly, till March 2023 you can get yourself a 6-month subscription to Spotify Premium. These Walmart plus membership benefits make it more lucrative. Now you know all about Walmart plus membership benefits.

Walmart Plus Perks

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After looking at the benefits offered by Walmart you can’t help but compare them to its competitors and their offerings. However, Walmart’s offerings not only make you compare it to their direct competitors but also the more distant competitors like Amazon Prime and more because of the subscription it offers.

A company associated with departmental products, discounted products, food, and groceries providing fuel and subscription benefits cannot go unnoticed.

To add to the already long list of benefits Walmart plus perks bring forth a few more offerings to its members leaving you in their awe. The first would be that almost 12,000 more Exxon and Mobil fuel stations are coming up which increases the number of partner fuel stations where you stand to save money. You also get 15 dollar credit toward Lyft rides which means a few of your next upcoming rides are sorted.

The free delivery that Walmart brings to you is from Walmart Healthy food benefits plus list and more exists on 1,60,000 products. And the best and most subtle perk offered to you surely is the fact that you get 30 days of free trial to try out these perks and enjoy these benefits before you decide to sign up for the membership.

Being a member also gets you early access to select deals as well as exclusive access to events like select PS5 restock events which might not get you the console but surely strengthen your chance.

There are select medicines up for grabs for free or up to 85% discount under the new program Rx for less and this is just available to members. In July 2022 Walmart held a four-day exclusive sale for its members. Members also stand to get their items delivered in less than an hour. Because of its offerings, Walmart is compared to Amazon a lot of times, however, Walmart keeps coming up with newer and better offerings in the form of benefits and perks.

As of now, the Spotify subscription is up for grabs which will soon be replaced by something else which is also something that keeps the customers hooked on.

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Walmart Healthy Benefits Food list

Above we saw Walmart Healthy food benefits plus list where all the food items that are healthy and provide some kind of benefit to you can be found. However, the focus was on the plus membership of Walmart which brings with it discounts on food items and offers various perks and benefits as we saw, however, it is now time to solely focus on the offerings in this list.

When we talk about Walmart healthy benefits plus food list we can already guess the kind of items that you might expect to find on the list. Fruits, vegetables, and food that is high in proteins, vitamins, calcium, and other such essential nutrients can be found on this list. The items are marked by tags like the best seller or popular pick. And there are 1,000 items or at least 25 pages filled with such offerings that you can choose from.

Bananas are down from 0.96 cents to 0.24 cents each as they are valued by weight with 52 cents being the cost for one lb. Then you have purified drinking water and whole vitamin D milk which are available for 5.36 dollars and 3.42 dollars respectively as they cost 0.8 cents/fl oz and 2.7 cents fl/oz.

These items for now make up the popular pick and best sellers list and they are available for an even cheaper price if you were to sign up for the Walmart membership.

You have Chicken breast tenderloins available for 7.88 dollars average price as each lb comes to 3.87 dollars and you can expect to get anywhere between 2.25 to 3.2 lb worth of it. The final price will be dictated by its weight until you have a membership that can make it even cheaper.

White Sandwich bread is available for 1.32 dollars with you being charged 6.6 cents/oz but it is not the final price if you buy it from the Walmart healthy food benefits plus list and not the nonmember list.

If you just swipe down the first search page then you still have strawberries, Hickory smoked bacon, Russet Potatoes, all-natural Ground Beef with all the essentials and their proportion mentioned, fresh Chicken drumsticks, organic Bananas in a bunch, boneless Chicken breasts family pack, Clementines, Taters seasoned shredded potatoes, Bar A Franks made with Chicken and Pork, Broccoli Florets and the list goes on.

In all honesty, this is not even half of what is available just on the first page of the Walmart healthy food benefits plus list. There are tons of more such fruits, veggies, nutritious foods, and more stuff filling its pages. And the best part about all of it is that not only are they available for pick up and delivery but they also are eligible for further discounts if you have Walmart plus membership or are currently using the free trial.

So in case you were wondering if to use Walmart or not or were looking for a place to which you could turn and check for all such healthy foods with a lot of benefits at affordable prices then we are sure through this article we have shown you that Walmart fits the bill. However, we are not just done yet as we think we should revisit the earlier mention of competitors and compare Walmart and Amazon Prime to find the better platform.

Walmart vs Amazon Prime

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We all know about Amazon Prime, the subscription service that just like Walmart provides its customers with various goods. Prime is not limited to one field as they engage in multiple fields just like Walmart and that is what leads to them being paired time and again and being compared and so let’s get right into it.


Both these services come with a free 30-day free trial where the users can try out their offerings and test their worth. So that way both these platforms are marched, however, when we enter the paid territory differences start to show up.

Walmart provides you with membership by paying 98 dollars annually or 12.95 dollars monthly as opposed to Amazon Prime’s membership which costs you 14.99 dollars a month or 139 dollars per year after its prices raised for the first time in four years from 12.99 dollars a month or 119 dollars per year.

However, Amazon has special offerings for students as well as for those with EBT or Medicaid cards and Prime’s benefits can be shared amongst family members as well. However, though there are so many Walmart plus perks, Walmart has no such special provision in place as of now. So all in all it feels more like a tie as both companies edge each other out marginally in one place or the other.


Amazon and Walmart both have delivery setups. You can check out the Walmart healthy benefits plus food list and add items worth 35 dollars or more and can get them delivered for free if you are a member. Amazon also offers at least 10 million products that are deliverable in a day. If your grocery order is worth more than 35 dollars then you can also get them delivered on the same day, indeed, it can arrive in as less as 2 hours.

With Walmart you get free, two-day shipping offers and there is also no minimum requirement to be met. However, this only applies to items that are sold and shipped by and not third parties. You can get groceries delivered within an hour as well but if they are not valued at 35 dollars or more then there is a 5.99 dollar charge to be paid.

So yet again it feels like a tie as both of them offer better options in different yet similar categories.

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Amazon Prime has a video streaming platform of its own that you can subscribe to for 8.99 dollars a month whereas it is also included in the Amazon Prime membership. On the other hand, Walmart acquired the video service company Vudu back in 2010 and sold it in 2020.

They also planned to come up with their streaming services in 2018 but let the idea go away. However, they now offer a Paramount+ subscription worth 4.99 dollars a month to their members and also provide them with access to CBS, MTV, Champions League Football, and more. This is tough but we will have to go with Walmart on this one for their range of options.


Amazon Prime perks and Walmart plus perks are both something that can be enjoyed by the members of the respective companies. With Prime, you have Prime day where you can save substantial money by getting unbelievable deals if you are a member.

Walmart had a counter-plan offering this year and though both have their USPs and differentiated offerings the deciding factor is that Amazon Prime trial members get to enjoy the benefits of Prime day while Walmart plus trial members don’t get the benefits of the counter program and that is why Amazon Prime fares better in this area.

Medical Services

Both these companies offer medicines for free or heavy discounts based on the prescription. Though the service is unavailable in certain countries that by no means makes the feat less impressive. And here again, they are more or less tied as their offerings are more or less similar to each other.

Additional Perks

We have seen everything that Walmart offers from fuel benefits to discounts and subscriptions but let’s check what Amazon Prime has to offer. You get benefits on Prime gaming where you get free games and other such stuff. Along with that, you get access to more than 2,000 books and magazines each month if you sign up for their membership.

You get storage space for free in Amazon Photos as well as access to Prime music. And lastly, you get access to the Prime try before you buy feature which allows you to get stuff delivered to your home which you can first try for free and then buy them later if you are satisfied with them. Depending on what benefits are useful to you and are more appealing it is again a matter of choice and therefore a tie.

And so ultimately there is not much to separate these two companies from each other since they are more or less identical in what they are and have got to offer.

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