Video Game Designer Salary in India

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One can consider themselves lucky or unlucky to be born in the 90s and early 2000s depending on what we are talking about. Getting jobs, decent pay, proper working hours, etc. is the issue of people born in the 90s and early 2000s but the advantage they have is the creation of a lot of offbeat professions and self-employment options. With the rise of gaming and streaming, today, making games can get you some serious money. Video game designers mint a more than decent pay package these days. In this article, we will tell you all about video game designer salary in India, 3d game designer salary, video game designer salary per month and the average video game designer salary in India.

Video Game Designer Salary in India

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Today you can be a YouTuber, StandUp Comedian, TikToker, Influencer, Streamer, etc. and you would find a market for yourself. Video Games are more popular than ever before and these days a gamer can earn money via online streaming and gaming. It has increased the demand for more games and game designers. But have you wondered what these video game designers do? Let us find out.

Role of Video Game Designer

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A video game designer is a person who is burdened with coming up with all the basic and major stuff of a game. Layout, visual designs, plot, characters, etc. are to be imagined by them. A designer is responsible for meeting up with various departments, including programmers and artists, to whom they dictate the concept and from whom they expect the technical part. Then all of it is monitored, and tested, and corrections are made along the way.

A video game designer is different from a video game developer whose job is to get the coding and technical stuff done and who also with the help of focus groups aims to find bugs and issues with the game that need to be dealt with to make the game issue free before the public gets their hands on it.

Responsibilities of Video Game Designer

Video game designers are not limited to one job; they can have different roles at different stages of game making, or even in different situations, they may find themselves pulling off a totally different hat. Here’s what video game designers are supposed to do.

  • Their job begins before the game is even an existent property. Brainstorming is their first and most important job as they first have to come up with a concept that they think would capture the attention of the masses and bring in a wider range of audiences.
  • Next up it is all about laying a framework or a storyboard and outlining/giving the game a feel which is what the users will experience when they are playing the game.
  • They are also responsible for giving the story its characters, plots, and overall story that the players will experience.
  • They might also have to do a bit of coding wherein they develop the basic code which makes it possible to run the game.
  • They have to present the code and check for any bugs or issues that may be interfering with its potential to run seamlessly.
  • They have to collaborate with people from other departments to get bugs and other issues treated as well as to ensure that all the concepts, designs, etc. are coming off as desired.
  • Responding to feedback is one important task on the part of video game designers.
  • Creating correction patches and fixing bugs from time to time to ensure the game runs smoothly at all times.

Video Game Designer Salary in India

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How much money is enough money? Everyone has a different future in mind when it comes to stating a satisfactory figure in mind that they would like to earn from their jobs. What if we told you that you could earn as much as a Chartered Accountant by becoming a video game designer? Yes, this is no joke. As we started earlier, we wanted to help you navigate through this thought process and that is what we plan on doing by breaking down the video game designer salary in India.

You can indeed think of a number between 1 and 40 lakhs and there you have your estimated package in lakh rupees a year. The salary for a video game designer in India starts from 1.8 lakh and goes up to 40 lakh rupees depending on the skill and experience of the person. The average salary for a video game designer in India stands at 6 lakh rupees p.a, however as you progress through the years and build on your skills, this figure is significantly higher. You can in the start expect raking up an amount close to 35,000 to 40,000 rupees a month if you are very skilled at your job and it is safe to say that a starting amount that great is more than attractive for any beginner.

3D Game Designer Salary

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If you are looking to be a 3D game designer then you must be curious about the 3D game designer salary. Worry not, we have got you covered yet again. The sum drops significantly for this category when compared to the previous category, which is video game designer. The salary may not be as mouth-watering as the amount mentioned earlier, but again the pay is satisfactory and thus you can give serious thought to pursuing this profession.

A 3D game designer rakes in close to 35,000 rupees a month, which is an estimated figure. The amount can vary with a change in other factors. The average annual salary is close to 5 lakh rupees for people working in this field. The starting salary here is higher than a video game designer at 2.4 lakhs, however, the upper limit is capped at a much smaller amount of 15.3 lakhs that you can earn from being a 3D video game designer. Obviously, the pay package will depend on skills, experience, and other factors.

Video Game Designer Salary Per Month

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As mentioned above, the video game designer salary per month may range between 35 and 40 thousand. But this number is subject to multiple factors like skill, experience, work hours, etc. However, if you look at the monthly sum from a wider perspective that you can make from video game designing then the numbers might change. The upper and lower limits both move a bit towards further highs and lows.

While the average salary comes close to 50,000 rupees a month or 6 lakh rupees a year, the lowest possible salary can be close to 30,000 rupees a year while the highest salary can be around 2,00,000 rupees a year. This means that on average a person stands to make 3,60,000 from this job profile in the worst case and in the best case you can make up to 26,00,000 a year.

Average Video Game Designer Salary in India

It is not just the skill and experience but the company that you work with, also that matters when we talk about the average or expected pay for a video game designer. The average or base salary might be more or less similar at different offices but bonuses, overtime, and other factors also come into play when we look at the average video game designer salary in India. Now we have established some figures above for various benchmarks like honestly or yearly salary, however, the average can always move a little forward or backward.

The base salary starts close to 1,83,000 rupees and goes up to 20 lakhs per annum. And with this, you can expect to earn a bonus in the range of rupees 10,000 to 2 lakh 3 thousand. The total pay can range between 1,87,000 rupees and 30 lakh rupees. This leaves the average salary at 6,01,189 rupees for a video game designer. Again this is just an average and the sum can significantly increase or marginally be lower.

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How to become a Video Game Designer?

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People often think that it is tough to pursue off-beat careers as they may require difficult skills and might have to complete tough courses to be able to practice one of them. However, there is no one path to success, and there is not just one path to becoming a video game designer. Contrary to popular belief, one might find it pretty easy to become a game designer if they just follow one of the three scenarios mentioned below and get the necessary degrees done just like they would do for an education degree or diploma.

Option 1

Complete your 12th standard in any stream because it does not have any bearing on video game designing, just a minimum requirement. Then the next step would be to complete B.Des in Game Designing and lastly getting an M.Des in Designing. By following this easy path, you become eligible to be a video game designer.

Option 2

Get your 12th standard done in the Science stream. Once done with that, the next step would be to get a B-Tech in Computer Science degree and then finally a Post Graduate Diploma in Game Designing should do it for you and make you eligible to become a video game designer.

Option 3

This option will require you to get your 12th standard done in the Science stream and post that you can just get a B.Sc or BCA in Game Designing degree and you are good to go.

In the end, everyone has their own preference and calculations sorted and so it depends on each individual as to how they would like to go about their journey. It is a skill-oriented profile and so the degree is just going to be a means to the end and won’t affect you much in the longer run.

So with that, you must surely be looking at becoming a video game designer with much more respect now. It is surely not your random, just another, dumb-sounding career path anymore. It is now a full-fledged path to having a real job with good pay. The figures mentioned above must have surely made your heart skip a beat and you know now why a career like this is getting so popular lately.

After learning about video game designer salary in India, 3D game designer salary, video game designer salary per month, average video game designer salary in India and other related things, you can easily plan and carve a career for yourself in this field.

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