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Top 5 Core Banking Software Applications by Enterprise Edges


Banking application software is a series of encoded information or computer instructions exclusively meant to assist banking transactions. Typically, banking software applications refer to core-banking software and its interfaces that allow banks to conduct and record transactions made by the bank’s customers to their accounts.

With technological advancements in the banking and finance industry, almost all banks across the world have started using banking software in a smaller or bigger way. The core banking application is the major investment that most of the banks have done with regards to banking software applications followed by other applications that assist transactions such as wealth management, lending and financing, and so on.

Let’s look at the 5 banking software applications that have been declared at the top of the game by banking and finance technology experts.

1. Infosys Finacle

Finacle by EdgeVerve Systems Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary of Infosys, is one of the top software’s used in the banking and finance sector. Finance is used by a cumulative customer base of about 848 million across 94 countries globally.

It is a financial banking software that assists several technological requirements of a bank such as core-banking, online banking, mobile banking, payments, treasury, origination, liquidity management, and wealth management.

Finacle also assists business data analytics and provides a user-friendly and intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Finacle has been identified by Forrester, an independent technology and market research company, as a leader among nine top banking platforms in 2016.

USP for Finacle

  • Unified platform for all customer segments
  • Seamless multichannel banking

2. Oracle Financial Services Software by Oracle Corporation

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited is an IT solution provider exclusively for the banking and finance industry. It has approximately 900 customers in over 145 countries. The banking software suite provided by Oracle covers retail, corporate and investment banking, fund, cash, and wealth management. It’s universal banking suite, analytical applications for customer insight, analytical applications for financial crime and compliance management are software suites that taking banking services to a completely different level.

USP for Oracle Financial Services Software

  • Increased flexibility and interoperability
  • All-encompassing software suits

3. Cleartouch®, DNA®, Precision®, Premier® and Signature® from Fiserv

Fiserv is a leading IT company that provides software services to approximately 13,000 clients worldwide. Approximately one out of three banks in the United States operate on a Fiserv bank banking platform. Fiserv has a variety of software suites for modern banking operations ranging from mobile and online banking, payments, risk management, data analytics to core account processing. Fiserv’s scalable, flexible software applications are easy to integrate into the existing banking systems.

The popular financial banking software applications from Fiserv are Cleartouch®, DNA®, Precision®, Premier®, and Signature®.

USP for Fiserv banking solutions

  • Business agility – designed for modern banking
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface

4. Canopus EpaySuite by Canopus Innovative Technologies

Canopus EpaySuite is an advanced banking application software that helps banks and other financial institutions automate and streamline payment services operations. It is a flexible, easy-to-use, customer-friendly software that encompasses industry standards and is easily configurable.

Built on core banking technology platform, Canopus EpaySuite ensures a robust, reliable, and secure platform that offers useful banking functions such as integrated customer information file with KYC, CDD and EDD feature, CTF module, and an in-built workflow engine, general ledger, and reporting tool.

USP for Canopus EpaySuite

  • POS Transactions
  • Gift Card Management

5. Fidelity National Information Services (FIS)

FIS has helped several banks move away from their traditional legacy platforms successfully. The modernized core platform, FIS™ provides agile solutions for different banking needs. The banking and wealth solutions from FIS cover commercial and investment banking, consumer banking, risk and compliance, and investment management.

FIS™ offers an all-inclusive array of solutions to meet the commercial and investment banking needs of a bank such as commercial lending, treasury, cash management, and capital-markets needs. It also provides comprehensive core banking solutions and active analytics for consumer banking needs.


  • Comprehensive solutions across all banking touchpoints
  • Seamless integration

We hope this article has helped you in understanding the top 5 core banking applications leading the world.

Author Bio: Ryan North is a Professional Blogger and Entrepreneur at Enterprise Edges. He has been into the Core Banking Softwares reviews industry since 2001 and helped many companies establish their sales goals via content and brand campaigns.

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