Top 10 Cool Jobs in India with High Salary

Written By Sushma Singh

Knowledge and experience are the base of everything in life. We start our life as kids with no knowledge and no experience then we go to school and college all those years to gain both and finally become eligible to get a job or do some work. Even after gaining knowledge and experience people still might not get to work in a field that they wish to work in or have a liking for. Sometimes the pay might not be that good, sometimes the work might be boring. But there are many cool jobs that pay decent income and are fun. In this article, we will inform you about the top 10 cool jobs in India and cover some unique career options with high salary.

Top 10 Cool Jobs in India with High Salary

There are quite a few types of people that you will find around you. Few might be into business, a few into selling products, a few into selling services and so on. 9 to 5 jobs are not for everyone. There are tons of jobs which require creativity and can fill your life with excitement. Given below are top 10 cool jobs in India that include unique career options with high salary.

1. White Hat Hacker

Person working with code
Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

We all know what hackers are and at some point in our lives have had an experience with one or have been scared of one. Some of us are to date scared of hackers taking away our data and other important stuff. A hacker is someone who can get your hidden information and digital data while sitting 1000s of kilometers away from you just by using the internet and electronic devices.

But not all hackers are bad there are White Hat hackers too. A white hat hacker is a hacker who does good hacking or rather is told to hack by various organizations and other such people to test their product’s security. A white hacker is also known as an Ethical hacker. If I knew how to hack and was able to do it then I would become one as there is good money in this field. All this makes it one of the coolest jobs in India.

2. Ufologist

There might be a great debate about how legal this work is, nonetheless, it is one great option that people out there should consider. UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects have been around for decades if not centuries. Their presence is real or fake is up for debate but they have surely been around as can be debated by many individuals across the world who claim to have seen one.

It is people like these because of whom being a Ufologist makes sense as the job would require you to study, find, and investigate UFOs. Some individuals and organizations dedicate themselves to such fields and they deal with UFOs. If you are like me and enjoy conspiracy theories and such strange stuff interests you then this might just be the job that you have been looking for. However, one thing to know about this profession is that there is a large community of people, especially from science that use this profession to explain pseudoscience.

3. Museologist

Museum | top 10 cool jobs in India
Photo by Elizabeth George on Unsplash

We all have been to a museum or two in our lives be it on a school trip or with family. And I am someone who is very much into history and stuff and loves the subject so I can only talk positive stuff about it. Museums have all kinds of stuff, old painting, old weapons, old clothes, old human remains, etc. from various parts of the world and various timelines, and you get to see all of it today which is so exciting. And if you are someone like me then we know the perfect job for you. It is the reason why it is on this list of top 10 cool jobs in India.

You could opt to be a museologist or a person who studies museums. You would be wondering what is there to study here but a museologist’s job has a lot to do with studying the impact of museums on society and they also work to preserve and curate the items in it. All you need to have is a passion for history and dedication to unveil details of the past and you might find yourself thriving in this line of work.

4. Pet Groomer

Person cleaning a dog
Photo by Hayffield L on Unsplash

I am sure there are a lot of pet lovers out there who love cats, dogs, and other such animals that can be kept as pets. Some of us don’t get to have pets at home because someone is either allergic to them or is scared of them and that leaves us without these cuties, however, there is another way to be close to them and that is by becoming a Pet Groomer.

The job of a pet groomer is to groom the pets just like you would do in a salon for humans. Cutting their hair, and nails is a part of grooming, so is giving them baths and giving them all the body care that humans do for themselves. What’s more, is that the job feels less like work and more fun and you get to hang out with these cute creatures all day long and get paid for it. This is a serious profession that is on the rise these days.

5. Anthropology

Old building | top 10 cool jobs in India
Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

Humans are complex creatures and that is a well-known fact. I mean look at yourselves and recall just how many times a day you find yourself in a tricky situation at any moment and the next moment you are somewhere else altogether on mental as well as physical levels. I mean I for sure can attest to the fact that I am a difficult person and to get an answer as to why we humans are like this we have the field of anthropology.

Anthropology is the study of humans and their religion, culture, way of operating, etc. Anyone with a curious nature like me knows that there are questions in our minds regarding other humans and if you have that in you too then maybe you should consider becoming an Anthropologist. How cool would it be to get to know more about humans than other humans know? That is why we have this suggestion on the list of top 10 cool jobs in India.

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6. Chef

Chef in kitchen
Photo by Pylyp Sukhenko on Unsplash

Who doesn’t love food? I love food and let me make that very clear I know everyone out there likes it too. That is why the food industry never suffers as other industries do and even the Pandemic couldn’t stop its roll. Some people however like food so much that they don’t just want to eat it but also prepare it, capture its photo, and even decorate it.

Of all those people I think being a Chef gives the best options for food. Not only do you get to eat lively food but you also prepare it and can do so as you wish. Not to mention how you also get to know the best combinations of dishes, sauces, cuisine, etc. I remember how interested I used to be in making food and still am and that is what makes me mention this lovely profession that I hope I can pursue someday at least on a personal level.

7. Voice-Over Artist

Person using mic
Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

We have all grown up watching cartoons and some of us still watch them when we get the chance. We also have anime culture on the rise where animated movies are one of the most popular kinds of content around. In these types of content, we have artists who lend their voices to the characters on screen. They are known as voice-over artists.

As a kid, I dreamt of being one of them and still consider this option sometimes because of the fun nature of work in this field. Here you get to voice and be any character in the world and what more could one ask for? With animation content on the rise and the increasing popularity of anime and other such stuff, this might not only be one of the coolest jobs in India but also one of the unique career options with high salary.

8. Event Manager

Woman explaining something | top 10 cool jobs in India
Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Some people are great at hosting and running a show. These people can host, organize, plan, coordinate, run an event and do more. They are born for it and have a natural talent and luckily for them, the party industry is a booming industry that is worth crores. You do get where I am getting at. Yeah, we are talking about being an Event manager and earning good bucks while having lots of fun at work. This job has to be in this list of top 10 cool jobs in India.

Everyone reading this article including myself has once in their life thought of managing an event or becoming an event manager. And, call it a coincidence or natural order of things the job of an event manager comes on this list in a much-deserved fashion. There can not be a more fun job than this one where you get to run a show and while managing an event you get the opportunity to be the lifeline of the party.

9. Booking Agent

Man in office
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

The latest on my mind as a career option is to either get into booking trips for others or to be a tour manager. Anyone who loves traveling and is a frequent traveler knows how noble the profession is. Also, the work comes to you rather than you going to it. When you are traveling yourself you go places and there you could just try taking contacts of hotels, tourist vehicles, etc.

This helps you build a network that you can use to book trips ahead for others. Also, the job is well paying and helps you explore more and get to know a lot of stuff about the world and around the world. It also helps you build your network which is very important in today’s time. Very few jobs on this list of top 10 cool jobs in India can compete with a job as cool as this and you can see why.

10. Concierge

Man in airport
Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Travel lovers have more options than that one if they know more than one language. We all in our lives have surely wanted to work in another country or have a long period of stay in some foreign country for experience purposes. And you can fulfill this dream of yours by becoming a concierge. It is among the unique career options with high salary.

When you visit someplace out of the country or in the country itself the hotel has these people hired who know the local area well and have an idea of all the best places to visit, know all about travel options, have contacts that can get your entry sorted and all other things figured out. You could be one of those people if you have an interest in learning new languages. This job would help you work anywhere in the world and would allow you to meet new people every day and your work life will not even take a toll on you as it will be more fun than anything.

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Top 10 Unique Career Options with High Salary in India

Some jobs may pay well, while others have fewer work hours, and so on. It is difficult to think of jobs that can fall into the category of unique career options with high salary. However, we have managed to get you a list of some options that might fit both the bills and might leave you satisfied with the work and the pay.

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1. Photography

Person holding camera | top 10 cool jobs in India
Photo by Miha Jan Strehovec on Unsplash

You can laugh all you want at those that carry a DSLR and go about clicking photos of anything and everything that they find interesting. But they are the ones who can have a shot at having a unique and well-paying career. As a photographer, you can choose to get hired by some company or go about doing your own thing and both of the options work well.

Your job can see you traveling around the country or even out of it and going to new places and meeting new people. It doesn’t stop here you can be your boss and decide when and where to work and what to click and whom to sell your work to and at what price. Giving you the powers and flexibility to dominate your working style and finance, it indeed is a refreshing career path.

2. Tea Taster

Woman drinking tea
Photo by Parker Johnson on Unsplash

This is the one I could sign up for without having to think much and I am sure I won’t be the only one to consider this option. We live in a nation where almost half the population starts their day with tea and some can’t even freshen up before they have had a cup of tea and that is what makes it an ideal job for many Indians. It is the reason why this job is among the unique career options with high salary.

As a tea taster, your job would be to drink types of tea and report back as to how well you like each one. Apart from tasting you also get to talk on the subject of tea making you a tea expert where you help the seller know more about the improvements that they can make to their product and brand. Lastly, the job would pay you well and you would more often than not be doing your job on the move.

3. Writer

Woman writing something | top 10 cool jobs in India
Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

One of the top 10 cool jobs in India is to be a writer just like me who is writing this article now and helping out you people. It is one of those skills that can be honed easily and gives you the power to get a lot of stuff done without having to use much force or might. Do you know why being a writer is on this list?

No, it is not because of my bias being a writer it is because this job pays well as you progress in your career and it is something that you can get down from anywhere without being physically present in an office. What’s more, is that no specific degree is needed to pursue this unique kind of job as anyone with good command over any language and go and become a writer.

4. Driver

Man driving a car
Photo by Art Markiv on Unsplash

Many Indians would at this point be like what! Allow us to explain why we think that you should consider a job as a driver. What are the expectations a person usually has from a job? Good salary, decent work hours, getting to travel maybe, and other such basic stuff, and now come to think of it and all of this can be found here in this profession.

If you think about it, you can get good pay for driving for Ola or Uber, and if not then getting employed by a rich person can help you reach this criterion. Next up the work hours, this is usually very less or takes up a decent chunk of the day. However, most days it is a short drive and more rest. Lastly, traveling, you get to do it all the time when you are driving around each day from one place to another. If not in India then surely one should consider becoming a driver in another country because it’s too good an option to ignore.

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5. Cabin Crew

Cabin crew serving food
Photo by Mohammad Arrahmanur on Unsplash

While we are on the topic of traveling and working, why forget the option of being a cabin crew member? Your job is literally to travel and what more could you want from your job than being paid for traveling? That’s not all that is there to pitch for this job as there’s more waiting for you.

You also get paid for your layover time in another country and on all this, your job makes it possible for you to meet new people in new countries from different cultures and backgrounds. To round it up you also get in this profession chance to take up one of the most unique career options with a high salary. Surely this one might be one of the professions that many might seriously consider for its all-around benefits.

6. Zookeeper

Kid in zoo | top 10 cool jobs in India
Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

We are back with another option which lets you be close to animals. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by different animals and befriend them? I surely am not quitting on this one. As a zookeeper, all you have to do is look after various animals in a zoo and make sure that humans are not troubling them. This job belongs in this list of unique career options with high salary.

The upsides to this job are too many. You get to interact with a lot of different animals. Your workplace is not boring like those who work in the office. You get to meet new people daily. You are paid well. Your job is genuinely unique and incomparable to any out there. Some days might be more fun than work in this line of work and hence you should consider it.

7. Doula

Not many might have heard of this profession and so allow us to explain the job profile which might make a lot of people curious and sign up readily. A doula is a person who helps a pregnant lady through pregnancy, birth, and post-birth. So who all are ready to sign up, already?

I know I would love to sign up for a noble job like this as it would entail taking care of a person who is carrying another person in their body. This job would help you make a bond with a lot of families and you would get the opportunity to interact with a lot of babies. What more could one ask for? To go with it, if you can find yourself rich clients then you might also end up making good money from it.

8. Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artist
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Getting a tattoo is cool and all but how cool is being able to make one? This job features on the list of top 10 cool jobs in India because it indeed is one of the coolest jobs in India. Again your job would let you meet new and new people every day and come across new tattoo and their concepts or stories daily.

I remember how I used to want a tattoo and see that the craze is still there among many even today, this is what makes sure that there are always customers out there so you are bound to make money from it. Other than that it is a job that requires skill and still hands which is not easy to master or find and so the competition might also be little in this area. If tattoos interest you then you should go for this career path.

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9. Video Game Tester

Video game consoles | top 10 cool jobs in India
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

You would be kidding me and yourself if you say that you have not considered being a video game tester in your life ever. You know and so do I that it is a profession that everyone out there wishes to have including me. And why won’t we want a job that is all about doing fun stuff nonstop and making money from it?

You see all these video game streamers and influencers making money just by playing games and allowing people to watch them and along those lines if you were told to play a game to test it in its initial stages to final development and we’re told that you would be paid for the same then what’s making you say no to it? This is as unique as a job can get.

10. Waterslide Tester

People sliding in waterslide
Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

While on the topic of testing it doesn’t get much better than going to a water park and enjoying rides while being paid for them. The world is filled with strange stuff and this is exactly the kind of stuff that comes to mind when you think of it. Who would mind going around testing water slides all day even if they are not paid for it.

Now that I have mentioned this, I too wish to be a water slide tester apart from the fact that I would be too conscious and scared. However, it is such unique jobs that make work life fun and come with decent pay and satisfactory work hours. I am sure many readers out there going through this article might be fixated on this option and consider it seriously as a backup option.

You now know about the top 10 cool jobs in India. After learning about these unique career options with high salary, it is time for you to get to work. Make sure to look for more such options available. Maybe there is something weirder and equally fun out there waiting to be discovered by you. Have a great time looking for well-paying and super awesome jobs that are fun to do.

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