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When 2021 was coming to an end it felt like it is the world of cryptocurrencies and we are just living in it. A year later as 2022 draws to a close, the picture couldn’t have been any more contrasting. Even after the crashes that have taken place the early investors and a few more lucky people have still bagged millions if not more from it. While the Bitcoin train might have left the investment station there are quite a few other players on the market and one of them is the TaaS stock. In this article, we will inform you about TaaS Stock price and make some TaaS Stock predictions. But what is TaaS stock, we will also answer that.

TaaS Stock Price, History, News

Ruslan Gavrilyuk, Konstantin Pysarenko, Dimitri Chupryna, and Maksym Muratov are the people responsible for the founding of TaaS. The token came to life in 2017 and the company headquarters are in Singapore. As mentioned above, TaaS is a token and not a coin and that is why it does not have its blockchain but rather uses that of Ethereum. The company got done with the initial coin offering on April 27, 2017, and it ended up selling close to 7.5 million dollars worth of TaaS stock. Let us learn about its stock price and later on, we will go over TaaS Stock predictions.

TaaS Stock Price

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In the world of cryptocurrencies, we have all heard the names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and more, one more name from this community is that of TaaS. TaaS stands for Token as a Service. In the crypto world, you have coins and tokens that co-exist. Coins are the ones that have their blockchain that they run on like Ethereum. And tokens are those that run on these existing blockchains and don’t have their own. But this doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, they both come with their separate uses.

TaaS stock runs on the blockchain of Ethereum. Ethereum is the second-ranked crypto only behind Bitcoin and it is understood to be one of the best in business if not the best which is why TaaS and many other cryptos like it run on this platform. TaaS is not that old like Bitcoin or the other coins but is instead a more recent player in the market and it raised 10,10,00,000 dollars in initial funding. The coins that went unsold during the launch were burned to give the power in the hand of initial investors and to increase the value of the existing coins.

If we were to talk about the value of TaaS today regarding various currencies then we would see a conversion like 1 TaaS is equal to 0.84 dollars. However, when we talk about the Canadian dollar then this value goes up to 1.14 Canadian dollars. In the case of the British Pound, 1 TaaS is equal to 0.69 GBP. Talking about Yen, 1 Taas is equal to 114.25 Yen. This figure falls to 68.96 rupees when TaaS is converted to the Indian rupee.

If we look at the Brazilian Real then 1 TaaS amounts to 4.42 Brazilian Real. A conversion of TaaS to Euro gives us a value of 0.80 Euros per TaaS. The Nigerian Naira performs very badly as 1 TaaS equals 373.20 Nigerian Naira.

What is TaaS Stock?

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You may ask what is TaaS stock? TaaS is a tokenized closed-end fund that is focused on blockchain assets. Simply put, it is a cryptocurrency that you can trade in just like you would do without other cryptocurrencies. You can buy TaaS, hold it and then later sell it for profit. TaaS is in the decentralized finance business and Blocknet is one of its competitors. The company uses profit-sharing smart contracts from which 50% of funds are used to reward token holders and the remaining funds are used for reinvestment and as a part of performance fees.

TaaS has a market capitalization of 68,15,705 dollars and its 24-hour volume stands at 759 dollars. Currently, 81,46,001 tokens are in circulation in the market and it is also the maximum supply. TaaS is said to be ranked at number 580 in the crypto space as of 6th December 2022 and it will surely look to grow from here on. For now, the coin has lost some value in 24 hours and is trading in loss but that should not blur your judgment of it as there is more here than meets the eye.

Cryptocurrencies also have the demand and supply game going on which means that the less the supply more the demand and that might work well for TaaS stock as it has a fixed number of tokens available in the market for trading. Also, the token has a low price which might attract a lot of investors to it and increase the demand further. Reasons like this should make you keep an eye out for TaaS and TaaS Stock predictions who knows you might hit a jackpot with this token or find a place to park your funds for some time.

TaaS Stock Predictions

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Let us now talk about TaaS Stock Predictions. TaaS stock supports the Proof of Reserves system where the company holds the assets on behalf of its client and the same is verified by a third party. This data is stored in a Merkle tree system. The TaaS team plans on starting a Cryptographic Auditing system that will allow the investors and token holders to be able to check the exchange’s funds performance and reserves in real-time and for this, you may not need to have previous knowledge or experience of or with blockchains.

TaaS in its crypto funds also holds anywhere between 10 to 30% of reserves in Bitcoin for liquidity and various other purposes. So far in 2022, the price of TaaS has somewhat been in a loop as it was 0.84 dollars on April 10th, and on December 6th it still is close to that. With so much functionality, multiple projects, added security, and other stuff in place, what does the future look like for TaaS? Since their project sounds ambitious and there is a dedicated team working toward it the future seems decent if not that bright and so we will try and give TaaS stock predictions for the coming few years.

As you have seen above the stock price is in the 0.8 dollars space and has been there in April as well. The prediction for this year was that the coin will hit the value of 0.63 dollars. That price range however now seems to be long gone and is in the past. This spells good news as the targets set in place are already being broken and if this is what we can expect from the future as well then the investors might be in for some good gains.

The token is said to be valued at around 0.93 dollars in 2023, but since we are already very close to that figure, people can expect a higher return and more profits shortly and who knows if the coin might even cross the 1-dollar barrier in the short or long run. Once that barrier is crossed, the prediction for 2024 is placed at a valuation of 1.38 dollars which might also cross the 1.50 dollar mark since the coin seems to be overperforming anyways.

By 2025, the coin is expected to be valued at more than 2 dollars a piece. To be precise it is guessed that the token will be valued at 2.06 dollars by then. Two years later in 2027, this figure is expected to more than double up to 4.15 dollars per TaaS. And if we make the more ambitious jump to 2030 then the estimated price reaches 1 TaaS is equal to a 13.22 dollar valuation.

This means that from 2027 to 2030 the value will more than triple and not to forget that with the current valuation it is a growth of more than 15 times, which is enough to make quite a few stock owners a millionaire. Also, not to forget that the token’s all-time high price stands at 11.86 dollars from January 2018, so if these figures were to be met then there would be a new all-time high.

However, at the end of the day, these are all predictions and guesses made on data available on the internet. Therefore, take the information with a pinch of salt and proceed with caution and at your own risk when investing in crypto. This was all about TaaS Stock Predictions.

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TaaS Stock History

Downward stock chart | TaaS Stock

It’s now been 5 years and more since TaaS stock came into existence, completed its initial funding rounds and coin offerings, and ended up on a few exchanges. Livecoin and Ukraine’s Kuna, which is also their largest exchange, both went ahead and listed TaaS on their platform on April 28th in 2017. On April 27th of that year, the first funding round was completed where more than 3 million dollars were raised.

The TaaS stock history starts back in April 2017 when it opened with a price of 0.856575 dollars. Within a month the figure touched the value of 0.981198 dollars. And in June the price was well above one dollar as it opened at the price of 1.592490 dollars per TaaS. The growth sped up to 2.585700 dollars per piece by July, however, its first fall came the very next month as it was now valued at 2.446790 dollars. But this was just a small blip before a big jump in valuation saw the price hit 4.639090 dollars in September. At 3.838360 dollars in October, 5.728660 dollars in November, and 3.777680 dollars in December the token saw a back-and-forth in price.

2018 was a mixed year for the token as it now saw its all-time high and all-time low price in the same year. A token that had touched a price of more than 11 dollars a piece in January 2018 had also seen its price fall below 0.20 dollars before the year ended. Starting from January the price just kept dipping and dipping until December as there were a few good recovery days but more price fall days throughout the year. It wasn’t until January 2019 that the prices became a bit stable and showed positive movement once again.

TaaS stock tried its best and regained some of the lost value in 2019 and also briefly crossed the 1 dollar mark in the middle of the year, however, it couldn’t maintain the momentum and ultimately came back to being valued at less than a dollar. In 2020 the token was once again seeing a great shift in prices as there was a lot of volatility. The token reached extreme values on any day with them also touching the 1-dollar and 2-dollar mark only to keep the cycle on and on till it reached its present-day value of 0.83 dollars a piece.

TaaS Stock Chart

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TaaS stock has been branded as one of the most interesting crypto projects in recent times, that is until it went out of function. This does not mean that you can’t buy or invest in the token now. Some people still own TaaS and so peer-to-peer sharing is possible. There are other elaborate ways as well to go ahead and get yourself the TaaS crypto, however, there is one teeny tiny problem that you might encounter on your way.

Since the coin is now defunct, you have no TaaS stock chart where you can look up the price of TaaS. The historical data for this crypto is not available any longer and for some reason, its price shows as 84 cents on various platforms. So finding the value and paying the correct amount to obtain TaaS comes down to the deal between the buyer and the seller. You will no longer find TaaS tokens on exchanges like Coinbase but they can still be found on Etherdelta, however, to trade in TaaS using this option you must first buy Ethereum.

You can first buy Ethereum from an exchange and then move it to an outside wallet to proceed with a peer-to-peer exchange, however, TaaS, for now, might not be a good option to invest in. As the fund is no longer running you make no regular returns and also the future scenario and price of the token are up for speculation, it may or may not be revived and who knows what its price will be then.

Not being listed on major exchanges was a considerable issue for a token like TaaS and now it is gone in the air. Only time will tell if the project will see the light of day ever again. At this point, the investors and token owners can only sit and hope for a miraculous comeback or can try and sell their tokens for reduced prices to those optimistic and interested about and in the token. Till there is good news on the horizon regarding TaaS stock it is better to stay away from it for your good.

Current Day Scenario of TaaS

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Just like the image above, TaaS stock currently has a present to forget about. Touted to be one of its kind and exciting projects in the field of cryptocurrency, the token exists no more. Rather the token has no functionality and value as of today, however, the tokens are there and tradable via peer-to-peer networks but again no one knows how to value it and whether it’s worth even owning one these days. Having started in 2017 the token only functioned for a little more than 5 years.

If you were to head to the TaaS website today then you would read the message that the team has terminated the project and has distributed the assets to the token owners as they move to new projects and services which will be shared with the community in time. 16.5 million USDT were distributed by TaaS in quarterly payouts which are no less than 220% return on investment. The team feels that they achieved their objectives of being the pioneer in the development of the blockchain system, increased technology adoption, and developed market tools and knowledge base. They also supported as many as 35 early-stage projects.

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Buying TaaS from Binance

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Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges if not the largest. Almost all the top cryptocurrencies are listed on their platform, however, TaaS is not one of them. But that does not mean that you cannot buy TaaS stock using Binance. Follow the steps mentioned below and you should be able to get TaaS tokens.

Since TaaS runs on Ethereum, you need to download an Ethereum crypto wallet, and of the many available, Metamask is said to be the best option going forward. So you need to go ahead and download it from their website. Once downloaded, complete the formality of filling in the details asked of you. Once the account is created you now need to head back to Binance and purchase Ethereum.

After buying the Ethereum coin now it’s time to withdraw them for which you will be asked to fill out a form. Select the Ethereum network and provide the wallet address and amount you wish to transfer. Next up you need to choose a decentralized exchange that supports the wallet that you are using. 1inch exchange supports Metamask wallet. Provide the wallet address to connect the wallet to the exchange.

Now in payment mode select Ethereum and select TaaS stock as the one you want to acquire. If the token doesn’t show then use its smart contract to find it. Lastly, click on Swap, and it’s done.

We have looked at the TaaS stock predictions above and they look very good and might attract investors. However, you need to remind yourself that the future of the coin is in the shadows and so it is better to avoid purchasing the token as of now, especially with this elaborate process. You can wait for when the time is right and when the team responsible for the token has some new and positive updates regarding the situation.

All said and done TaaS stock has led an eventful 5 to 6 years from its birth to its partial demise. Giving huge returns to the investors and token owners while also having crazy prize movements on the exchanges where it got listed. You now know what is TaaS stock and you know its present-day scenario as well as TaaS stock predictions and TaaS stock history, all this should help you judge and assess the situation to make the right call for yourself.

There is no TaaS stock price chart to view for now and so you might end up paying much more or less for it depending on how you go about the transaction, but it is better to research well and wait before making a move when considering engaging with TaaS.

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