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Successful Startups At EIT Digital

Successful Startups At EIT Digital

We recently wrote about the opening of EIT’s digital hub in London. At the event, we got to interact with the founders of numerous startups that have successfully graduated from their accelerator and scaled up to become profitable businesses. You too can join their accelerator by applying for the EIT Digital Challenge this year.

Seven such startups with unique business offerings that have graduated out of EIT’s Accelerator have been featured below so that our readers can determine if they will fit in. This is only a sampling because the accelerator has incubated more than a hundred startups to date. They have been chosen on the basis of how unique and different their offerings are from your average startup.

Successful Startups At EIT Digital

Successful Startups At EIT Digital


With the motto of Environmental awareness for all, Ambiciti provides updates about the environment to help businesses make better decisions. It is the only data services company in the world providing real-time data on multiple pollutants in key cities. The data is collected from public and private sensors are simulated via cloud computing before being delivered to clients.

The company’s products are being used by real estate companies, health professionals, residential associations, and exercisers. For instance, a real estate company by using its product can demonstrate that pollution is lower at its residential towers and hence extract a premium from potential home buyers.



Is a mobile health platform for insurance companies.  It provides numerous opportunities for service innovation and can be used by next-generation insurance companies to

  • Figure how it’s members behave and what health risks they face.
  • Develop new revenues by offering health services.
  • Enhance the value of existing products.
  • Increase loyalty and engagement among customers.


This company helps you plan maintenance among industries. With an array of sensors and AI-based analytics Konux seeks to optimize maintenance planning resulting in better utilization of your assets The company’s products fall in the industrial IoT category and are being deployed around the world in sectors as diverse as the railways to thermal power plants.

The inauguration of EIT Digital in the UK.
The inauguration of EIT Digital in the UK.


This company specializes in performance physical therapy for athletes. Athletes require manual therapy in the form of massage and stretching to recover from vigorous training routines. This company ensures athletes recover with their custom routines. By enrolling with Fit2Perform, athletes can improve their performance and avoid injuries. Individual sessions start from US$ 75 (Rs 5000) for 30 minutes.


Soma Analytics

HR Decisions at most organizations are not based on data or evidence. This is not the case with other aspects of an organization. Soma Analytics seeks to eliminate the subjective evaluation of HR personal. Its dashboard helps you view the team’s health and well-being data daily. It provides tips for employees to develop mental resilience and mindfulness at work. Case studies of organizations that use their app have shown that employees reported getting better sleep and noticed an overall improvement in their well being.

Watch The Case Study Below:


A light-based wearable tech that can be worn and operated via a mobile application. The company claims that its device can help synchronize biological rhythms improving overall health functions. The device costs US$299 (Rs 20,000) and can be ordered on the website. It can be used by those who travel frequently and face jet lag. It can also be used to improve the quality of sleep.



A dutch platform to book DJs, bands, and singers. The website connects you to more than one thousand artists who can be hired for weddings, corporate parties, and many other events. The platform can be used to make payments and for communicating with artists. Founded by Karen Grigorjancs, the company was able to raise € 750,000 (Rs 65 Lakhs) through the crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd.

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