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StockEdge App Review: Stock Market Analytics Application

StockEdge App Review 2020: Stock Market Analytics Application

Investing in Stock has always been a hassle for many; its hard to do the research and its daunting to get on to every detail. But now, with the help of the StockEdge App, it has become a cup of tea for everyone. Let’s discover everything about StockEdge in our extensive StockEdge App Review.

One of the top research and Equity market analytics applications in India is StockEdge. There has been an increase in the GDP of India from $1 trillion in 2008 to about $2 trillion in 2016 and $2.848 trillion in 2018; it has become necessary to beat the returns that the LICs and bank FDs provide. The only familiar place that comes first to the mind while saying this is the stock market.

StockEdge App Review: Stock Market Analytics Application

There are many traders and investors who were successful in generating the returns that have outperformed the benchmark index, as well as it has helped in generating the wealth for themselves. Therefore, it becomes important for the stock market participants to do their homework properly, that is, be 100% focused on the research and the analysis of the stock. StockEdge is one such tool that helps the individual to do the same.

Pros of StockEdge:

  • Wide range of Analysis Tools
  • Multiple Features
  • High Performance

Cons of StockEdge:

  • Mutual Fund monitoring not possible

The Features of the App: 

Following are some of the features of this application:

Daily Updates Section

This is one such section that grabs the attention of almost everyone since it deals with the data points that are necessary to be tracked regularly, that is, the news. The news is of utmost importance to everyone, even if the individual is not directly related to the capital markets or financial markets.

This feature helps in showing all the information that is in the form of relevant and filtered news. The individual directly goes to a particular sector or a particular stock when he/she selects the news in the Stock Edge application.

The most noticeable feature of the news section is the fact that the information in this application is shown in a very structured and filtered manner. The individual is not bombarded with too much data; just a part of the news is provided to help decision-makers.

The individual can also track corporate actions, forthcoming events, announcements, movement of various market indices, results, block, bulk, insider deals, and FII/DII activity.

Apart from the daily updates, there are three major icons that act as a whole, as the master data for anyone who is using the application, that is, Stocks, Sectors, and Investors section.

If the individual wants to do an amazing research on a particular stock of his/her interest with the help of Stock Edge, then the individual needs to type the name of the stock in the search box and the individual is going to get all the information related to that stock on their home screen like the current market price of that stock, 1 day, 3 months, 2 years.

If the individual wants a basic understanding of any of the parameters, then he/she can click on ‘I’ that is shown on the home screen or the individual can also click on the 3 dots that appear on the top right corner of the page and get the information regarding what that particular data means.

The individual can also go through the finance and fundamentals of the stock that will prove to be really helpful for the individual who wishes to research a particular stock within just 15-20 minutes.

  • Fundamentals
  • Financials

The individual can have access to all the data and information in just a few clicks, and all the content will appear in a very systematic way in the StockEdge app. This helps in making the understanding of the information easier.

The information such as who all are the shareholders, how the position of a shareholder has been changed in the last five years, how much does each shareholder hold in the company, all the information associated with insider deals, block, and bulk, etc. are presented to the individual under one application in the form of sub-tab.

Similarly, if the individual selects the sector section, he/she can find a list of sectors available there. In each sector, the individual can find multiple industries. In each industry, there are various stocks.

And in each of the stock, which of them are the losers and which of them are the gainers will be shown to the individual in the form of a handy tool.

Investor Section

Most of the people love to follow big investors such as Ramesh Dhamani, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, etc. Though it is true that by following such big investors, the individual can make money, but there is more than merely blindly copying their portfolio. The individual is expected to do his/her own research on the stocks that they are willfully dealing in.

Cloning is one of the processes where individuals copy investors and critically analyze the stocks. In the Stock Edge app, a database of approx. 2 lakh investors is available, and the extraction of information is from all the public sources.


The essential part of the StockEdge application is a scan. In this feature, the individual can filter stocks based on different scans such as volume and delivery scans, price scans, technical scans, fundamental scans, etc.

There are various sub-scans under each of the scans that help the user to categorize stocks. For example, if the individual selects the fundamental scans, he/she will find scans such as shareholding scans, efficiency scans, dividend scans, valuation scans, cash flow scans, solvency scans, turnover scans, and profitability scans.

The majority of the scans are free. However, some of the scans can only be accessed once the individual has paid a nominal amount.

FII/DII Activity

The individual can find necessary data that one should keep track of daily under the analytics section of the Stock Edge app. When the individual opens the FII/DII activity section, he/she will see the net selling/buying by the DIIs/FIIs on a daily basis.

This is critical data to analyze as it represents whether it is the options market or futures market or cash market, in which market there has been a significant change.

Apart from this, the individual can also see the cash market provisional data which is dependent on the data provided by the exchanges, derivatives data which is necessary for the people who trade in the derivatives segment, FII data for debt segment as well as cash which is shown under the CM SEBI tab.

Learn Section

As the name is suggestive, this tab is all about knowledge and learning. This tab has all the necessary information about the basic and advanced levels of capital and financial markets. This section has been kept in this app because of how unaware people are about different concepts in the market.

This section also includes the introduction to a specific topic and a short video on the same by the expert. The individual just needs to select the topic that interests him/her, and the individual will be directed to the text along with the short video.

The individual can also look out for the videos that are available by the Co-founder of Elearnmarkets and StockEdge, Vivek Bajaj, on the step by step guide on how the application is supposed to be used and what amazing features are present.


Initial Public Offering is the full form of IPO.

This section is going to be present in the latest versions of the Stock Edge app. This section specifically has all the ongoing, upcoming, and listed IPOs. So now, the individual does not need to go to the NSE website or search on the internet the information about which companies have been listed or which all IPOs are going to come.

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My StockEdge

My Stock Edge is basically ‘Your Section.’ It has everything that is related to the individual, and that is owned by the individual. Since the people who are behind Stock Edge are investors or traders, they completely understand and know what the needs of the users will be, and therefore, they have come up with such a great feature of “My Stock Edge.” With the help of this feature, the individual can create a watch list for various categories of stock as well as of scans and investors.

The individual can also track down his/her own portfolio and see if their targets have been achieved.

The stocks can be systemized based on a variety of parameters. There are different objectives of different people for tracking markets. For example, if the individual wishes to track the FMCG sector, then the individual is supposed to create a watch list of all the companies that are there in the FMCG sector and then track those stocks in the ‘My Watch lists’ section.

Similarly, there is also ‘My Investors Group.’ Big investors are tracked by many of the people who are interested in markets. So, this tab helps the individual to create a watch list of various big investors that the individual would love to track daily.

Download StockEdge App: Android | iOS

What is the StockEdge club or StockEdge Premium?

StockEdge Club is India’s first virtual club for all the stock market enthusiasts. 

It provides users access to certain features:

  • Access to all the premium services of StockEdge for 1 year.
  • Access to all the 12 paid webinars from StockEdge and Elearnmarkets.
  • Participate in city wise annual training and meetup.
  • Access to member’s WhatsApp group.
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