SIDBI’s launches portal for promoting youth entrepreneurship in India –

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SIDBI has announced the launch of its new portal for promoting youth entrepreneurship in India. The portal can be accessed at and is an attempt by SIDBI to inspire all enterprising Indian individuals and tries to demystify and simplify the process of establishing a business in the country.

SIDBI’s launches portal for promoting youth entrepreneurship in India – has been started to create awareness about the business opportunities that exist in India. It helps young entrepreneurs to understand how to go about identifying business opportunities. It stimulates the generation of ideas and learnings from some of the most successful startups in the world.

In, the Policies and Regulations section provides details on various policy measures, Schemes, and Incentives offered by Central and the State governments. Registration requirements of various statutory and non-statutory nature are detailed along with their application forms, wherever possible.

The Funding Section is intended to guide the user through the various sources of financing they can acquire. It will also help them to prepare for the key difficulties new entrepreneurs have to deal with. What are the Lending Criteria for Banks & how to approach a Bank for Funding – these are some of the key questions answered on the website.

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