SBI Calculator RD & FD: What you should know

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Recently, the State Bank of India (SBI), the largest lender in the nation, raised interest rates on recurring deposits and fixed deposits. Now, SBI requires a minimum deposit of 100 to start an RD. Also, the highest rate of interest in FDs has increased from 5.85 to 6.10 percent. All, these changes have made these deposit accounts a highly attractive starting point for those planning to invest money in RD or FD for their financial goals. There are SBI calculator RD and SBI calculator FD available that you can use. In this article, we will inform you all about SBI Calculator RD & FD.

SBI Calculator RD & FD: What you should know

To get the estimates of the maturity value of the investment amount and calculate stuff like interest rates, there are SBI FD and RD calculators present online. We will inform you about them but first, let us learn about SBI.

About SBI

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State Bank of India, or SBI, is a bank in the public sector and is the statutory organization for financial services of the country. The SBI was founded on July 1st, 1955, and the organization is headquartered in Mumbai. In India, it is the biggest commercial bank in terms of assets, earnings, deposits, branch count, and personnel. Through its extensive corporate development and extensive reach, the bank became the bank for all socioeconomic groups. SBI was added to the list of Domestic Systemically Important Banks, or D-SIBs, by the RBI because of this.

Through its extensive network of offices in India and abroad, SBI offers a variety of banking products, including those geared at NRIs. The State Bank Group has the largest branch network in India with over 22,000 branches and caters to more than 45 Cr. customers.

Out of the various products provided by the bank, deposit accounts are one of the most popular ones. Fixed deposit and recurring deposit accounts by SBI offer an attractive rate of interest and flexible tenures and minimum deposit amount, which makes it affordable for everyone in the country.

What is FD?

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It is a financial service provided by banks and NBFCs that has the potential to pay out more interest than your savings account. You deposit a large quantity of money into a fixed deposit for a predetermined length of time at a predetermined rate of interest. One will receive the money they initially invested plus compound interest at the end of the fixed deposit’s term.

An FD may last for the duration of seven days to ten years. Once you deposit money with your bank, it begins to earn interest based on how long the deposit has been there. The ability to withdraw funds before maturity is the primary feature of a fixed deposit. But, if you quit before maturity there is a penalty that you will have to pay.

A premature withdrawal option is provided by some banks, although the interest rate is reduced. You have the freedom in selecting the time term of a fixed deposit. A tax exemption of up to INR 1, 50,000 is also available to you under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of India of 1961. Read on to know more about SBI calculator RD & FD.

How are FD Interest Rates calculated?

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The rate that the bank prorates and the frequency of payments determine the interest payment made upon maturity of a fixed deposit. Either simple interest or compound interest is used to compute the interest on the principal amount. The sum due when a contract expires is higher when there is compound interest used because after each compounding, interest is computed on the principal.

Here is the compounding interest formula that is used:

A=P (1 + r/n) ^ n*t

  • P= principle
  • r= rate of interest
  • n=frequency of compounding
  • t= number of years
  • A= maturity amount


Here is the simple interest formula that is used:

A=P + (P x r x t/100)

  • P= principle
  • r= rate of interest
  • t= number of years
  • A= maturity amount

What is SBI FD Calculator?

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It is quite common for people to get fixed deposits. But at times people may not have the needed information regarding the interest that they get at maturity or the final maturity amount. This is where an FD calculator can be helpful. The amount of interest that will accrue at maturity can be calculated using an FD calculator. There are multiple reasons why one should use an SBI FD calculator. You can access this calculator here.

  • As compared to other manual calculation methods, the FD calculator will display accurate results.
  • Assists you in choosing the ideal investment tenure and principle.
  • Enables easy planning of short and long-term investing goals.

What are SBI FD Interest Rates?

For tenures ranging from seven days to ten years, SBI provides FD interest rates to the general public of 3.00%-6.25% p.a. and senior citizens of 3.50%-6.90% p.a. For the general public, the SBI Tax Saving FD has an interest rate of 6.10% p.a. and a rate of 6.90% p.a. The SBI FD interest rates are revised on the 22nd of October 2022.

How to Use SBI FD Calculator?

One of the best things about using the SBI FD calculator is that it is super easy to understand. There are three things that you need to input into the calculator to get a maturity amount and the interest value on your investment. Simply fill in the initial investment amount along with the period (in days/months/years) and the rate of interest.

As soon as the info is provided, the SBI calculator will show the maturity value and the interest value on the screen. You can make changes in the principal amount or tenure or rate of interest to reach a maturity value as per your financial plans. This article will put some light on how to use SBI calculator RD & FD.

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What is RD?

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Recurring Deposits, or RDs, are a well-liked and reputable investing strategy among people of all ages. Regular deposits are referred to as recurring deposits. Most banks provide the RD service, which allows customers to deposit money regularly and receive good returns. Customers who use recurring deposits have the freedom to invest and save as much money as they choose each month.

Numerous banks provide recurring deposits with terms ranging from 7 months to 10 years. Over the term, the interest rates are fixed. The principal is paid out at maturity, just like with a fixed deposit, and you can decide whether to get your interest payments in regular intervals or all at once.

Opening an RD account just requires a monthly investment of Rs. 100. Recurring deposits are perfect for you if you have a sizable amount of extra money, like Rs. 1,000 per month that you can invest. However, compared to a typical savings account, the interest rates offered for recurring contributions are greater.

The interest is typically compounded by banks every quarter. On recurring deposits, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is applied. On interest generated that is more than Rs. 40,000, (Rs. 50,000 for senior citizens) it is deducted at a rate of 10%. However, there is no TDS taken out of interest payments up to Rs. 40,000.

How are SBI RD Interest Rates calculated?

After taking into account the number of variables, including invested funds, tenure, and the chosen recurring deposit scheme, interest rates for recurring deposits are estimated. The formula below can be used to determine interest: –

M = R [(1+i) n – 1] / 1 – (1+i) -1/3

  • M= Maturity Value
  • R= Monthly Installment
  • n= Number of Quarters
  • i= Interest Rate/400

What is SBI RD Calculator?

Groww RD Calculator

Now if you are planning to get a recurring deposit account then it is better to calculate the maturity value beforehand. Instead of using simple and compound interest formulas, you can simply use the SBI RD calculator to calculate the maturity value of the recurring deposit.

The SBI calculator is well-known for helping a depositor gain a clear image of the maturity value of the deposit to help you avoid such errors. You can use this calculator by going here. Here are the benefits of using the RD calculator:

  • It is highly convenient to use the tool while calculating the maturity value of the deposit.
  • The results are always accurate and there is no place for inaccuracy.
  • It can be used as many times as necessary to determine the maturity amount based on the initial deposit and interest rate.
  • The calculator is accessible anywhere and at any time.

What are SBI RD Interest Rates?

With an Rs. 100 minimum deposit requirement, SBI gives its clients competitive RD interest rates. Depending on the customer’s financial objectives, SBI permits creating an RD account for a time frame of 7 days to 10 years. The bank’s SBI RD interest rates for deposits under Rs. 2 Cr. are 5.00% and 5.40%. Senior people are given an extra 0.50% interest rate on top of the standard interest rate. The interest rates range from 5.50% to 6.20%.

How to Use SBI RD calculator?

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Many third-party websites provide their users with access to the RD Calculator. To utilize the tool, go to any of these websites. Enter the sum you want to remit per month. Enter the term and interest rate for the period in which you’ll keep making deposits. The maturity amount you are anticipated to earn will be visible to you.

To establish the maturity amount you believe will be ideal for you to take control of your monetary demands; you can input different deposit amounts, tenures, and interest rates. Simply use SBI calculator RD & FD and get accurate estimates for your investments.

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What is Post Office RD calculator?

Person holding a paper | SBI Calculator RD & FD

The world’s largest postal service network is in India. All the credit belongs to the nationwide post office network’s extensive growth, which now includes some of the most isolated regions. The variety of goods and services that Indian post offices provide is one of the main factors contributing to their success. Recurring Deposit, also known as a National Savings Recurring Deposit Account, is one such well-liked product.

The Post Office RD account offers an interest rate of up to 5.8%. For effective financial planning, you must compute returns depending on the given interest rate and the investment tenure. You can quickly estimate earnings from a recurring deposit with the aid of the Post Office RD calculator.

To achieve the desired outcomes, you need to provide some of the details like the sum of money or your monthly investment along with the annual percentage rate of interest and the number of years it will take for an investment to mature. The RD calculator will do the calculations and will show the sum of your investments up to maturity, the amount of interest received for the investment, and the maturity’s overall value.

You can now easily open RD and FD accounts with SBI, using online or offline methods. Simply make sure that you are eligible for these deposit accounts and have all the needed documentation. These deposit accounts will help you invest with a rate of interest that will help grow your money for future goals. Simply use the SBI calculator RD & FD to get correct estimates.

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