Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth, Properties, Salary

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In a nation like India, where caste, creed, sex, and ethnic divisions are prevalent, it takes something remarkable to bring people together. The sport of cricket is at the top of that extremely small list, and Sachin Tendulkar, a renowned master blaster who is sometimes referred to as “the god of Indian cricket,” stands tallest on this field. Throughout his 25-year career, he mesmerized every cricket fan, igniting genuine enthusiasm every time he entered the field. His long career allowed him to make loads of money. In this article, we will be covering Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth including Sachin Tendulkar income and Sachin Tendulkar property.

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth, Properties, Salary

Sachin is regarded as one of the finest batters in history. He played for both India and Bombay (Mumbai) in international cricket. He was renowned for his extraordinary batting abilities and is the only cricketer to have scored over 30,000 runs internationally. Let us learn more about him.

About Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar was born on April 24, 1973, in a Maharashtrian household at the Nirmal Nursing Home in Dadar, Bombay. His mother worked in the insurance sector, while his father was a well-known Marathi author. The youngest of the four siblings is Sachin. Ajit, Nitin, and Savita are his older stepbrothers and stepsisters, and they were all born to his father via his first marriage. Tendulkar was coached by Ramakant Achrekar while still in school, and his father gave him the name Tendulkar in honor of Sachin Dev Buran, one of his favorite composers.

He attended the New English School of the Indian Education Society in Bandra, but on the recommendation of his cricket coach, he transferred to Sharadashram Vidyamandir High School in Dadar, which was a cricket powerhouse. He played club cricket in addition to school cricket before moving on to represent India’s Club Cricket. Read on to know Sachin Tendulkar net worth.

Professional Career

Tendulkar made his first test appearance at the age of 16 against Pakistan, amassing 215 runs at an average of 35.8. He then became the youngest player to achieve a century against Australia during the 1991–1992 tour of Australia by scoring two centuries. In 1996, when Sachin was 23 years old, he was appointed captain of the Indian cricket team.

When India was defeated by Australia in the World Cup finals in 2003, he was voted man of the tournament after scoring 673 runs in 11 games. In the second game of the Future Cup against South Africa, he became the first player to accumulate 15000 runs in an ODI. Tendulkar announced his ODI retirement on December 20, 2012. Read on to learn more about Sachin Tendulkar house price.

Personal life

After courting Anjali Mehta for five years, Sachin wed her on May 24, 1995. After returning from his first trip, he first encountered Anjali in the Mumbai airport for the very first time, and since then it was love at first sight. Sara Tendulkar and Arjun Tendulkar are their daughter and son. Arjun Tendulkar is well-known for his bowling prowess and represents the U-19 Indian Cricket Team. Read more to know about Sachin Tendulkar income.

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth

One of the wealthiest athletes in the world, Sachin Tendulkar net worth is estimated to be close to $165 million (INR 1350 Crore). He has represented some of the most well-known international corporations as their brand ambassador. Popular companies like Visa, Reliance Jio, Pepsi, Luminous, Unacademy, BMW, Coca-Cola, Britannia, Philips, Toshiba, and others have all benefited from Sachin’s endorsements.

He is also the first cricketer from India to clinch a 100 Crore contract with MRF, a well-known tire manufacturer. His band promotions, TV commercials, personal investments, and endorsements account for the lion’s share of his yearly revenue. Here is what one would want to know about Sachin Tendulkar property.

Sachin Tendulkar Salary and Annual Income

Sachin was one of the highest-paid players when he played for the Mumbai Indians and the Indian National Team. The Master Blaster receives considerable compensation through his playing contract with the Mumbai Indians and the BCCI throughout his active career as a professional cricket player.

After retirement, sponsorships, TV promotions, business endeavors, and a few other things become the main sources of revenue. The annual Sachin Tendulkar salary and total income come to roughly INR 50 crore. Read on to know about Sachin Tendulkar property.

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Properties and Assets

The renowned cricketer has been spending a lot of time with his family at his opulent house in Bandra, Mumbai, where he lives with his wife Anjali Tendulkar, daughter Sara Tendulkar, and son Arjun Tendulkar, since his retirement from the game of cricket. The abode is a three-story building with two basements.

Sachin Tendulkar house price is valued at over 78 crores. It took four years to remodel this 6,000-square-foot Sachin Tendulkar property in the Bandra area of Perry Cross before the cricketer’s family relocated there in 2011.

Tendulkar has served as an inspiration to elevate other sports by leading from the front and owning several sports clubs in various competitions. He is the owner of Bengaluru Blasters in the Premium Badminton League and Kerala Blasters in the Indian Super League.

Additionally, Sachin Tendulkar supported Smaaash Entertainment, a cutting-edge sports-related entertainment business. His other commercial initiatives include 100MB, an exclusive cricket content portal, and Sachin Saga Cricket Championship, a well-known smartphone game. Furthermore, it is said that Master Blaster has real estate assets worth more than 500 crore rupees.

He also adores automobiles if one does focus on Sachin Tendulkar income. His decisions reveal how much of a petrolhead he is. His garage is filled with BMW vehicles because he served as the company’s brand ambassador. The Ferrari 360, Fiat Palio S10, Audi Q7, BMW X5 M50d, Nissan GT-R Egoist Edition, BMW M6 Gran Coupe, and Caterham are just a few of the vehicles he owns.


The Cricket God In his 24-year career, Sachin Tendulkar set several singular records that appear to be enormous and nearly unbreakable in both modern and future cricket. Sachin Tendulkar participated in 664 international cricket matches throughout his lengthy 24-year career and amassed 34,357 runs.

With Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar shared a massive 331-run stand for the second wicket. Against Sri Lanka and Australia, he has amassed more than 2,500 runs. This accomplishment has never been accomplished by another batsman, not even against a single opponent. He has earned the most Man of the Series and Man of the Match accolades, respectively.

Sachin was the player to achieve the 8,000 run mark in Test cricket in the fewest number of innings (154), but Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka eclipsed that record by needing 152 innings to do it. Additionally, he is the first player in history to hit five Test hundreds before turning 20.

Tendulkar has received India’s highest sporting honor, the Khel Ratna award and in 1994 he was given Arjuna Award. He also got India’s fourth- and second-highest civilian honors, the Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan, in 1999 and 2008, respectively. The Prime Minister’s Office announced its decision to give him the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honor, a few hours after his final match on November 16, 2013. He is the award’s youngest winner to date and the first sportsperson to ever earn it. In addition, he was the first non-aviator to get the honorary rank of group captain from the Indian Air Force and the first athlete.


Every popular athlete is susceptible to controversy in their life, and Tendulkar is no exception. When Michael Schumacher gave Sachin Tendulkar a Ferrari, it ignited a scandal involving Sachin Tendulkar. There were a lot of controversies since the government intended to waive the car’s 120 percent import tariff. Additionally, it was said that Sachin sold the Ferrari in 2011 to Gujarati billionaire Jayesh Bhai.

When India played South Africa in 2001, the empire Mike Denness accused Sachin of tampering with the ball. The ball seam was being worked on by Sachin Tendulkar, and this created the appearance of tampering. An examination revealed that he was cleaning the seam of the ball. Due to this, Sachin Tendulkar got into trouble for ball tampering because he neglected to tell the umpire that he was cleaning the seam.

Sachin Tendulkar’s life is one of the most contentious events that occurred in 2008. In this dispute, Sachin stayed pretty much uninvolved in the argument between Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan was accused of calling Symonds a “monkey” and of using racial slurs against him. Later, Sachin amended his claim in favor of Harbhajan, saying that Symonds misheard him use another term instead of “monkey” when he spoke to him. However, taking Harbhajan’s side put Sachin in this controversy. This article will help you know Sachin Tendulkar salary.

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To achieve the right shot for the 2011 Census awareness advertising, Sachin Tendulkar was filming for about nine hours nonstop. As if that wasn’t enough, he also turned down any payment for the project. Additionally, Tendulkar offered his unrestricted support to various additional awareness campaigns, such as those against polio, and social marketing. Additionally, Sara, Sachin’s daughter, celebrates her birthday every year in Mumbai’s slums. This understated yet significant occasion reflects Sachin’s desire to give back to society.

The Sachin Tendulkar Foundation intends to collaborate with Ekam and use its network to help kids and their parents by giving them financial support for paying medical bills. The Ekam Foundation Mumbai works to offer poor members of society financial support for medical treatment for children in government and private trust hospitals. In addition, the renowned cricketer gave money to the Hi-5 organization to help 4,000 individuals in need, particularly children, during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Sachin Tendulkar Foundation is the vehicle used by cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar to carry out his charitable endeavors. The foundation frequently collaborates with other organizations to assist with a variety of topics. Children’s health, education, and sports are the foundation’s main priorities.

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