Resume Format for Freshers in Word: Job CV Format

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Getting a job is an exhausting task. There are levels to it. First, you want a job in the field that you have studied, then you want a job that pays well and on that, you also want a job that has decent work hours. Job search begins by creating a solid resume. Just like the army requires you to be of a certain height and weight to be eligible to join, similarly, a job requires you to provide your up-to-date resume stuffed with basic information about you. Many students struggle in making a good resume. In this article, we will inform you about the resume format for freshers in Word and resume format for job.

Resume Format for Freshers in Word: Job CV Format

The importance of a resume cannot be understated. It is the first thing an employer sees and if your resume makes a good impression then half the work is already done. On the contrary, if your resume is sloppy then you can get rejected in the first round itself. Let us learn more about Resume.

What is a Resume?

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We all have a birth certificate that has details about our birth and acts as an important document later in our life. Similarly, an Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc. provides some information about you. A resume does the same thing. A resume is a document that can have data from a lot of other documents that you possess. It has basic details about you, your education, and your experience among other details that you might need to provide to a person or company under whom you plan to get employed.

A resume is your written/printed introduction to a potential employer. It is the first thing along with an application and a cover letter in most cases that go to the employer before they shortlist you or call you for an interview. Similar to a resume, you have a CV or Curriculum Vitae and Biodata as well. A resume is a short and simple document that is popular in the UK and Europe while CV is used in the US and Canada and Biodata is more popular in South Asian countries.

Different Styles of Resumes

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Resumes are not as simple as they seem. There are different styles of resumes. You can pick any, however, in some cases, your employer might want a certain type of resume. Thus, It is important to learn about resume format for freshers in word for each style.

  • Firstly, you have a reverse chronological resume wherein you begin from your present doings and move backwards to the start of the career. You mention the start and end dates of each job or internship that you have done so far. The present position comes with a starting date and presently working here. This type of resume has the purpose of showing your experience and should not be used in case your resume has a gap.
  • Next up is a functional resume which is what you need when you are focusing on highlighting particular skills that are suited to the company or sector that you are applying at. Here the timeline of your career takes a backseat to the experience, knowledge, skill, roles, etc. that are supposed to be in the spotlight in order to make you more preferable for a job that requires a fixed set of skills.
  • Online resumes are the most recent ones in town. As we all know today everything is digital and so are resumes. Written and printed resumes are mostly out of fashion and not a necessity anymore. Online resumes are digital resumes that you make and store on your PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet and send via the internet to the potential employer, or they find yours using AI.
  • A trend or media industry-based resume has seen people make vine resumes, video resumes, infographic resumes, and other such stuff. It is popular in the media industry but has been criticized to be just a passing trend.

How to make a Resume?

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Making a resume is easier today than it was a few years ago. Today, you have the internet which is filled with a large number of tools that you can use to make resumes. There are dedicated websites that help you make resumes, there are designing websites that also can be used to make resumes, and there are various other tools waiting to be used. You have internship and job-searching apps that make an automated resume for you by asking you for basic data.

I have used resumes made on Frapp and Internshala apps. These two are internship apps where I was supposed to find internships and fresher jobs and I ended up getting a resume made too. I also know of a designing app Canva which also can be used to make resumes as the app comes with multiple ready-made templates that you can choose from or lets you build from scratch.

There are just the ways explored by me before I started writing this article, but there is also the option of using Microsoft Word to make resumes which we will learn about together as the article progresses. You should learn about resume format for freshers in word. So let’s learn to make resumes, using Microsoft Word.

Resume Format for Freshers in Word

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There is Canva, there is Internshala, and there is Frapp on my list and each of these apps combined has more than a hundred options for me. There are templates to choose from and tools to help me decorate the resume as I want. I can place my photo and other details as I please on any part of the page, or I can go for the more traditional resume format for freshers in word and arrange the resume that way. Then there is Microsoft Word which also gives me more or less similar options.

In the above image, you can see the resume format for freshers in Word. There are templates that are there in Microsoft Word that you can choose from. Some have borders, some are a bit colorful, some are black and white, and some are plain. There is something for everyone to choose from. And this is new information that has come to light to me as well because in all my years using Microsoft Word, I was unaware of this bit of information. Now let’s get a bit into the fresher simple resume format and stuff of the resume and decode how a fresher can make a resume that attracts attention.

Fresher Simple Resume Format

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A resume is an information provider or an identity card of a person, so, but naturally, it has to stand out so that you get attention. But to stand out it does not necessarily have to be glittery and glamorous or out of the world; it can be simple and get to be more effective than the most decorated resume on the table.

All you need is the right method to make a resume that highlights you and your exploits in the past in job or internship space, and you are good to go. First and foremost, write down all the important data that you would want on your resume. Your birthdate, your work experience, the name and duration of the companies you worked at, etc. all this is a must and should be on your resume no matter what.

After you have mentioned all these important things, the next step would be to edit out the less important stuff if the resume looks too cluttered. Also, make sure to use a decent font and easily legible font size. Now arrange all the data on the page in a way that makes all data sit nicely on the resume for the reviewer to go through.

A fresher’s resume may not have much to talk about when it comes to experience or work history and that might leave their resume with fewer details. So for fresher, it is better if they opt for a reverse chronology format or combination format for their resume. They can either start with relevant projects and other details that can get their resume much-deserved attention, or they can opt to speak about their internship, skills, award won, etc.

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Resume for Freshers with No Experience

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What do you do if you are a fresher and need to make a resume? But what do you do if you don’t have any experience to show on your resume? You can be someone applying for their first job or switching to a job. But in any case, you need a resume, and as a fresher, you should know the resume format for freshers in word. Your resume will however look different from the resume of someone who has had quite a few jobs in the past. So what to do?

As mentioned above, you go for a reverse chronology format or hybrid format when opting to make this resume. There is nothing to worry about if you haven’t worked before and have no experience to mention in your resume. All of us have either done some internship, have certain skills, have achieved something, won awards, or done something commendable. Use these accomplishments and skills in your resume. Make sure to highlight them figuratively and not literally and place them in such a manner that they grab the viewer’s attention.

Make sure that the most relevant information like the skill required for the job, your accomplishments, etc. takes the upper or the most important space on the document. Then follow it by including other relevant information in falling order of importance.

Don’t think of going for the usual resume format for freshers in word in hopes of making yours a more standard and commonly seen resume to get the viewer’s attention. Keeping it simple and minimalistic will give the resume the attention it deserves. Let us now learn about resume format for job.

Resume Format For Job

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By now it is common knowledge that formats used for different resumes are different. When we spoke about freshers, we saw that the best resume format for freshers in word is reverse chronology or hybrid format. However, when it comes to the job, the format used will be different. Resume format for job can vary as per the requirements or situations.

When applying for a job, it can be a fresher job, a new job, or a job in a different field from your old job, and each of these would require different formats to be used. All three formats can thus be used in this case.

Resume format for job can be a resume that is in fictional format, hybrid format, or even reverse chronology format as the situation needs. Each format has its pros, cons, and highlights which make them unique and more useful in certain situations. You can decide to keep it simple and evergreen by using the plain old simple format that is widely used or decide to tweak it up a little bit as per your convenience as long as you give the employer what they want.

If you try to be cheeky or out of line with your resume then you might end up making a resume that does not make it to the next round, so no matter what, always make sure to read the situation and respond accordingly.

Tips to keep in mind while making a Resume

Before you make a resume, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind.

Margins and Font

Margins are very important to keep in mind when making a resume. Just like you don’t use the first page of a new book to write, similarly, you should not use the edge of the page when making a resume. For beautification purposes, make sure to leave one inch of space or at least half an inch on each side to give your resume a professional and attractive look.

What you write on the resume is important, and it is more important that it is readable. So for this purpose, make sure to go with a font size that is easily readable to the viewer. But again, don’t make the error of going for a font size that is too in your face. An ideal font size would be around 10 or 12 depending on the font you use and the amount of data you put up on the resume.

It is an unsaid rule that there are certain fonts for certain occasions and that applies to the resume as well. Go for the standard fonts that are considered decent and easily readable as well. This makes your resume classy and attractive.

Spacing and Style

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Surely everyone has too much to put on their resume after all it is what will help you get a job. But this is exactly what can end up being trouble. People often cram up details on their resume but it is better to use bullet points to mention information to keep it neat and precise.

Most of the concerns when dealing with any resume is the worry of making it look too stuffed and messy and to avoid these issues it is necessary to make sure that you have enough spacing between lines. Usually, 1 or 1.5 spacing is used in these cases, and also you need to make sure that you have your lines evened out, there shouldn’t be different spacing for different lines.

The heading you use needs to be clear and common one. Going for more stylish terms or phrases can make it difficult for the viewer to understand it, especially if it is an online resume or a resume that is to be read by an AI setup, and this can leave your resume on the table rather than getting picked.


There are different types of formats to go about when making a resume. Resume format for job can vary depending on the job type. You need to know which format is to be used when and what kind of chronology is to be followed for each type. Messing up the format or the order of information can make your resume look bad and unprofessional.

Make sure to ask the employee what format they want your resume in. In case you are sending it online or uploading it on a website or somewhere then you go for the more preferred Microsoft Word format or PDF to give yourself a better chance of getting shortlisted ahead of others.

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CV vs Resume vs Biodata

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It is common to get confused between things when there are two or more similar kinds of stuff around. When we speak about a resume format for job, we must not forget that the interchangeably used terms CV and biodata exist as well. However, it is similar in nature and not the same which makes using them interchangeably wrong. While these terms are used in different countries and were not a cause of much concern traditionally, they are more significant in today’s globalized world.

Today you can get a job in another country while sitting at your home, or you can get picked by an international company set up in your hometown and this would mean that you are exposed to either of these terms and can mistake them for the other.

To put it plainly, a CV has more details than a resume. While biodata may have more in-depth data about a person’s career and background. A resume is more like a person’s career summary. A resume is generally one page, a CV usually more than that, and a biodata can be more than two pages long. A CV will highlight all your achievements and skills, a resume looks to highlight currently relevant information, and a biodata can do either as per the employer’s requirement or your wish.

We hope you enjoyed learning about resume format for freshers in word and resume format for job. This article will help you make a good resume for the next time you are out applying for a job. It will make your resume stand out from the crowd of resumes received by any employer.

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