Pexda Review

If you are in an e-commerce business, you must have heard about Pexda. For attracting more customers and getting more sales, you require a winning product that aids you in maximizing the profits. Pexda is an amazing market research tool that has proven effective for sourcing and doing product research for numerous platforms.

If you read Pexda Review, you would get to know people’s real success stories and how they helped them grow their business. Pexda, is also called a product hunt tool because it helps you find new products easily for your e-commerce store.

Pexda Review (Is Pexda Worth It?)

What is Pexda?

Pexda | Pexda review

Pexda offers you everything that is required for your business to run profitably. In fact, their tagline too goes well with their work which is, “Stop wasting your money on bad products.” After doing detailed research, they also feature hot trending winners, and the winners are from marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.

Their main motto is to provide the targeted audience, Facebook ads, and new winning products. They provide you new and fresh ways to seek the products you wish to sell on Amazon or any other website.

They put in a lot of hard work for you so that you can get more leads and come up with compelling marketing data and adverts. Along with this, Panda also provides you with nice ideas and pictures for your store.

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Features of Pexda

Pexda is one of the best product research tools because of the fantastic features that it offers to its users. They aim to make people spend their money on genuine products. Let us know its great features that can help you in growing your business-

1. Comprehensive list of products

This is one feature that all its users love as it has a great database of products that are hot sellers. The data they provide also comprises of Amazon report, Facebook Targeting suggestion, As Insight, and other such information.

They also provide hot trending winners for both tapped and untapped products every day on their platform. The marketers already test tapped products, but the untapped winning products are the ones that are not tested by marketers but are still performing immensely well.

Untapped products are best suited for people who wish to avert huge competition. They mark these products in green color so that it becomes easy for the users to distinguish them from hot selling products.

The good thing about Pexda is that they render personalized product lists for every customer and ensure that complete privacy is maintained. They have a tool that keeps the customer updated with trending products such as artificial jewelry, kids’ products, household products, toys, home and garden appliances, etc.

2. Proven Facebook Ad Copy

It also grants you access to Facebook Ads, which are doing well. The good part is that you get the ad copy tested by them and proven by other marketers. This ad copy comprises numerous elements like the total number of likes and shares, text used in the ad, number of comments, etc.

This tool would also send a link to the original ad copy as well. This feature helps you in analyzing how effective the ad is for selling your products.

3. Discover Hot Products

There is a lot of benefits that you can avail because of this feature as you would be able to discover hot products before it goes viral in the market and other people get to know about it. This way, your store can take advantage and sell such products before your competitors.

4. Target Audience

They also provide the feature of targeting audiences; they use Facebook ads for targeting distinct audience sections while testing for any specific product. In short, they give you the information on market sections that would help you fetch maximum sales.

 5. Profit calculation

No one wants to sell products that have uncertainty when it comes to generating revenue. Pexda gives you complete information about the product, and along with that, it also provides you data on selling price, product cost, shipping cost, profit, and CPA as well. ‘

When you get all the information, it becomes easier for you to decide whether the product is worth the investment or not.

6. Chrome Extension

Pexda Extension | Pexda Review

This is one feature that can make your work pretty easy. With the help of this feature, you would be able to quickly able to import the list of the winning products in your Shopify store without doing any manual work.

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What are the significant reports that you can get from Pexda?

Here is the list of the reports that you can fetch from Poxda that would help in targeting customers, thus increasing your sales-

  • Amazon reports
  •  AliExpress reports
  • Facebook Ad reports
  • High converting products
  • Targeting suggestions
  • Story Selling Reports
  • Geography, along with the device used

Benefits of Pexda

Here are some of the benefits of a spying tool that helps you in finding winning products for your dropshipping business-

  • Helps save your time on product research.
  • Aids in increasing your return on investment.
  • It can also easily spy on the specific Ads that are used along with their targeting.
  • It helps in discovering hot products just before they go viral.
  • Pexda also reveals all the particular stores selling specific products.

 How to use Pexda?

You must have read many Pexda reviews on using it and must have heard a lot of things about its user interface. The reality is that this tool is very user-friendly, and you can hunt the best & winning products on this platform in a matter of few clicks. Here is the procedure to use Pexda-

Pexda has numerous categories and sub-categories to use efficiently; make sure that you check the niches. On the right-hand corner of the main page, you would see a field called Niches.

When you click on Niches, you would see several niches listed, and they update this list regularly. The niches would include consumer electronics, sports, food, and many more product categories.

The best part is that you can sort the list as per your convenience and apply the filter such as based on the number of orders, Facebook Ad, Facebook Ad shares, target research, newest added in the list, etc.

To help you choose the right product, they mention every detail about the product, starting from the number of times it has been ordered, when it was uploaded, and the number of likes and comments.

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Pricing of Pexda

They are running good discounts and offering Pexda Coupon Codes as well to their customers to get the services at the most economical prices.

Pexda Pricing | Pexda Review

Pexda comes with three plans, which are:

1. Standard Plan

This plan is perfect for new businesses, and you have to pay $14.95 for a month for this plan. It offers a lot of features to its customers, which are:

  • 3 days delay on new winning products
  • Facebook Ad report
  • Targeting Suggestion
  • Unlimited products per day
  • AliExpress report
  • 24/7 support
  • Ad Copy – Fresh Videos
  • Geography & Device
  • Amazon report
  • Store Selling report
  • eBay report
  • Auto Hunt Tool

2. Premium Plan

In this plan, you will get everything that is needed for a growing business. It costs 24.95 for a month and the elements included in this plan are:

  • Unlimited products per day
  • Targeting Suggestion
  • Facebook Ad report
  • eBay report
  • 24/7 support
  • Ad Copy – Fresh Videos
  • AliExpress report
  • Geography & Device
  • Store Selling report
  • Amazon report
  • Auto Hunt Tool

3. Ultimate Plan

For this plan, you would have to pay $99.95 per month. Here are some of the amazing features that are included in this plan:

  • Access to special products
  • Targeting Suggestion
  • Unlimited products per day
  • Facebook Ad report
  • Auto Hunt Tool
  • 24/7 support
  • Ad Copy – Fresh Videos
  • Geography & Device
  • Amazon report
  • Store Selling report
  • eBay report

They run different sales campaigns, and also, you can use Pexda Coupon Code as well if you have any to get additional discounts.

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Pros of Pexda

Here are some of the advantages of using this magnificent tool:

  • Unlimited products every day
  • Affordable Service
  • Renders its users with in-depth Amazon and AliExpress reports
  • Provides more insights about any specific products
  • You can get to know about the hot products before they go viral
  • shows you different audiences that you can target
  • Simple user interface
  • Offers cognizance for all sorts of products
  • Avails Facebook Ad reports

Cons of Pexda

Just like the other platforms, Pexda as well as some of the cons, such as:

  • Unavailability of tutorials
  • The starter plan has very limited features
  • Hope they can add more products very often and frequently
  • The product addition is quite less than your expectation

What makes Pexda better than others?

Several reasons make Pexda the first choice of users. The significant reasons are-

1. Pexda Chrome Extension: It is one of the most powerful apps that enable users to search for the sponsored ads that would help them make good money with Facebook Ads on their own.

2. Remarkable support: Their team helps you in all the possible ways if you have any issues or queries. With simply one click, you can create Ad copy, get any data required, and you will get it in a couple of hours. Hence along with incredible services, their support is also worth praising.

3. Auto Hunt option: This is an advanced option that many platforms do not offer. Just by using this tool, you can search for winning and profitable products without doing any effort.

4. Category Based Product list: Another feature that makes Pexda extraordinary is that you can search and get the update about the products in the niche category. This tells the most trending field in the market such as toys, household products, sports, beauty & personal care, etc. You can choose one after checking the demand; this makes selecting the right product pretty simple.

Pexda Review about customer support- Is it reliable?

This is one important question that should be answered before choosing any platform as it is crucial for a user to know that if the customer support is responsive or not?

The standard plan of Pexda begins at $14.95 for a month, and the other tools are charging huge money per month, like $500 for a month, which is way too much in comparison to Pexda. When it comes to customer support, they never disappoint you like other platforms; they ensure that you get help when required without any wait.

So, be rest assured, try their 14 days trial and if it really helps you, then buy their premium plan and add new winning products and increase your sales.

Is Investing in Pexda worth it?

After researching and reading Pexda reviews, it can be undoubtedly said that it is a great investment choice. With Pexda you can avail yourself of multiple benefits like search for the winner products that can help you increase your sales.

In fact, they work hard to provide you the list of best winning products so that it becomes easy for you to promote them in your store. With Pexda, you would not have to spare your time on product research and marketing; they do all of it for you.

The good part is that you would not have to test different audiences as the products are already making good sales. With them, all you have to do is opt for their paid version, and Pexda will send you the list of winning products so that you can make good money on the e-commerce platform.

There are numerous benefits that you can get from Pexda by just paying a minimal amount. They provide you all the information required in abundance that makes you ready to rock the e-commerce world. Pexda has complete potential to hunt for the winning products, and it is a complete value for money.

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Pexda FAQ’s

Q1) What is the maximum discount that I can get using Pexda Coupon Code?

A1) Using the coupon codes, you can get up to a 50% discount on its premium plans. You can also visit their website to check the latest discounts and coupon codes.

Q2) Which tools is better Pexda or Ecomhunt?

A2) A lot of people ask this question; both these platforms have their own pros and cons. But Pexda is better than Ecomhunt because they offer more value, plus its product database is bigger and gets updated frequently. If you compare it in terms of price Pexda is cheaper than Ecomhunt and offers more features.

Q3) How can the Pexda Coupon Code be used?

A3) It is very easy to redeem the coupons. First, you need to go to the home page and choose the pricing option, choose the plan you wish for, and click on sign-up. A new page will open, fill in the details, and at the end of the page, it will ask, “Have a coupon?”

Click on it and enter the coupon code. Click on sign-up, and it’s done.

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