Pay Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Online

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Paying credit card bills on time is something that you cannot take lightly. Read our article to find how you can pay Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Online and Offline.

In today’s era, everyone is quite busy leading their lives, and they are bound to feel the physical visits to bank painful to drop their cheques off and that too, making sure it reaches before the due date. However, online payments have made the way of living a lot easier. Standard Chartered Credit Card online payments take place at the convenience of your home and that too within a few minutes.

How to pay the Standard Chartered credit card bill online?

Online Banking: This is one of the most used and convenient ways in which the customer pays credit card bills. This banking experience for the users proves to be secure, can be used easily, and is convenient.

Pay Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Online

1. How to use Online Banking for paying Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill?

  • The person needs to open the official website of Standard Chartered Bank and further needs to click on online banking.
  • The individual then needs to use his/her credentials to log in.
  • Then the user will have to select the card option.
  • A list of options for credit cards will be shown. The individual is required to pick the card for which he/she is going to pay.
  • Then, the user can see the payable minimum amount and the outstanding amount.
  • The user will have to select the amount that he/she wants to pay.
  • Then, click the Pay Button option.
  • Lastly, the payment will be confirmed, and the process will be completed.

2. How to pay Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill Payment with the help of Bill Desk?

Bill Desk – It helps the individual in paying the credit card bills online, even if the individual does not have an account in the Standard Chartered Bank. The process usually takes three working days so to get the amount credited, which further depends on how long does your bank takes to process the payment.

  • You need to go to the option of the Bill desk Standard Chartered payment portal, or you can click here to go to the bill desk portal.
  • You need to fill in details like mobile number, payment amount, credit card number, and email.
  • The individual needs to choose through which bank he/she wants to complete the pending transaction.
  • Then, press the Pay Now button.
  • Then you will be redirected to the payment interface of the bank.
  • You will have to enter the net banking detail like User ID and password of the preferred bank
  • After authenticating the request, click on ‘pay’ to confirm the payment.

Other options to pay your Standard Chartered Credit Card Bill:

  1. Phone Banking– You can call the customer care number of Standard Chartered Bank and request for a transfer to be made from your bank account to pay your credit card bill. The help at the phone banking hotline is available 24*7.
  2. ECS/Auto Debit – With the help of Auto Debit or Electronic Clearing System, the credit card bill of the individual is debited automatically from that person’s savings account so that there is no tension of missing a payment. The Reserve Bank of India’s clearing mechanism is responsible for the entire process, so everybody can enjoy this facility regardless of the bank that the individual has savings account in. The individual has the authority to pre-decide what he/she wants to pay at the end of every month, along with the choice of increment in the sum if the individual has surplus funds. But unlike other cards, the Standard Chartered Card provides the flexibility to choose the amount that individual wishes to pay with ECS. But the individual needs to call the credit card helpline just before the payment so that the individual can let them know how much they are going to pay for the month.

Process of using ECS

To apply for this facility, the person needs to download a few forms and then send them to the bank in the following manner:

  • The person needs to submit Form A to the bank where that person has his/her savings account.
  • Form B and Form C needs to be sent to the Standard Chartered Bank and also a photocopy of a blank canceled cheque issued by that individual’s bank.

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3. NEFT or National Electronic Funds Transfer

The payments which take place through NEFT are credited to the card account within one working day. And to avoid paying late payment charges, you are required to make payments before the due date.

NEFT Payment registration process:

  • The person needs to log in to the net banking facility of their respective bank. The person will add the standard chartered credit card as a beneficiary that will be under 3rd party transfer.
  • Add the standard IFSC code ‘SCBL0036001’ to make the Standard Chartered credit card bill payment.
  • The person needs to enter the 16 – digit credit card number in place of the account number present on the banking page.
  • Then fill in the bank name as Standard Chartered CREDIT CARD – NEFT.
  • Then fill the bank address as MG Road, MUMBAI.
  • Then click on the submit button to complete the registration process.

NEFT Payment process

  • The individual is required to login to the net banking facility of their bank account and then go towards the Fund transfer tab and afterward, need to click on the option of Transfer to Other Bank.
  • Then select the beneficiary account and enter all the relevant details required.
  • Tick the “Accept terms and conditions” checkbox and recheck all the details just to be sure.
  • If the details which are provided are correct, then the person needs to confirm to complete the process.

4. Real-Time Gross Settlement

If the person has an outstanding payment constituting more than 2 Lacs due on his/her credit card, then one can pay it with the help of RTGS Transaction. 2 Lacs is the minimum amount to make an RTGS. All the individual requires is a bank account with internet banking being activated so that RTGS Transaction can take place. It is somewhat similar to NEFT. The steps are the same. The only difference is that the person needs to choose RTGS instead of NEFT.

5. Visa Credit Card System

With the help of Visa Money Transfer, one can easily pay the Standard Chartered Credit Bill from the bank account that the person has. The processing time usually takes 2 – 4 working days.

How to pay using Visa Credit Card Pay:

  • You need to log in to the net banking page of your bank and then fill in the login details.
  • Then go to the transfer/payment.
  • Then select Visa Credit Card Pay.
  • You need to fill the recipient and sender’s details so that the process of fund transfer is initiated.
  • When all the details are filled, you need to click on the confirm transaction.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, the amount will then be debited from your account, and the payment will be scheduled for your card.

Offline Payment Options

If anyone is looking for offline methods to pay their credit card bills, then they can choose from the following options:

a) Payment Apportionment

This is an option for those individuals who have multiple EMI accounts. Under this option, the bank can distribute the payment to clear the outstanding in keeping the individual’s account in a good credit system. In this option, the bank applies for the funds first towards clearance of the Minimum Amount Due, which would be in respect to all the EMI accounts the individual is holding. Hence, the excess payment would be allocated sequentially towards payment of the Card Account with the lowest balance.

b) Cash 

This method simply asks the individual to visit the required bank, fill in the payslip, then enter the amount, and the card bill is attached and submitted to the specified representative. The account number is going to be the 16 digit card number. Afterward, the individual will receive the acknowledgment receipt instantly.

c) Cheque 

This is done in the same way as the credit card bills are paid using cash. One can also drop the cheques by mentioning the credit card number and the details apart from this, which are required. The payment is expected to get cleared in three working days.

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The individuals can easily see their statements with the help of Net Banking by logging into the account. The customers have the 24*7 access to their account’s information online. The E-statements can also be made available to the credit card holders if they have registered with the banks. Any individual can pay the bills through both online as well as offline methods. Thus, net-banking seems to be a good option as anyone and everyone can have access to it at the convenience of their home.

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