Same Ole Line Dudes: Making $5 Million Dollars By Waiting In Line For People

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In this week’s newsletter, we will talk about these inspirational stories:

  • Creating and selling two successful products in just two months
  • Making $5 Million Dollars By Waiting In Line For People
  • Open-Source Database Tool Raises €5 Million Euro Seed Funding

1. Creating and selling two successful products in just two months

Pitch 2.0 is an Italy-based automated and interactive platform that creates and monitors pitches for startups. It creates pitches by connecting several services based on your initial profile. You can also track the response of the investors to see how your pitch is doing. The plans available currently are:

  • Free: Without paying anything, you can avail 1 founder, 2 VC’s and investors, 0 integration, Simple Analytics, etc.
  • Early Launch Access: This is the best plan for a growing business. At just $6 per month, you can get access to unlimited users, unlimited VC’s, unlimited investors, all integration, enhanced analytics, chat & CRM, etc.

Domenico is working as a full-time business analyst since January 2022. However, he is deeply passionate about startups and other aspects related to the technical world. In response to the Build & Sell Challenge, he and his team had built Pitch 2.0 as their first product using No-Code. No advertisement or marketing expenditure was done – the traffic was purely organic. Within some weeks, the platform gained 100+ users, including 3 paid users. It was then sold within just two months.

Final Website Analysis of Pitch 2.0

Though the revenue wasn’t much, Domenico didn’t give up – he decided to move forward and build another product. Lumelixr (previously known as onetap.aishows Excel formulas in response to requests from its users, making the entire process hassle-free and timesaving. The product was mainly promoted on various social media platforms and online communities. It received good response, with 500+ users at the time of the sale. The platform had earned $500 in just two months.

Onetap Conversion Rate

Both the products had a good return on investment (ROI) – 4000% and 4600% for the two products respectively. Considering the minimal amount of costs spent on marketing – the end results were pretty impressive!

Domenico is currently working to sell his third startup and wants to build a fourth product based on the AI model.

These two stories teach that there is no end to success as long as you are determined – even after selling or exiting your company, you can earn good money and reach heights of success!

2. Making $5 Million Dollars By Waiting In Line For People

Same Ole Line Dudes is a New York-based line-sitting company that helps you in buying highly demanded tickets, products, etc., without any inconvenience by waiting in long queues. They even purchase, deliver, and ship products to your houses if you’re unavailable or busy to do the same. The available plans are:

  • General Waiting and Swap: The service starts from $50 for 2 hours, which is the minimum number of waiting hours. They charge you $25 extra for each additional hour.
  • Delivereach Premium Service: This includes waiting, purchasing, and delivering products. It costs $65 for two Cronuts, and $55/group of 4 for restaurant waiting.

Robert Samuel started by waiting for rich and busy customers in queues of Cronuts, after he was fired from his job at AT&T. He earned a good living by waiting in lines for 2 hours and getting paid handsomely. However, Robert wasn’t satisfied – he wanted to do more and something unique. After waiting 19 hours in a queue for iPhone launch, he made up his mind to expand his business in 2012.

He then branded his services and enlisted his friends to promote him, naming the company Line Dudes. He advertised his business by writing in chalks near the queues and making posters. His efforts finally paid off, as Robert currently owns one of the largest companies in this niche. His ability to satisfy and retain customers worked well for Same Ole Line Dudes. He currently has a team of 15, earning revenue of around $5 million.

Though the pandemic adversely affected the business, Robert and his team are back on track, getting reservations for 5 days per week. However, in addition to the previous requests, they are also getting bookings for COVID-19-related issues. This is how you can transform a monotonous job into a successful and profitable business – what an amazing and unique idea!

3. Open-Source Database Tool Raises €5 Million Seed Funding

Baserow is an Amsterdam-based online platform that helps in building database without any technical knowledge. It offers an open-source no-code tool that aids in the process. It was initially opened to the public in 2020. There are three plans currently available on the website: 

  • Free Plan: It offers unlimited databases, 3.000 rows and 2 GB storage among other things.
  • Advanced Plan: Through this plan, available at $5 per month for each user, you can get unlimited databases, 10.000 rows, 5 GB storage, etc.
  • Premium Plan: You can avail features like unlimited databases, 100.000 rows, 20 GB storage, at just $30 per month per user.

Bram Wiepjes, one of the co-founders, is a software engineer who intended to treat the business as a side project. However, good reviews provided enough motivation for him to dedicate more time towards it as a part-time freelancer. In January 2021, he left his job and worked entirely for Baserow, hiring other employees and expanding the business. Olivier Maes, the other co-founder, recently joined the company as a sales and marketing specialist.

Using an open-source platform proved useful in making the platform secure, obtaining reviews from its customers, and detecting errors. Bram and his team launch new features and improve the existing ones on the basis of customer feedback. All of this paid off as Baserow, with a team of 10+ members, has crossed 20K sign-ups and raised 5M Euros seed funding. It was also featured on TechCrunch and Hacker News.

The success story of Baserow – Seed Funding of 5 million Euros

Bram now plans to build applications and workflow automation modules and improve the existing database. He also wants to raise higher funds to cover expenses that will result from expanding the sales, developers, and support teams.

This story is a good example of how a side project can become even more fruitful than your profession. The most important thing is never giving up – your passion and hard work can easily make you successful!

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