Postpace – Dhaka to Paris in 18 Months With $325K Revenue

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In this week’s newsletter, we will talk about

  • Dhaka to Paris in 18 Months With $325K Revenue
  • Acquiring FBA Business Worth $650K Annual Revenue
  • Earning $1M Revenue in 3 Years Through Self-Employment
  • Achieving $100,000 ARR From Twitter SaaS

1. Dhaka to Paris in 18 Months With $325K Revenue

Postpace is a platform that aims at increasing the productivity of authors, bloggers, sellers, and businesses. It helps in consolidating all content ops into one dashboard, including content research, analysis, briefing, and optimization automation.

The platform currently offers these 3 plans to the users, which are also Free to Try:

  • Basic: New bloggers, freelance writers & publishers will get most benefitted from this plan, starting from just $17 per month.
  • Growth: Available at $27 per month, this plan will largely help growing blogs, affiliate marketers & small teams.
  • Business: Content agencies, marketing teams & SEO experts will get major benefits through this plan, which you can avail at $57 monthly cost.

It was started in 2020 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The founder, Muntasir Rashid, and the co-founder, Moin Uddin, have been working together since they met in their university days – building and selling SaaS tools. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they finally decided to bring workflow automation in content marketing, which had been a long-lasting problem in the industry. The duo then designed the MVP, built the automation platform, and named it Postpace. 

Soon, the uncertainty of doing business in lockdown and problems of remote working crept up. Muntasir and Moin realized they had to move out and advance towards an ecosystem with a bigger market and proper business culture. They decided to join Station Fthe world’s largest start-up campus, which could aid in making them global.

Muntasir states how building a community from the very first day of launch helped them in raising engagement and expanding their market:

  • Daily Communication with Customers: One-way communication through emails, as well as moderation in public forums like Facebook, are both necessary.
  • Customer Education and Awareness: No company can flourish without people elevating each other through a proper platform.
  • Taking Help from All Possible Sources: Since you know them closely, you can take assistance from your customers, such as introduction to potential new customers, good reviews, and case study.

Postpace was first launched with a webinar that showcased its product, its team, and its vision. It was then launched 50+ times within 6 months, boosting traffic and attracting customers. It also has a Feedback loop that collects and portrays various feedback as stories from happy and satisfied users. Such innovative strategies – including raising prices constantly and offering upsell campaigns at good deals resulted in generating 10200 users and 2400 customers. Thereby earning a total revenue of $325K and $8600 ARR, within18 months of launch.

Muntasir and Moin are now working towards constructing mission control for the content market, which will result in proper workflow in an otherwise fragmented industry and hopefully lead to optimal outcomes.

2. Acquiring FBA Business Worth $650K Annual Revenue

Wallaroo Wallets is an online FBA business specializing in the manufacture and online sale of phone wallets that can be used as a pocket sleeve for your device. It is based in Washington, DC, and was taken over by Alex Michael in 2022. Their products are available on the official website at prices starting $14.95, and also on Amazon

Since Alex has expertise in tech and other forms of sales, he knows how to build camaraderie with his customers easily. He felt that acquiring a business is the best way of entering the world of entrepreneurship – resulting in minimal risks and instant revenue. He and his friend began to look for opportunities, but no one wanted to sell to them. Though disheartened, Alex didn’t stop trying. Finally, he came across two individuals who started a phone wallet business in their college days and wanted to quit. The three immediately agreed upon the sale, and after 5 months, Alex legally acquired Wallaroo Wallets for $675K, with an additional $50-60K seller-financed for inventory. 

At the time of the deal, the brand was earning $650K annual sales revenue, and the SDE was $180K. Alex primarily relies on the following for the expansion of his market:

  • increased advertisement expenditures
  • organic growth
  • good feedback 

Their USP of unique design and 101 Day Happiness Guarantee easily sells 1000 wallets each month. Alex has set a target of about 40% growth above the current revenue and is working vigorously towards achieving that. 

These two stories prove that by thinking out of the box and not being afraid to take risks – you can taste the sweet fruit of success.

3. Earning $1M Revenue in 3 Years Through Self-Employment

Userbase is an online platform that helps you build private web apps securely, using only static software like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can easily add user accounts and data persistence, which are also accessible without any backend. It has been operating from Seattle, USA, since 2019. 

You can avail its services in the following two ways:

  • Starter: You can create a free account for a year and get access to 1 web app, 100 users, and 100 MB of storage.
  • Prod: You can upgrade to this plan for just $89 per year and avail unlimited web apps, unlimited users, and 1 GB of storage.

In addition, there are 2 storage plans available:

  • 100 GB at $99 per year
  • 1 TB at $299 per year

Daniel Vassallo, its founder, was quite a successful man already, employed at Amazon with a lucrative job paying $500K per annum. Though he was fairly rewarded, what he lacked was motivation – he didn’t want to work under anyone or follow the rules and restrictions. Thus, he decided to quit his stable job of 8-years and posted an online article shedding light on his decision after rebuilding his social media pages. 

He founded Userbase, planning to keep it simple. Even though it was designed to be lean, profitable, and sustainable, the platform has ended up earning $12,336 to date, with 100+ paid customers since 2021. However, Daniel knew such an aspiring SaaS business would take too much time to earn him a decent living. Hence, he proceeded to:

  • showcase his knowledge on AWS through his Twitter account, which currently boasts 129.8K followers
  • Gumroad, when he realized a small tweet was not enough to capture all his thoughts.

This inspired him to launch his first product in 2019 – a book titled The Good Parts of AWS, co-authored by Josh Pschorr, whom he met during his time at Amazon. It received a good response, gaining $5,000 from pre-orders and earning a total of $144,036 in sales revenue to date. It is currently available for Cyber Sale at $15 per copy. The success of the first product motivated Daniel to successfully launch his other products:

  • Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience: A tutorial video of 100 minutes, released on Apr 22, 2020. It earned total sales revenue of $287,513 without any pre-orders. The video course is now available at $25, and you can get an additional spreadsheet containing the stats of his tweets for $35.
  • Profit and Loss: It is a subscription to the financial data relevant to his business activities. It is available monthly at $5, $25 for every 6 months, and $45 for a year. Daniel earned $46,820 from the memberships.
  • Small Bets: This has earned him $284,030 revenue since its launch. Through a one-time subscription for $375, you can avail: 
  • lifetime access to the community
  • the cohort course, which takes place every month
  • 3-4 guest classes per month.

Having so many income sources – including freelancing and affiliate fees – emerged as a boon as he earned a total of $1M revenue in just 3 years of self-employment. He has realized that finding business opportunities – keeping in mind your preferred lifestyle – and then trying to maximize the utility from that lifestyle is the best way to earn profits without sacrificing what you love.

4. Achieving $100K ARR From Twitter SaaS

Black Magic is a Twitter SaaS that provides an extension in any browser to improve your Twitter Analytics & CRM. It helps you by showing detailed real-time analytics, growing engagement and followers, managing them, and much more! Tony Dinh founded it in Vietnam in 2021.

There are four plans currently available on the website: 

  • Free – for which you can get a 14-days free trial; 
  • Personal – for $7.99 monthly charges, 
  • Professional, which is available at $15.99 per month, and 
  • Business which you can avail at $59.99 per month.

Tony quit his lucrative job to do what he loves the most – build software and apps and earn his living by staying independent. Initially, he just intended to help people enhance their profile pictures and banners visually. Though he wanted to progress with Black Magic seriously and take it to the next level, he lacked ideas. Finally, he got inspired by the Twemex app and decided to add a sidebar to the web version of Twitter in the form of a browser extension. 

Tony had built a truly unique app, that too for a platform for which he already had a decent number of followers. His way of execution was pivotal in its engagement and market growth:

  • Designing an impressive product and getting users for free.
  • Building the app in public and generating an audience.
  • Convincing free users to use the paid version of his product.

After earning $2K MRR in the first 60 days, he has come a long way. In June 2022, Black Magic achieved a $100K Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) milestone, crossing $8,333 MRRHe added another feather in his cap by building an app that saves your screenshots.

Tony is planning to hand over the time-consuming operation tasks to a freelancer, with whom he has recently started working and concentrates fully on the innovation aspect.

Thus, quitting a job is not the end as you can still earn well while chasing what you love.

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