How Tuft and paw makes $300,000 Revenue Per Month by Selling Cat Products

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  • Company Makes $300K Revenue Per Month by Selling Cat Products
  • Marketing Platform That Earns $200K Revenue Per Month
  • Income of $5K MRR From Side Project

1. Company Makes $300K Revenue Per Month by Selling Cat Products

Tuft and paw is a Vancouver-based business selling durable, modern, and aesthetic products for your pet cats including:

  • Litter Boxes and absorbent, flushable Litter
  • Beds, Perches, Hammocks & blankets
  • Scratching Posts, Trees, Towers
  • Toys, Dishes, and several other Accessories

Their prices offer a wide range from $16 to $999, for you to choose from. The cat litter is available at a price of $29 for monthly supply and $79 for a supply of three months. 

From working in the real estate industry to selling Venetian masks, and finally dealing in cat products – the founder Jackson Cunningham has come a long way. He rescued his pet cat Jiggity in 2016 but soon realized the lack of good quality, functional cat products. Thus, he employed designers, engineers, and cat behaviourists to build and sell amazing cat products which you cannot find anywhere else – starting with a modern litter box. Gradually tuft + paw grew and generated organic traffic over time, and Jackson quit his full-time job in 2018 to dedicate his time entirely to the business.

He uses the following strategies for attracting customers and retaining them:

  • Building products with exclusive availability: This makes marketing easier and the products more competitive in terms of prices.
  • Providing good customer service: Interact and build long-term relations with customers to ensure repeat orders and lifelong loyalty with the business.
  • Capturing e-mails and SMS: This is the best marketing strategy to grab potential customers without any additional expenditure.
  • Focusing on Content SEO: Publishing top-level articles on the most-searched topics helps promote your products without much advertisement cost or effort.

Jackson is currently earning $300K sales revenue per month, resulting in normal profits. His aim now, is to optimize contribution margin and maximize profits.

2. Marketing Platform That Earns $200K Revenue Per Month

Dashly, a conversational platform based in USA simplifies conversation between a business and its customers by accumulating all conversations from emails, messengers, social media, and live chats in one place. There are currently three plans available on this website that offers support in Marketing, Sales & Support:

  • Business Chat: This is the most useful for direct messaging for increased sales on the website and offering product support. It is available at $32 per month.
  • Automation: You can purchase it for $88 per month. It is used for advanced messaging, where you can get a lead qualification, onboarding campaigns, nurturing sequences, and analytics. 
  • Premium: This is available at custom prices, where you can get expert traction and implementation specialists who help you in setting up advanced messaging.

The founder and CEO, Dmitry Ive, initially built websites and online products on client orders. However, he & his team soon realized they were more interested in designing their own product and building a start-up. Coming from gamification, they worked on website development and its application on their customers’ websites. In this way, they could track visitors, analyze the data and improve user engagement. This acted as the foundation of their product targeting customer communication improvement, which they were ready to sell by 2018. 

In the initial phase, all products were sold through their own network to the existing customers. Product knowledge & Content marketing through SEO generated the most organic traffic for Dashly. Dmitry then decided to increase sales and generate traffic by adopting the following marketing strategies: 

  • Designing landing pages
  • Publishing articles, case studies, and blogs
  • Promoting client experience to potential clients

All of these culminated in the rapid growth of customer registrations and sales volumes – a total of 14X times in the first two years. Today, Dashly, with a team of 80+ experienced personnel, is earning a revenue of $200K per month.

Dmitry’s goal is to simplify communication and make it available through different channels – from person to person as well as from person to business. He wants his customers to feel comfortable and satisfied through quick, optimal, and authentic communication.

3. Income of $5K MRR From Side Project

Tiiny.Host is a London-based company that displays and shares your projects online in a simple, fast, and efficient manner. Three plans are available for different requirements: 

  • Free trial: You can avail 1 live site for a week, 3 MB upload capacity, and help with the branding of the company.
  • Solo: This is available at $13 per month and is quite useful for individuals & small websites. Its features include 5 live sites, an upload capacity of 75 MB, and much more.
  • Pro: You can purchase this at $31 per month with features like 12 live sites, 75 MB upload capacity along with password protection & analytics. It is ideal for freelancers, agencies, as well as organizations.

The founder, Philip Baretto, has always been passionate about creating new things. Even while holding a lucrative job and building various side projects like Flowace, he didn’t like working in the corporate world. He thereafter launched a running app, which became quite successful. It got hosted on Google Play Store, thus, garnering about 60K downloads and earnings of $100 per month. Philip then planned to develop a SaaS business of hosting static files online and Tiiny.Host came into existence in 2019.

Though no price was charged initially, Baretto decided to build and charge for features that multiple users requested. He started marketing his product in several communities and focused greatly on SEO by building landing pages based on highly searched topics. Organic traffic of about 30K new customers per month is generated through SEO content only. As a result, the company reached $10K ARR in 2021, and in 2022, it reached $5K MRR.

Philip wants to continue marketing and promotion via blog & other social media channels. In addition, he is planning to concentrate on the product, develop it, and grow his business into a million-dollar one.

These stories show that if you are passionate about something, you can pursue it without losing out on anything. In fact, you can turn your passion into your source of income!

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