Ministry of Human Resource Development Schemes Grants for NGO’s 2014

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Ministry of Human Resource Development Schemes Grants for NGO’s 2014

1. Education Guarantee Scheme & Alternative & Innovative Education

2. Computer Literacy & Studies in School (Class) Scheme 02

3. Improvement of Science Education in Schools

4. Scheme of Assistance for Strengthening Culture & Values in Education.

5. Scheme for Strengthening of Boarding & Hostel Facilities for Girl Students of Secondary & Higher Secondary Schools.

6. Vocationalisation of Secondary Education & Scheme of Pre-Vocational Education at Lower Secondary Stage


7. Adult Education National Literacy Mission.


a. Grants For Projects For Eradication of Illiteracy.
b. Grants To Resource Centres


8. Jan Shikshan Sansthan- District Repositories

9. Scheme of Assistance to Voluntary Agencies Under Mahila Samakhya

10. Scheme of Financial Assistance by the Indian National Commission for Co-Operation with UNESCO (INCUU)


11. Integrated Education For Disabled Children (IEDC)

12. Financial Assistance for Promotion of Hindi to Voluntary Organisations including Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha & Publications & purchase of Books.

13. Scheme of Publications & Purchase of Books In Modern Indian Languages & Other Promotional Activities for The Promotion of Indian Languages. (Other Than Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu & Sindhi)


14. Scheme of Publications & Purchase of Books In English Language & Related Activities For The Promotion of English Language

15. Scheme of Promotion of Sanskrit.

16. Scheme of Assistance to Voluntary Organisations Working in the Field Classical Languages Including Arabic & Persian.


17. Copyright & Book Promotion

a. Scheme of Assistance for Book Promotional Activities

b. Scheme of Financial Assistance for Intellectual Property Rights Studies.


c. Scheme of Organising Seminars & Workshops on Copyright Matters.

Contact Address: The Secretary Deptt. Of Secondary Education & Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development, BP & Copyright Division, B2/W3, Curzan Road Barracks Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi- 110001,


18. Scheme of Studies, Seminars, Evaluation for Implementation of Education Policy

19. Scheme of Area Intensive Programme for Educationally Backward Minorities

20. Modernization of Madrasa Education.

21. Environmental Education to School Children.

22. Scheme for “Introduction of Yoga in Schools”

Contact Address: Under Secretary (Voluntary Agencies) Deptt. Of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development, C Wing, Shashtri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.

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