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MapmyIndia IPO Subscription Status, Price, Date

MapmyIndia IPO Subscription Status, Price, Date

Indian youngsters seem to have taken a liking towards the stock market. Every day a new app is popping up that allows people to buy and sell shares in India which shows the craze of the stock market. This shift is the result of digitalization and young people wanting good returns and taking more risks. Investing in IPOs is one trend that has attracted many minds. More and more people are keeping track of upcoming IPOs and observing the performances of previous IPOs to learn from them. In this article, we will discuss the IPO of a famous software company MapmyIndia and cover topics like MapmyIndia IPO subscription status and MapmyIndia IPO listing price.

MapmyIndia IPO Subscription Status, Price, Date

In India, MapmyIndia is a top supplier of cutting-edge digital maps, geospatial applications, and location-based IoT technology. The business provides proprietary digital maps as a service (MaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service. Before learning about MapmyIndia IPO Subscription Status, MapmyIndia IPO listing price and other details, let us learn more about this company.

About MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia website

Platform as a service, software as a service, and proprietary digital maps as a service are all provided by MapmyIndia, a provider of data and technology goods and platforms (PaaS). It offers cutting-edge digital atlases, geospatial tools, and location-based Internet of Things technology.

It is a provider of data and technology goods and platforms (PaaS). Under the brands MapmyIndia and Mappls, the firm offers a variety of products, platforms, application programming interfaces (APIs), and solutions related to digital map data, software, and IoT for the Indian market.

The business provides services to the corporate, automobile, and government sectors, providing services to the general public. They provide expert maps and items directly to retail consumers with their Move app and GPS IoT technologies and devices. PhonePe, Flipkart, Hyundai, Yulu, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, MG Motor, and Safexpress are a few of its clients.

They offer digitized maps that span 6.29 million kilometers, or 98.5 percent, of India’s road network – for 7,933 towns, 6,37,422 villages, 14,51 million homes, and 17,79 million restaurants, malls, ATMs, etc., the firm offers analytics, location, and navigation. They charge users based on the number of cars they use and transactions, which enables them to make money via subscription fees, royalties, or licensing.

MapmyIndia IPO Details

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Data from the National Stock Exchange indicated that by 11:00 am on the last day of the sale, MapmyIndia’s IPO had been subscribed more than six times. For a little more than 1 crore shares on sale, the IPO attracted nearly 6 crore offers. Here are some more details about the IPO.

Event Details
MapmyIndia IPO Date Dec 9, 2021, to Dec 13, 2021
MapmyIndia IPO Face Value Rs. 2 per equity share
MapmyIndia IPO Price Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1033 per share
MapmyIndia IPO Lot Size 14 Shares
Issue Size 10,063,945 shares of Rs. 2
Offer for Sale 10,063,945 shares of Rs. 2
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Listing At BSE, NSE
QIB Shares Offered Not more than 50% of the offer.
NII (HNI) Shares Offered Not less than 15% of the offer.
Retail Shares Offered Not less than 35% of the offer.
Company Promoters Rakesh Kumar Verma and Rashmi Verma are the company’s promoters.

MapmyIndia IPO Strengths

Here are some points that make MapmyIndia stand out from its competitors.

  • India’s early adopters of digital mapping have an edge.
  • India’s B2B and B2B2C industry leaders in terms of digital maps and location information.
  • Network effects and proprietary technologies provide businesses with a competitive edge.
  • Independent, a worldwide provider of geospatial goods and systems with excellent data governance.
  • Prestigious clients from various industries with solid connections.
  • Customers with strong ties who can upsell and cross-sell across industries are known as marquee customers.
  • Offerings from the company have continuously growing use cases, and it innovates to address paradigm shifts in technology.
  • A successful company model with a history of stable finances, substantial operational leverage, and positive cash flows.

MapmyIndia IPO Weaknesses

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After learning about the strengths of this IPO, here are some risks involved with MapmyIndia IPO.

  • Faults in its map database or an inability to update its map database.
  • Reliance on the R&D team’s accomplishments.
  • Failure to create innovative, new, or enhanced goods and services, processes, or new map data.
  • Inability to defend against any third-party accusations of intellectual property infringement or failure to safeguard its intellectual property (IP).
  • Due to the deregulation of the digital mapping sector, there will be more competition.
  • Dependence on a small group of clients for a substantial amount of the company’s income.
  • Termination of contracts or agreements by the company’s customers before they are finished.
  • Failure or interruption of its digital map database, including a failure resulting from cybersecurity, misbehavior inside the company, or non-compliance with data privacy or security laws.

MapmyIndia IPO Subscription Status

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You can find all the information about MapmyIndia IPO Subscription Status in the table given below.

Investor Type     Subscription Times
QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyers) 196.36
NII (Non-Institutional Buyers) 424.69
Retail 15.20
Total 154.1

MapmyIndia IPO Allotment Date

All the crucial dates like MapmyIndia IPO opening, closing and listing date are mentioned below.

Event Date
MapmyIndia IPO Opening Date December 9, 2021
MapmyIndia IPO Closing Date December 13, 2021
Basis of Allotment December 16, 2021
Initiation of Refunds December 17, 2021
The credit of shares to Demat December 20, 2021
MapmyIndia IPO Listing Date December 21, 2021

MapmyIndia IPO Listing Price

At 10:00 AM on December 21, 2021, MapmyIndia listed its first public offering on the NSE and BSE. The MapmyIndia IPO GMP is indicating a high premium of Rs. 690-700 premium as a result of which the MapmyIndia Listing Price is anticipated to be listed at or around the issue price of Rs. 1600-1650.

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Is MapmyIndia IPO a safe investment? 

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Before investing in any company, you must think about its potential growth and whether it will thrive in the future or not. Some investors have shown their concern over MapmyIndia because its business model is risky. Some of those risks are as follows.

  • The company’s business is based on sectoral trends and a small number of significant clients.
  • Business success, especially in major markets, is influenced by the performance of the automobile industry.
  • Errors in database updating and mapping might have an influence on commercial goods and services.
  • The potential for increased competition from the deregulation of the digital mapping sector
  • The COVID-19 issue affects operations and expansion initiatives in international markets.

The firm has continued its exceptional success from FY21H1FY22 with a strong rise in EBITDA and PAT margins. Y22. The business’s P/E and P/S ratios, which are based on current valuations, are 91.4x and 36.07x, respectively, indicating that the IPO is priced aggressively and that the company wants to capitalize on the reputation of being the first mover.

Additionally, the expanding number of use cases for the company’s solutions and the growing popularity of its services in the transportation, logistics, and automotive industries are fostering its expansion.

We hope you now have a complete understanding of MapmyIndia IPO subscription status and MapmyIndia IPO listing price. Investing in IPOs can be exciting but make sure you do proper research before putting your hard earned money in any company.

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