Main Sources of Funding for a Social Enterprise – India Social Business Survey


This spring, Beyond Profit launched a large-scale survey of social enterprises and the people who lead them in India. The survey was designed to better understand who these social entrepreneurs are, and learn more about their business structure, financial viability, challenges and their core values and motivation to work in this rewarding, but often the challenging field.

The results are fascinating. The data reveals the profile of social entrepreneurs in India, the time of life that they decide to take on the role of “changemaker,” the path that led them to take the leap into this space, and the challenges they see ahead.

Given below are some Interesting Findings

Main Sources of Financing for Social Entrepreneurs – Limited access to commercial financing

Main Sources of Funding for a Social Enterprise – India Social Business Survey

Sources of funding for Social Entrepreneurs

The survey results revealed that there is a clear divide between those that have access to mainstream and/or commercial funds and those that rely on personal connections and grants/donations to raise money. The ratio is about 50/50. Forty-five percent of respondents obtained funds from commercial sources whereas 21% of respondents source their funds from personal connections such as family members and friends; another 21% rely on grants and donations from charitable organizations.

The survey report, which offers an in-depth analysis of the results, is available for INR400/US$10. Just click the Social Enterprise Landscape Survey Report banner on the top of or send an email to Asako Matsukawa at [email protected].

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