Is Survey Junkie Legit? Everything You Need to Know

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Making money is easier and tougher at the same time in today’s world as compared to the world our parents or their parents lived in. You can work all day and still make barely enough for survival or you could work a couple of hours and mint millions. Nowadays, many websites allow you to make a bank. Survey Junkie is one such site that pays you to fill out surveys. But is Survey Junkie legit? Is survey junkie safe? In this article, we will inform you all about Survey Junkie including Survey Junkie app.

Is Survey Junkie Legit? Everything You Need to Know

The internet is filled with surveys. Some of them are useful and some are annoying. But imagine getting paid to fill them. Survey Junkie does exactly that. You can make some decent money using this site while filling out surveys. Let us learn more about it.

What is Survey Junkie?

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In Survey Junkie we are talking about a platform with more than 10 million users. It is a Survey platform that asks you to take surveys in return for money. How simple and easy, isn’t it? Not only money is awaiting you but you also earn virtual points by answering surveys and these points can be used to redeem e-gift cards as well. You are asked to provide customers insights on various brands and behavioral patterns when it comes to shopping and stuff. This information is then used by them to plan their campaigns and to study markets.

In a way, the platform is a win-win situation for you as a customer since they pay you as well as use the information provided by you to make the existing products or services better. Also, keeping the money factor aside, the platform is doing a good job at asking the people what they want and then trying to give it to them which is a system that could work well in lots of places. Now that the introductions are done, it’s time to ask the first question. Is Survey Junkie legit?

Is Survey Junkie legit?

On the surface Survey Junkie looks like one of those make money easily kind of apps that the internet is filled with today. However, while the easy money aspect is there and works well it is surely not a scam that you need to be worried about. You might not know much about the app if you are someone who hasn’t used it in the past but allow us to untangle any lingering thoughts that you might have regarding the legitimacy of this app.

There are people making money from the internet by getting themselves a YouTube channel with lots of followers or by running a blog and there is no question on its legitimacy then why these doubts with Survey Junkie? Here you are providing brands and companies with reviews that might genuinely help them grow and learn and are being paid for the same and you are also not being asked to pay to enter a survey or for the app then what potential problem can there be?

To put it out in another way, imagine helping your mom or dad with chores and getting pocket money for it in exchange. Now replace mom and day with a brand or company and chores with surveys and pocket money for cash and prizes. You have got yourself a genuine community of more than 10 million people willing to help someone in exchange for a little payday.

So we ask again, is Survey Junkie legit for you now? You may still not be convinced and that is okay. The thing is that if someone came to you and told you about something so unheard of and something that sounded too good to be true then you would take some time to register it. But we are here to help you navigate through this journey. Survey Junkie is a 100% legit app as things stand for us and with more information to come on the subject we hope we would convince you too.

Is Survey Junkie Safe?

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Firstly let’s clear some air. You might be wondering if is Survey Junkie safe because some part of you is convinced to try your luck and maybe make some money out of it even if it is not legit. After all, it’s free so why not try? But again you must be scared to use the platform or the app because you might still have some reservations about its safety. So allow us to solve another one of your issues.

The first and foremost point to consider when Survey Junkie is to remind yourself that you are using a platform that is transacting with you or simply put there is money involved. You aren’t paying any money but surely receiving it and so safety is supposed to be a priority for the app itself since they can lose money to malware or hackers if they don’t take necessary precautions. And also a system like PayPal is connected with Survey Junkie for cashouts while Amazon gift cards are also up for grabs, do you think these companies would associate with any random unsafe institution?

Is Survey Junkie legit? You might have your doubt but we don’t, and so we know that it is surely a secure platform. They ask you for certain personal or super personal details but it is only for the surveys and again you have the choice to either provide it or not take part so more than security it is about trust that you have in them or not. At the most, you might be shown personalized or targeted ads which are anyway there since you are already giving cookie permission to any and every website.

Survey Junkie also uses cookies and some of them expire as soon as you close the browser while others need to be deleted manually. Also, cookies are not viruses or threatening objects and are just there to collect data that helps a website understand you better and they are easily delectable. Lastly, Survey Junkie has an SSL certificate to out any further doubt about its safety to bed. So we hope that you now understand that in Survey Junkie you have a safe, secure, and legit platform.

The only worry you need to have in mind is how would you find time to answer the maximum number of surveys possible to make up tons of extra money which helps you take care of multiple small payments at the very least. With legitimacy and safety out of way let’s look at the bank transfer aspect that you face with Survey Junkie.

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Is Survey Junkie Safe for Bank transfer?

First, there was the question is Survey Junkie legit and then it changed to if it is safe and now we are looking to see if it’s safe for bank transfers. It’s only natural to have all these doubts since stuff like hacking can take place. However, one way to deal with stuff like that is to get yourself a temporary or secondary account with no to low balance where you only receive money from Survey Junkie and other such apps that you might use. This might be one way to put your worries away related to bank transfers when using this app.

However, what you ought to know is that just because you get started on the Survey Junkie app does not mean you are free to go ahead with bank transfers. Yes, you start earning points straight away and these points can be withdrawn for PayPal cash or for gift cards but not before the Survey Junkie team has verified your account. That’s right, the Survey Junkie team needs to validate your account only then can you proceed with bank transfers. Now shouldn’t this instill a further sense of security in you regarding the security of the app?

You can as an unverified user try to withdraw your points from the app and it will redirect you to customer service where you will be asked to contact them for assistance. So you can either talk to the customer service team or opt to get a postcard from the Survey Junkie team with a 10-digit alphanumeric code that can show up at your place within a week and you need to enter this code on their website to get done with the verification process. Once you are done with this your account verification process gets completed and you are now free to go ahead and withdraw your points for money or gift cards. So is Survey Junkie safe for bank transfer? Yes.

If such an elaborate and secure process on the end of the company does not assure you then nothing can. The company is giving you money in exchange for information and on that they are making sure that your account is verified so that you don’t face an issue while receiving the money they send to you. What more can be done? Even after all this do you still have the question of is Survey Junkie safe or not or if is Survey Junkie legit? If it persists don’t worry we have more details on the app to share with you to make you feel more secure. Let us now learn about Survey Junkie app.

Survey Junkie App

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You can be using an Android device or an iOS device and none of it should be a problem since the app is available to download on the store of the respective devices. You can even use the platform via the website if you create an account there. If you check the ratings of the app on Google Play then you will see that more than 67,000 people have rated the app and it has got a 4.3-star rating. On the other hand, more than 64,000 people have rated the app on the App Store and the app rating is 4.6 stars. Scoring so well on both these platforms while getting so many people to rate them is no mean feat.

The Survey Junkie app also has quite a few fans on the internet when you check various articles for its reviews or just in general to learn more about the platform. A popular website Millennial Money gave the app an 8.5-star rating on its platform. This is just the overall rating. If we go in-depth then there are certain aspects of the app that manage to score even more than the average 8.5-star rating.

Reward options of the platform manage to score a perfect 10-star rating as you get the option to choose your reward. You can either redeem the points earned for PayPal cash or you can ask for gift cards instead which leaves the choice in your hands. User experience also scores a perfect 10-star rating as the app is easy to navigate through and use as well. There is also a signup bonus waiting for new users and this aspect of the app scores a 9-star rating.

You also have Survey options to choose from, you can pick the survey you want to answer and so this flexibility gets a score of 8-star rating. Lastly, the overall payout or the handing over of the reward aspect also scores a solid 8-star rating. All in all the app is easy to use and a well-made one if you could just make yourself say yes to the question, is Survey Junkie legit, then you would have a great app to download and use on your phone which could help you earn some extra cash that you might appreciate later.

Survey Junkie Complaints

At this point, we have doubts that you might turn against us. Keeping our integrity of presenting a fair and round view on the subject we will stop with all the goodness and now focus on some bad aspects of the app that people, in general, have had an issue with. We understand that just like the app has many 5-star and 4-star reviews it also has quite a few 1-star and 2-star reviews as well and that is what we focus on for now.

Of the 4.3 star rating that Survey Junkie has on Trustpilot that has been given to it via more than 40,000 votes, 3% of the people have given it a 2-star rating while 4% people have given it a 1-star rating. So that should tell you that the app has its fair share of issues and unhappy users. We will now look at a few of these bad reviews so that you can use others’ experiences to learn about possible issues with the app.

Mari from the US wasn’t happy with the app as she reported that she was found to be ineligible for a survey after having spent a lot of time answering it. This is just one of the Survey Junkie complaints that are repeated by a lot of users. Other issues include being kicked off a survey midway for not being honest. David from the US spent a lot of time answering the survey when he was kicked off it and was told to be honest in his response.

Krista from the US reported that she didn’t get any response to an email she sent the Survey Junkie team regarding a certain issue that they said would be looked into in 48 to 72 hours but didn’t. User jollytime0811 from Great Britain found the app to be a waste of time. As per the user, they attempted to enter 20 surveys and found a hard time being eligible for one and then would be booted out of each of them and would end up with only 3 points equivalent to 3 cents for attempting the survey.

These and many more such complaints sit out there but this should not convince you to think that the app is evil. Is Survey Junkie legit? It is. Does it have issues? It does. So we would suggest you try and use the app before you form an opinion about it since it would anyway not cost you money and you can spare a few free minutes to try and check the app.

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Pros and Cons

There were good points and bad points throughout the article to make or break the case against Survey Junkie. However, as the last bit of information on the platform, we provide you with the list of pros and cons of the app that should help you with everything you need to know about it.


The app is paying you money to answer surveys for free so that is surely one of the best things about it. On top of that, you can start using the app for free and just need to be above the age of 13 to do so which again is a welcome decision for the users. The signup process of the app is also easy and you can complete it in less than 5 minutes and then begin answering surveys immediately.

The cashout limit is low as it is set at 5 dollars. So once you have scored 500 points you can become eligible for withdrawal. Before taking the survey you know how much you stand to make from it so there is total honesty on their part which is also why we say yes to the question, is Survey Junkie legit.


Just like any online money-paying survey platform, Survey Junkie is also paying the user an almost negligible amount and so many users may not find it worth their time. The number of surveys available and that you can take is limited and then there is also an eligibility factor to consider when preparing to take a survey so in that aspect there is a limit to how much you can participate.

There are chances that you might be disqualified from a survey at later stages and this would see you earn only 3 cents for attempting it which is further lower than the already small amount that you make for a completed survey.

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