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Is PrizePicks Legit? How much can you Earn?

The gaming world has changed immensely. Earlier it was considered a fun activity that only kids indulged in but today there is no restriction or stopping anyone from getting their hands on video games, especially on their phone. Gaming has become a career these days and many games allow users to win big money. PrizePicks is one such game that promises its users cash prizes and rewards. But is PrizePicks Legit? We will answer that and more in this PrizePicks review.

About PrizePicks

Prizepicks website

As stated above, PrizePicks is a fantasy game, one where you have to select players playing in a featured game, and from them, you choose players you think will perform well and score high points. The more points your chosen players make the more your score climbs and you stand to win a cash prize of as much as up to 25x. The game has partnered with various parties through which you can deposit and withdraw to and from the game. Also, there is a support team in place to help you 24/7 with any issues that you may face.

The game is for people above the age of 21 and is available to download on iOS and Android devices. Moreover, the game is only available in Washington D.C. and 30 other states in the United States of America. In Canada, the game is available throughout the country barring Ontario. There are tons of games that you can choose from to pick up players and play. Be it Baseball, Rugby, Basketball, or even esports games the options are many. With the introduction done it is now time for the ultimate question, is PrizePicks legit? Let us find out in this PrizePicks review.

Is PrizePicks Legit? How much can you Earn?

Big payout section

We are talking about a company founded in 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. The company is in the business of Daily Fantasy Sports and the popularity of such games and apps indeed goes to the period around the mid-2010s when more and more such stuff was coming up. The game is owned by Performance Predictions and the game claims to be the largest independently owned fantasy game of its kind in North America. Also, the game has partnered with some big professional sporting teams like Miami Marlins and more. But is PrizePicks legit?

You could be forgiven for still having doubts about the game, but surely the stuff mentioned above should give you some kind of reassurance. To provide you with some more reassurance let us also tell you that the game has a rating of more than 4 stars on both the App Store and Google Play Store. The game also is playable through the website and requires you to be above the age of 21 or 18 in some states. The game also runs promotions and stuff where using a promo code can see your deposit amount of up to 100 dollars being matched by the team responsible for the game. Let us continue this PrizePicks review by learning about its referral program.

Referral Program

The game has a referral program in place where you can see yourself scoring 25 dollars if someone joins the app using your code and deposits at least 10 dollars. The game is easy to play and the app user interface is also easy to understand and use. Not just this but the game also follows all the rules and regulations related to fantasy games and real money games that have been set by the governing body and that at least makes sure that the game is safe if not anything else.

With everything that has been mentioned above, the one thing that we understand for sure is that the app takes rules and safety very seriously. An app that wasn’t legit or simply a scam would not bother following all these instructions and would pay less heed to such stuff and focus more on making money any way it could. That brings us again to ask the question, are you now convinced? Is PrizePicks legit? I still sense that there might be a few unconvinced readers and surely eventually we will get them on our side. But next up in our PrizePicks review, we clear any confusion that people might have in misjudging it to be a gambling game.

Is PrizePicks Gambling?

Is PrizePicks legit? Some of you remain undecided and uncertain but that should not turn into a bias against the game. Is there money involved in PrizePicks? Yes. But does that mean it is gambling? It does not have to be that way. PrizePicks is a fantasy sports game and there are many apps and games out there just like it. Some are for fun purposes where you can just collect points and play against friends and family while others allow you to compete locally or globally for money.

But does that mean, is PrizePicks gambling? No. If it were gambling then there would be strict laws and regulations that would prevent it from being legal in many places where it runs today. PrizePicks is not a sportsbook organization where you bet money on a result and are paid when it goes your way. Here you guess how the players will perform in a game that gets you points in return and based on that you attain a rank that then gets your cash multiplied and helps you win bigger cash prizes.

Some Other Factors

There is an age limit in place to play the game just like there is one in casinos and other betting places but that is just there to save you from losing out on money and not because it is gambling. Also, you have a 24/7 customer support team in place to help you with any issues that might take place and you wouldn’t find any such thing if it were a gambling game. You also have promotional events taking place from time to time where you get free entries for deposits matched by the PrizePicks up to 100% and these things take it further away from being a gambling game.

So as far as we are concerned, PrizePicks does not look like a gambling game to us. If anything the game follows rules and regulations and has safety measures in place and has been given a legal clearance or allowance to operate in so many states in the US and Canada. You have multiple game modes and sports to choose from and multiply your money. There are safe deposit and withdrawal options in place as well and that should be enough to disprove any gambling claims against it while also convincing you to say yes to the question, is PrizePicks legit?

Now that the legitimacy and gambling questions seem to have been cleared a bit we can look at the reviews that people have shared regarding this game.

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PrizePicks Review

Prizepicks app in play store

PrizePicks is available on iPhone and Android devices and their respective stores. In official stores of both devices, the app has garnered ratings of more than 4 stars which surely counts for something. You need to be a really good game or an app to be able to achieve the feat on one store never mind both. Also, the number of downloads paints a good picture of the app provided their limited availability. This should surely convince you to say yes to the question, is PrizePicks legit?

To provide you with further context, the app has also gotten good ratings on various other platforms. On Trustpilot, the app has a very strong rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 which is no joke. Again on Facebook too the game has gotten a rating of 4.8 stars which is no mean feat. On Betting USA the rating of the game is 8 on 10. The numbers we are seeing here in various PrizePicks review is not easy to attain or a common occurrence, it means a big deal. And now we will share a few of these comments with you, which might not all be good but we are sure you get it.

App Ratings

First of all, the 4.8-star rating on the Trustpilot website comes through a massive 3,942 reviews. 93% of these ratings are 5-star ratings. There are 4%, 4-star ratings, less than 1% 3-star, 2-star ratings, and 3% 1-star ratings.

Starting with a bad, one-star review, the user said she placed a 100-dollar bet where she could potentially win 1,000 dollars, which ended up happening. However, when she went ahead and wanted to withdraw it, the app showed a message that read processing until days later she was logged out of her account. And for this, she has so far gotten no reason or explanation. On the other hand, there is a five-star rating from a customer who found the customer service to be quick and efficient.

Another user was a bit upset as she expressed her disappointment at only being paid the winning amount and another original stake that she risked to win the bet in the first place, this minimized her profit. One user accused the app of using fake conversion value to pay less and then not attending or responding to complaints. However, on the other end, people with good reviews continue to maintain the stance that the payout system and app are good or rather up there with the best if not the best itself.

Bad reviews and good reviews are a part of the process but that does not change our answer to the question, is PrizePicks legit? Anyways, since their customer service has been praised by quite a few users, let’s take a look at it.

PrizePicks Customer Service

PrizePicks Customer Service page

The mark of any good company or service provider is its availability to customers or the user. There needs to be a dedicated customer service team or support team in place that can help people with any issues that they might be facing. If an app deals in paid services or requires you to deposit money then such an app should especially have a support team. And is PrizePicks legit? Yes. And so they have a customer support team available for you 24/7.

PrizePicks customer service facility can be used from their website. They are available to solve any concerns, answer questions or address business inquiries that you might have. All you need to do is head to their website and then the Contact Us page where you will come across something similar to what is shown in the image below. Here you would be required to put in your details, the ones marked with the * symbol are the compulsory ones while others are optional.

Email and Other Options

If you can’t go ahead with this option for some reason then there is another option that you can choose to opt for. This includes emailing the team at address. You can use your mobile or other devices to send the team a mail at this email address and they shall get back to you as soon as possible. You can then start a conversation with them via email and stay in touch till your problem gets resolved.

One last way but the most random and ineffective one might be to put up a bad review on top-rated websites, their App store or Google Play page, or on their social media handles. Usually, bad reviews bother the team and make them look bad which is why they reply to such comments to try and help resolve the issues and turn a bad rating into a good one. However, you might not get a response if the team is not bothered or has enough positive comments to negate yours and thus this might not be an effective way to establish a connection with the PrizePicks support team.

So we have answered the is PrizePicks legit question and looked at other stuff but there is still some stuff that you don’t know about this app and so let’s cover that up in our PrizePicks review.

Game modes in PrizePicks

Prizepicks available states section

As we mentioned earlier, the app has a lot of games to choose from. You even have college sporting matches featured on the app in which you could pick a team and bet on it. However, how does the game work? What modes can you play? It is the next thing we will cover in this PrizePicks review.

Let’s say you pick a Basketball match to bet on. Here you can see players from both teams, now each player has a pre-selected stat that you need to bet on. Let’s say a player’s basket or assist stat is available, now you need to guess how many points he will score above or under a given number to be able to win points. Depending on your predictions and their accuracy you win points and subsequently money as well. Having said that, PrizePicks has two different levels that you can choose from, Flex play and Power play.

Flex play

Out of both the game modes, this one is the safer and better as many players might feel. This game mode gives you more than one chance to win. In this mode, you stand to win a secondary prize even if all your guesses are not right. Your pay is reduced but at the same time you get up to three chances to win. In 2-player stakes, you get a ×0.5 payout for one correct pick and ×2 payout for two correct guesses. When it comes to 3-player stakes, you get a ×1.25 payout for two correct picks and ×2.25 for three correct picks. In 4 player stakes, you get a ×1.5 payout for three correct picks and ×5 payout for four correct guesses.

Power play

This is the more risky game and comes with a win it or lose it all condition. There is no backup or no second chances here and no mistakes are allowed if you want to win the cash prize. In 2 player stakes, you get a ×3 payout for two correct guesses, and one wrong guess and you lose it all. When it comes to 3-player stakes, you get a ×5 payout for three correct guesses, and one wrong guess and you have lost it all. In 4-player stakes, you get a ×10 payout for four correct guesses, one wrong guess and you have lost it all.

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Is PrizePicks worth it? 

I think we have done well to establish the fact that PrizePicks is legit but the game has some cons as well which we must mention in our PrizePicks review. Like the fact that you have to have a minimum amount of 30 dollars and above in your game account to be able to apply for withdrawal.

Also, the app has won quite a few awards and achievements, however, that didn’t stop the game from being taken to court along with other fantasy sports apps. Though the case was solved and the owner of PrizePicks came up with another app as well which is also doing well, this bit of history is enough to create doubt or fear in mind regarding interacting with any such app.

Also, the deposit options on the app are limited to PayPal and e-checks which leaves out the very useful option of credit cards and that is a big issue. However, you can use your credit card for depositing money via PayPal making the process long. e-check, which is the other deposit option is also a slow option and may take up days to reflect which again is an issue. However, no matter which option you go ahead with, you will find yourself needing to deposit more than 20 dollars if you want it to go through which takes away the decision-making flexibility from you.

After looking at the PrizePicks review that was there on the Internet, we can say that the app might not be all rosy and good. In their line of work, there are a few common issues that are always going to be there and so be ready to make a few adjustments or stay away from the game altogether.

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