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Is Bingo Clash Legit? Is it a Scam? 

Written By Sushma Singh

Mobile games revolutionized the gaming Industry. It’s not like the old phones didn’t have games but they were basic and mostly single player. With the help of the internet and the arrival of smartphones, games became diverse. Today, we have play to earn games by which you can make money. A popular game of this type is Bingo Clash. It is a top casino game that is fun and can help you earn some extra cash. But you may be wondering is Bingo Clash legit? How to withdraw money from Bingo Clash? In this article, we will inform you all about Bingo Clash.

Is Bingo Clash Legit? Is it a Scam? 

There are many online games that promise to pay money. Some of them are fake which is why you should be careful when spending time playing such games. Bingo Clash is no doubt quite popular but some people are skeptical about it and we hope to clear all doubts. We will also show you how to withdraw money from Bingo Clash, but first, let us understand Casino games and how Bingo works.

What are Casino Games?

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Casino is a place where you have all kinds of arcade games, card games, and other kinds of games that give you a chance of winning money. It is an age-restricted place where gambling takes place. Usually, a casino is known for its card and arcade games which is why card games fall under the category of casino games. Today, Casino games are playable on the phone but like the physical casinos, you can make money from them.

What is Bingo?

Bingo, also referred to as Tambola or Housie in certain countries, is a card-number game. The game involves having a card with numbers written on it from 1 to 90. These numbers are to be marked when the announcer calls out a random number one by one. These numbers are generated from a Bingo machine that contains small balls marked with a number. The people then mark the numbers on their cards and if it forms a pattern or a specified design then the card holder stands to win some prize.

The rules of the game change from place to place. This game is played in the community or bingo halls in a lot of places. Today it has gained an audience in the form of an online game.

What is Bingo Clash?

Bingo Clash website

Bingo Clash is one of the top-rated bingo apps out there. The game was created by Avia games who are also responsible for creating Solitaire!, 21 Gold, Bubble Shot, Tile Blitz, Dunk Shot, Fruit Frenzy, 2048 Blitz, and Explodocube. The platform calls itself a creator of fair skill-based games where the matchmaking is done in such a way that you compete with players at your level and it is made sure that no cheating takes place and you always have the option of asking for help from the support team.

The games themselves have mini-games where you get to spin a wheel, take part in a lucky draw, scratch a card, etc. for getting added rewards. The company has partnered with PayPal, Amazon, and Facebook. The games are free to download and play and in return give you cash prizes. The game is available to both Apple and Android users.

Features of Bingo Clash

Cash match mode section | Is Bingo Clash Legit

Bingo Clash is not your average bingo game. Here you play to win, not just the game but real money too. The game has grand prizes that the top players stand to win. The game has multiple cash match modes that you can play and you need not be worried about payment because the app has a secure payout system in place with PayPal. Bingo Clash matches you against an equal opponent whom you compete against in real-time which means it’s a game that requires you to be focused, faced, and skilled at the same time.

Avia Games launched in 2017 and created the app Pocket7Games which is the platform on which the Bingo Clash game is available to play along with its sister apps. In this game, you can convert the in-game tickets into real money, and apart from that participating on Facebook also gets you in-game tickets which again benefit the user. The headquarters of this woman-operated and owned company is in Mountain View, California. The team behind the app is looking to expand in the US and the UK and other markets. Payments are taken care of by Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. Now let’s look at the legitimacy of the app.

Is Bingo Clash Legit? 

Bingo Clash partners program


The question of legitimacy is very important when the internet and money are involved. Is Bingo Clash legit? To answer this question is not straightforward. To begin, this game is one of the highest-rated casino games on the App store which is no mean feat. Those who use Apple devices know how the company treats their security so that is one strong assurance factor right there.

Next up, the game has an age limit of above 17 which means that not anyone could get up and play the game. Other than that online bingo cannot be played in states like Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Michigan, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Washington due to the laws that prevent the existence of gambling apps. It shows that laws are in place to protect the people and the game itself makes a conscious effort to not allow just about anyone to play the game.

If you were to check online blogs on Bingo Clash then you would again find a positive answer. There is absolutely no reason to worry about the legitimacy of the game. If you still have any lingering doubts then we should also mention that the game is built by a team that has ensured the payouts are secure and so is depositing money with the app.

There is also an anti-cheating technology feature in the mix that constantly gets updated. It means nobody can trick you in this game or cheat you off your money. Also, the game is based on skill and finds opponents who are only ranked as high as you who have played the game and trusted it.

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Withdrawing Money from Bingo Clash

Cash out section | Is Bingo Clash Legit

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Before understanding how to withdraw money from Bingo Clash, you need to make money in the game. You can begin playing for free using the in-game tickets. You can also opt to add money to your account to play cash games. However, if you win enough free games you will be able to play cash games using game credits. Once you play cash games and start winning, you can withdraw money.

  • Cash is not the only win you make in this game, the in-game tickets are also convertible and redeemable in place of real cash. However, to be eligible to withdraw any money your winnings need to be more than 2 dollars.
  • Playing cash games requires you to have your location setting turned on as it tracks the game for any fraud and also makes sure you are not playing from one of the locations where the game does not allow you to play for money or by using money.
  • The withdrawal comes with a few stipulations. You can withdraw an amount over 2 dollars without any issues but you will be charged 1 dollar for the same. To make sure you don’t have to pay any withdrawal fees you would have to go above 10 dollars before making a withdrawal.
  • When you apply for a withdrawal the other thing to keep in mind is that it might take up to 15 days for the transaction to go through so don’t expect instant cash. Also, only deposits and winning are withdrawable and the bonus cash isn’t.
  • Since you are depositing the money using a credit card, PayPal, or bank account the same methods are also used when applying for withdrawal. When withdrawing the money, you have the option of using PayPal which is 100% secure.

How to Play Bingo Clash

Skill based gaming section

We have answered the question, is Bingo Clash legit, and also looked at how to withdraw money from Bingo Clash but what about learning how to play Bingo Clash? Let’s look at how to play this bingo game. First, download the game and watch tutorials to understand the rules and regulations. Now you can play a free game or opt to play a real cash game.

The basic thing to know about the game is that each round lasts just about 2 minutes. In each round, you get to play one card. The faster you daub your card the more speed bonus you accumulate. Also, to earn more points you need to pick up more patterns and bingo so that you get a better chance of winning.

You also get power-ups which you can use to learn more points. If used strategically and perfectly they increase your chances of winning. Also, try and cover more boxes than your opponent or make sure you have some time remaining on hand which can help you win tiebreakers.

Use of Tickets

It is best to start with practice games that require ten tickets to play. These tickets you can cover from your daily winnings and bonuses. Here, you get to practice the game and hone your skills. As you keep improving you start winning and accumulating more tickets. Post this you can head to bigger pools requiring more tickets but which also give out bigger rewards. Winning these games gets you more tickets and makes playing money games without depositing real cash a feasible scenario. Apart from this, there are also low-fee multiplayer games that you can enter if you wish to win cash prizes.

As established, speed is your best friend in this game. The quicker you daub numbers the more speed bonus you get. You also get boosts in the game that further help you make more scores if used strategically. Certain bingo also carries more points and come with bonuses so using them at the right time helps you get more scores as well.

How does Bingo Clash work? 

Bonus Mini games section | Is Bingo Clash Legit

If you are still not convinced by the answer of is Bingo Clash legit then it is understandable. Games like free bingo win real money sounds too good to be true. However, there is a process to it and a dedicated team behind the game to make all of it possible. The app pays the players in fair, let us explain.

Let’s say you play a game for 1 dollar, here you are paired with an opponent and both of you pay 0.60 dollars each to get in the game. Of this 1.20 dollars collected the winner gets 1 dollar and the rest 0.20 dollars go to the game with the loser making nothing. Simple isn’t it? There is no hard math or cheating that is involved here, it is plain old simple winner takes it all. Some tournaments are priced between 2 to 10 dollars and work on a similar principle.

Apart from that the game also charges you 15% of the cash deposit as a service fee and requires you to pay a 1 dollar processing fee on withdrawals under 10 dollars. This is how the app makes money. There are many similar free bingo win real money apps out there.

Poker, Rummy, Fantasy, etc. kind of apps and all such games are out there using a similar model. Some apps pay more and others less. With this game, you stand the chance of making a few 100 dollars or more.

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Pros and Cons of Bingo Clash

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We have thoroughly analyzed the workings of Bingo Clash. If you are still confused about playing it then given below are some pros and cons of this game which will help in making the decision.


The game is free and easy to download and play and lets you entertain yourself so we don’t see a problem there. You can always opt to play free practice rounds to spend some time and practice the game. Even if you do want to play for cash then you have low-priced tournaments that you can be a part of. The app lets you win bonus cash and tickets which give you more chances of playing free games saving you money.


The withdrawal limit is set at 10 dollars which is high to achieve and anything below it commands a fee which is just a way to loot you. Though you have boosts and stuff you need more practice which means more time spent playing and you can still end up losing so waste of time.

The game claims to be skill based but with all the power-ups and bonuses the feel of the original game gets lost. Also, few states don’t allow to play such games and others don’t allow to play money games which makes things difficult if you are located in these places.

We hope you got the answer to is Bingo Clash legit? We have covered all aspects of this app including how it works, the full process of how to withdraw money from Bingo Clash and its pros and cons. Now it is up to you to decide whether to give this app a chance or not. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before using this app to be on the safe side.

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