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Last month, I wanted an urgent cash loan because of a business opportunity that had come up. My close friend had started a new software company and was scouting for investments. Initially, I had thought about investing only Rs 50,000 in his company but later I doubled my contribution to Rs 1 Lakh. This is because I thought it would be a very profitable venture and he promised to double my money within the next three years. However, when I logged into my Net-banking account to make the transfer, I realized my bank balance was running low.

That is when I decided to apply for a PayDay Loan. My salary is credited only in the first week of the month and gets exhausted by the second week. In such circumstances, I have become used to taking a Payday loan. These loans are a new concept in India and are for salaried individuals who want money for a short period of time to meet urgent requirements. They are called Pay Day loans because most people repay them as soon as they get their salaries on their Payday. These types of short-term advances are expensive and companies charge interest rates ranging from 5-10% on the principal outstanding every month, hence the urgency in repaying them.

Can You Get Online Loan Without Salary Slips?

Getting an instant cash advance online without any credit checks or paperwork is difficult in India because there are a large number of fraudsters who do not repay their loans. Since the loan companies do not have the time to track them down and collect re-payments, they prefer to not give loans to people without adequate income proof. If you do not have salary payslips and are currently unemployed, you can try applying at this website for cash loans of Rs 5000 to Rs 20,000.

Getting a loan is easy but repayment is difficult. We have written extensively about how you can save money by reducing expenses. A rupee saved can be considered as a rupee earned. We had also previously reviewed 5 online loan companies who grant loans for a short duration. If you are unsure about how to repay your credit outstanding, do not worry. You can earn Rs 500 to Rs 1000 every day by working from home. These online jobs are free to register and you are not required to make any investments.


Now coming back to the websites which give money advances, take a look at them below :

Early Salary

Gives you Cash advances whenever you require for amounts ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 75,000. They have a very short application process that takes only three minutes to complete. You need to download their mobile app and apply through their mobile phone. This is because they will analyze your call history and determine who your friends are and whether they are rich. Then depending on this information, you will get a Social score and your requirements will get approved.

If your friends are not earning large incomes, do not forget to refer them to my guide on how they can increase their wealth. Once your loan is approved you need to provide your bank information after which an executive will arrive at your doorstep to take your signature on important documents. You will then get the amount transferred into your bank account.

Insta Paisa

This company provides loan approval in 2 minutes. It is a marketplace that connects users to different online money lenders. It has so far disbursed loans to more than 6000 borrowers for a total amount of Rs 1.5 Crores. Insta Paisa has a reputation for offering the lowest EMI payments in the industry. This is because it’s an extensive network with NBFC loan companies in India. Instapaisa is a fairly new company and has till date processed more than 2100 applications connecting borrowers to 5 NBFC’s.

Normally the company collects the physical documents within 24-72 hours of receiving your online loan application. However, if you are salaried and your requirement is below Rs 30,000, you can get disbursement with just your PAN Card details.

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Provides consumer finance to purchase goods on Flipkart, Amazon, Pepperfry, and hundreds of other e-commerce websites. Once you have decided to buy a product on any e-commerce website in India, you need to copy-paste the link of the product on their website. They will then evaluate your application details and ship the product to your billing address.

You will need to submit an auto-debit request to your bank which will then deduct the cost of the product in monthly installments. If you need money urgently and nobody is lending to you, you can consider this option. First, buy a costly electronic product for Rs 30,000 – Rs 40,000 and get it delivered to your home. Then you go and sell the product the same day at your local electronics store, you will be able to get at least 90% of the price you paid in cash. Remember to not open the packaging and seal or nobody will buy it.


To apply for a personal loan at Rebase, you need to sign in with your Facebook account. There is no paperwork involved and once your request is approved you will get the loan amount in your bank on the same day. This works only on mobile, so you will need to download the Android App and install it before you can apply. Re-base analyses your social connections on Facebook before deciding if you are eligible to get advances from them.

If you have an Aadhaar card in your name it is easier to get a loan online because your identity can be verified immediately through OTP issued on its e-verify platform. In the coming years, loans will be disbursed in minutes as credit bureaus collect more data about your financial spending habits.

Fin-tech startups in India are rolling out new products every month, it has thus become important to ensure your online reputation is spotless. Your online reputation and social network can determine your eligibility for loans in the near future. So the next time you accept that friend request think about how it might affect your credit score. Now you know what to do when Vijay Mallya sends you a friend request.

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