India Retail Market Statistics


India Retail Market Statistics

1. 720 million Indians to join the consuming age by 2010.

2. 55% of the Indian population will be under 20 years of age by 2015.

3. 32% rise in urbanization by 2008.

4. 10% annual growth in the Retail market since 2000.

5. 7% of the population is engaged in retailing.

6. A booming US$ 300 billion retail market in India.

7. 5.5 retail outlets per 1000 population, highest in the world.

8. 25-30% annual growth in retail loans and credit cards.

India Retail Market Statistics

Organized Retail is predicted to capture a 15 – 20% market share by 2010. Though it is one of the least developed sectors, the Retail industry accounts for 10% of the GDP.

India is the hottest Retail destination. It was ranked as the most attractive retail destination among 30 emerging markets by the Annual Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) for two years consecutively ( AT Kearney )

India is young. 47% of its population is under 20 years of age and contributes immensely to the growth of the Indian Retail sector. This young and modern Retail country displays the highest propensity to

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India Retail Market Statistics India Retail Market Statistics


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