India Online Landscape 2010 – Internet Usage Statistics for India

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Juxt – A research company that conducts syndicated research and online research has just released the India Online Landscape Report 2010 which gives an insight into emerging trends among Internet Users in India.

Highlights of India Online Landscape Report 2010

Highlights of India Online Landscape Report 2010

  • Internet Usage and Penetration in India:
  • 51 mn ‘active’ internet users in India, 40 mn urban and 11 mn rural
  • Reaches 10% Indian households and 4.4% Indians
  • 2/3rd households have ‘multiple’ users in them
  • 97% are regular users and 79% use daily
  • The high base of ‘daily users’ and increased base of ‘online buyers’ indicates growth in ‘depth’
  • 1 in 4 access it on mobile phones, though most of them are ‘dual’ users (PC + Mobile)

Mobile Internet Usage in India

  • ‘Dual’ users access the internet on their mobiles habitually – 2 out of 3 access ‘daily’ and 1 in 3 uses it for more than an hour daily
  • Almost all ‘dual’ users have GPRS enabled phones and most have activated GPRS service on them
  • ‘WAP-enabled’ data services and ‘GPRS activated’ direct browsing are the most popular mode of mobile internet usage
  • ‘Poor speed’ and ‘affordability’ are the biggest perceptual barriers in higher adoption of mobile internet usage among existing net users

Internet Usage in India – Dynamics

  • Rural user base up at 20%
  • Growth relatively more in ‘South’, making it the most ‘net-savvy’ region
  • Growth relatively more in the ‘smaller’ urban areas’ (below 5 lakhs population) – they now account for half of all urban Internet users
  • ‘Home’ continues to be the largest ‘single’ place of access. ‘Home’ and ‘transit’ user base show increase
  • ‘Connectivity’ problems are the biggest irritants, starting with ‘speed’ – half of all broadband users claim ‘below 256 kbps’ speeds

Internet User Profiles in India

  • Over half of internet users are ‘employed’, half of whom are ‘corporate employees’
  • 2/3rd of those employed are ‘head’ of the household (rest 1 in 3 being the ‘other earning members ‘of ‘multi-income’ families)
  • ‘25-35 years’ forms the ‘single’ largest age group among internet users
  • Their ‘average’ claimed monthly family income is ‘3 times’ the national average
  • At least 2 times higher ownership levels for the more ‘evolved’ modern-day assets
  • Female user-ship ‘inching’ upwards, ‘housewives’ as a user base starts emerging

Internet Users in India – Lifestyle Profiling

  • Internet is the ‘dominant medium’ in 2/3rd internet users’ lives
  • Among offline media, they read ‘newspapers’ more, but are ‘heavier users’ of TV
  • Internet ‘surfing’ is the favorite ‘indoor entertainment’ for most of them, and they perceive it as a source of ‘learning’ and ‘entertainment’
  • ‘Listening to music’, ‘cinema’ and ‘gaming’ are their biggest hobbies
  • ‘Money’ is the biggest motivation driving their lives
  • They give the highest importance to ‘functionality’, then to brand image

Online Shopping in India – Trends

  • The proportion of online ‘window’ shoppers fell significantly in the last year
  • However, this drop is due to a significant decline in the ‘searchers only’ base, ‘online buyers’ base actually increased by 2.5 million (33% growth)
  • 40% online shoppers ‘bought’ online (+18% points over last year) – indicates that mere ‘window shoppers’ are giving way to the ‘serious’ buying-intending shoppers
  • Net users make good ‘marketing audience’ – 3/4th of them have ‘responded’ to some kind of ‘marketing stimulus’ when online

Most Popular Online Activity among Internet Users in India


Study Overview

The India Online Landscape Report 2010 is the most recent and comprehensive estimates of Internet user-ship in urban and rural India. The Estimates are based on a land survey conducted between Apr 2010–May 2010 among 259,341 individuals from 37,024 households in 100 cities and over 20,396 households in 1,040 villages spread across all the 4 regions of the country. Estimates cover both ‘regular’ and ‘occasional’ internet users as well as both ‘computer’ and ‘mobile’ based internet users

The India Online Landscape Report 2010 provides an insightful understanding of net usage behavior and preferences of regular online Indians. It reveals findings on ‘net usage dynamics’ based on a sample of over 28,881 ‘active’ internet user panel members with Juxt, and findings on ‘popular online activities and ‘website preferences’ based on an online survey conducted among 12,294 of these ‘active’ panel members during Apr-May 2010

It provides an understanding of online Indians as ‘consumers’ and not just as faceless net users. It also includes their socio-economic status, household and financial asset ownerships, online shopping behavior, and website and media preferences reported on the ‘most used’ basis. Website preferences captured for 47 online verticals/domains

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