How to Earn Bitcoins for Free? New and Easy Ways

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Bitcoin is widely regarded as one of the most popular digital currencies. It was created using intricate cryptographic principles. Its market capitalization is approaching USD 7 billion as it grows in popularity. When compared to other digital currencies, it accounts for less than 20% of the total. However, as capital grows, so do the opportunities for earning Bitcoin. Many people wonder how to earn bitcoins for free? In this article, we will inform you about how to earn bitcoins fast.

How to Earn Bitcoins for Free? New and Easy Ways

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There are numerous ways how to earn bitcoins fast and free. Many of these sites are point-based, and you will receive a certain number of points for each task you complete. You can redeem your points once you have accumulated a sufficient number of them. The majority of the sites offer gift cards or bank transfers as rewards. You can then use the gift card to purchase Bitcoin! Here are the ways that will help you earn free bitcoins.

1. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are sites that distribute small amounts of bitcoin every few minutes. It is classified as a PTC (pay-to-click) business because it attracts visitors to the website in order to generate views for ads, and in exchange, it rewards users with a portion of ad revenue. Naturally, you will need to disable your ad-blockers and be prepared to interact with a large number of advertisements.

Faucets are thought to be the simplest and cheapest way to earn BTC. You will be paid anywhere from a few cents to a dollar per hour. In many cases, obtaining a large number of bitcoins in order to withdraw them will take a significant amount of time, so you must decide whether the effort is worthwhile.

Most free bitcoins Faucets come and go, making it difficult to find a reputable one. However, the following are more popular than others:

2. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new Bitcoin through the solution of puzzles and mathematical equations. After solving the puzzle, the first Bitcoin miner is rewarded with bitcoin. Because there is no physical object to create more of, this is how to earn bitcoins for free and is added to the flow of currency.

Bitcoin mining is also how all Bitcoin transactions are kept secure. All transactions are confirmed and verified by miners. Because there is no physical representation of the currency, this prevents double spending.

Bitcoin mining began as a slow and laborious process, but with advanced technology, it is now very efficient and smooth.

3. Participating in Airdrops

The new cryptocurrency’s developers may conduct an airdrop—a giveaway—of the new coin that they have launched in order to hype it and generate interest and excitement around it. To be eligible for new coins, you may need to complete a number of tasks, such as following the crypto project on social media, tracking it on a Discord channel, or otherwise supporting the project. Although it is worthless, many airdrops are scams, and even if they deliver some coins, some of them may become worthless.

4. Use Crypto Credit Card

If you’ve been using cash-back credit cards, it’ll be simple to switch to crypto rewards cards and enjoy cryptocurrency in exchange for your purchase. These credit cards may offer Bitcoin rewards for purchases. Other spending bonuses may become available as well. These cards will function in the same way as traditional reward credit cards. For example, BlockFi Rewards Signature Visa Credit Cards provide 1.5% back in cryptocurrency on every purchase.

5. Signup Bonuses on Crypto Rewards App

Signup bonuses are frequently offered by websites that provide crypto rewards. To receive this bonus, simply create an account on the mentioned website. This usually entails providing an email address as well as creating a username and password. You are now ready to claim your bonus! Many of the sites offer a $5-20 bonus for signing up on their platform.

  • One of the websites where you can buy and sell bitcoin is Coinbase. They provide free bitcoins in exchange for registering on their websites. Coinbase is used by over 73 million people who adore it.
  • OKCoin is a cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange platform. This platform claims to allow you to access cryptocurrency in less than two minutes. Instead of a signup bonus, OKCoin offers a referral bonus: if you refer a friend to this app, you will receive a $10 reward.

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6. Working for Bitcoin

You are well aware that nothing comes for free in life. Furthermore, we must emphasise that there is no such thing as free bitcoin. In most cases, you must trade your time and efforts for it; there is no easy way out. So, instead of chasing minuscule earnings, try to get paid in bitcoin for your skills. To know how to get free bitcoins or earn 1 bitcoin daily, try one of these methods.

  • You can solicit bitcoin donations through your website or blog.
  • Provide your services to companies that operate in the cryptocurrency space.
  • Look for job postings on websites such as jobs, Crypto Jobs List, Cryptogrind, Jobs4Bitcoins, and others.
  • In your online posts or other contributions, ask for tips. Tippin.me, for example, is an excellent way to receive bitcoin micropayments via Twitter.

7. Selling Services and Products

This is also one of the methods for obtaining free Bitcoins. You can make a lot of money selling any product or service and accepting Bitcoin as payment. Many online ecommerce store owners are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Furthermore, websites such as Purse.io and Bitify.com enable you to sell items in exchange for Bitcoin.

8. Playing Online and Offline games

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Playing online and offline games is one of the ways to earn bitcoin. For all those who love to play games and want to earn from this gaming then this is the best option for you as there are websites that offer you crypto for this. There are games that are blockchain-based and non-block chain-based so you can play any of the types. You can use any of the mentioned below websites to earn bitcoins and resolve your query of how to get free bitcoins:

  • CryptoWord: As the name of this app suggests you have to connect letters to form a word. So, if you are someone who has a love for English then this is one of the best gaming apps that will reward you with crypto. One interesting feature of this app is that it is available for all your devices.
  • Coin Hunt World: You can earn either bitcoin or Ethereum by playing Coin Hunt World. This app is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • CryptoPop: Play CryptoPop to receive rewards in Popcoin or Ethereum. To pop coins, group similar coins together. You score more points the more coins you are able to gather together. The larger the bonus you receive, the fewer coins you have left over at the end of each stage. In order to receive your bonus, you must register for a Coinbase account. You can get it through the Amazon Appstore or Google Play.

9. Crypto Savings account

Well, who does not like to earn interest on assets? This crypto savings account gives you an opportunity to earn interest on the crypto you possess. It also gives you high-interest rate than the banks. One of the websites is BlockFi with which you can earn interest and resolve your query of how to earn bitcoins fast.

10. Install and Use a Web Browser to Earn Bitcoin

For all those who are wondering how to get free bitcoins then it is one of the ways to earn bitcoin. All you have to do is install and use the browser that rewards bitcoin for this. Some of the browsers are-

  • Lolli browser extension: The Lolli extension is another way to earn free cryptocurrency. Simply add it to your browser and start shopping online. Your Lolli wallet is credited with free Bitcoin or cashback from your transactions. You can enroll on Lolli’s international waitlist even if it is only now available in the US.
  • Brave browser: Watching ads and earning Basic Attention Tokens is the best thing about Brave browser. You can use these earned Basic Attention Tokens in multiple ways.
  • Presearch search engine: You receive Presearch tokens (PRE) for utilizing the decentralized search engine named Presearch. To earn more Presearch tokens from this search engine use it within the Brave browser. One interesting feature of this search engine is that it works on Blockchain technology.

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11. Learn and earn

If you are someone who wishes to gain knowledge about this newly emerged term that is bitcoin and also earn bitcoin then there are websites that provide you the option to do so. Some website can show you videos of blockchain technology and how to earn bitcoins for free videos that you need to watch.

Some websites may request you to solve the quiz and score well in that to earn a bitcoin. But one issue that may arise with this way is that it may not offer you the desired bitcoin and payments may not be offered to you in bitcoin. Some famous websites are PublishOX, Coinbase Earn, LunarCrush, and CoinMarketCap.

For example, in Publish0X you have to read an article that the author has published. Reading the article will enhance your knowledge. Not only this it will help you earn too but have to divide the crypto with the author of the article.

12. Take a survey

If you are someone who is looking at how to earn bitcoins for free then this is one of the easiest ways to earn free bitcoin as all you have to do is take a survey. There are websites that pay you bitcoin once you take a survey. You can convert that bitcoin into hard currency and use it. One example of this site is FreeCash which gives you cryptocurrency.

Timebucks website is a good option for you if you are happy to help marketing companies by answering a few questions about the company with which Timebucks have collaborated. There are other sites also such as Free Bitcoin where you also need to take a survey.

13. Shop online to earn bitcoin

Are you someone who is tired that shopping is a waste of money? Then this is the time for you to earn rewards by shopping and show the world that one must know how to utilize every opportunity to get the benefit. So, if you are wondering how to earn bitcoins for free by shopping then there are websites that offer you rewards if you shop. So, here are a few apps that will resolve your queries about how to earn bitcoins for free and how to earn bitcoins fast.

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks pays you just for doing your grocery shopping. You can earn rewards for the things you bought by uploading your receipt to their website or mobile app. Who doesn’t enjoy being compensated for doing what they already do? Sometimes it can seem like a chore to go food shopping, but what if I was being paid to do it? This alone serves as motivation.
  • Lolli: There are retailers with which Lolli has collaborated and if you purchase from these merchants then Lolli will add crypto to your wallet.
  • Pei: Pei is another app that also gives you rewards in bitcoin

14. Become an affiliate marketer

There are multiple ways to earn bitcoin and becoming an affiliate marketer is one of them. Anyone who has a huge following base online can exploit this opportunity to earn bitcoin. To do this you have to collaborate with companies that are willing to offer you rewards.

Once you collaborate, the merchant will give you a unique URL. You have to tell your followers to use the URL for shopping. If your follower utilizes your URL then you will be given a commission. This commission will vary from merchant to merchant. But this commission can become a stable source of income for you.

15. Writing and research info products

Some websites give you an opportunity to showcase your sound knowledge by writing blogs on bitcoin for them. On employment boards like Coinality, you can find various article-writing jobs for different crypto blogs and news publications. Publish0X is one such site that provides you crypto for writing article.

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16. Bitcoin lending

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It is for those who wish to earn bitcoin fast. The method as the name suggests is lending to earn bitcoins as interest. There are websites which allows you to earn fixed interest as these websites link users who require cryptocurrency with those who own it and lend it out for a fixed interest. For lending, it is advised to sign up for Principal Guaranteed sites like Binance Earn.


Here are some queries people have when looking for free bitcoins online.

Q1. How long does it take to mine 1 bitcoin?

Ans. On ideal hardware and software, you can earn 1 bitcoin in just 10 minutes so you can earn 1 bitcoin daily by assigning few minutes. But this ideal hardware and software are costly and can be afforded by few. So, for all those who cannot afford this expensive hardware and software, it will take around 30 days to earn one bitcoin.

Q2. Can I earn bitcoin for free?

Ans. Yes, there are multiple ways to earn bitcoin for free. Some of them are playing games, writing research and info blogs, shopping online, mining bitcoin, taking a survey, installing and using a web browser, learning, becoming an affiliate marketer, and earning interest on the crypto savings account.

Q3. Can I mine bitcoin on phone?

Ans. Both Android and iPhone can be used to earn bitcoin but Smartphones aren’t the ideal instrument for the task in practice. The first computer that sent astronauts to the moon was far more powerful than smartphones today, but mining computers are much more sophisticated and specialized.

Q4. How to earn bitcoins for free or is it even possible?

Ans. No, Bitcoin does not come for free. A single Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars. So, how can you get something for free? However, you can earn free Bitcoin by using the methods described above.

Q5. Is free Bitcoin legal and legit?

Ans. Yes, free Bitcoin is completely legal and considered a legitimate way to earn Bitcoins. It is a method by which they compensate you for using or consuming specific services. Keep in mind that you only receive a very small portion of the Bitcoin.

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