How to Get a .com domain for Rs 99 only!

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How to Get a .com domain for Rs 99 only!

Many of our website readers who want to start their own blog under, have asked us if is possible to get a completely free .com domain without having to pay money or giving your credit card details. Some readers also contacted us regarding advertisements they had seen online, given by Survey websites that offer a .com domain as a reward for completing online surveys.

On behalf of our loyal readers, we decided to conduct a few inquiries with Domain registrars and web hosting companies that offer domain registration to find out if there is any truth to these claims, or are they just scams to fool Indians?

Here’s what we found out

There is no such thing as a Free Lunch Online / So no Free .com domains either

No domain registrar in India or abroad currently offers free domain registration for the .com domain extension. Those that claim to offer a free .com domain charge hidden fees. So they recover the money from you through other means. For example, there are many web hosting companies that offer a free domain with their paid web hosting package.

But, you can still get a domain for Rs 99 only

nettigritty-domains, a Bangalore based domain registrar and web hosting company is running a limited time offer where new .com domain names can be registered for Rs 99 + Tax. Normally a .com domain costs Rs 700 onward so you are getting a huge discount on this domain name. This offer is available for those residing in India and abroad.

To avail the discount you need to use the coupon code HOLIHAI while checking out on their website. This is a limited period offer and is available only until stocks last. It is important to highlight the fact that only the first year domain registration will cost you Rs 99 after a year passes when you want to renew it, you will need to pay the original amount of Rs 700+ tax for each domain.

To register your desired domain name now by using the coupon code HOLIHAI at

A Brief History of .com domain names

  • The first .com domain name was registered more than 31 years ago on March 15, 1985.
  • Verisign, a US company is the domain registry operator who maintains and regulates this domain extension.
  • A new .com domain is registered online every second of the day!
  • There are an estimated 120 million .com domain names registered currently.

So you still want a free domain?

If you are not willing to pay even this amount for getting your first .com you can still get a free .in  or domain from if you sign up for their website builder and email services. The information on how you can get a free domain is given here.

You will need to create a separate account on and verify your details before you can become eligible for the free domain. The promotion is not a scam, we have registered 2 domains using this service.

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