HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card Review: Features, Eligibility, Benefits

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HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card Review: Features, Eligibility, Benefits

Today we will review the HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card and its features, fees, offers, Eligibility, etc.

For those who enjoy the best stuff in life, HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card is created for them. It is one of India’s ultra-luxury credit cards parallel to the HDFC Infinia credit card. Diners Club International backs Diners Club Black Credit Card, and it is the world’s first autonomous credit card firm to issue credit cards and charge cards. This card provides the default 3.3 percent reward rate that beats any Indian market credit card. Their 10X program also speeds up the reward rate on selected partner retailers to a staggering 33 percent. It is presumed that credit card rates in the world are no better than this. This card offers many other attributes apart from the wonderful reward rate, which is designed to be a super-premium credit card.

HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card Review

Eligibility Criteria

This card is aimed at HNIs and is therefore customized to target eligibility criteria.

Customer Profile Criteria
Salaried Age          : Min 21 yrs & Max 60 yrs,
Income   : Net Monthly Income > Rs 1.75 Lakhs per month.
Self Employed Age        : Min 21 yrs & Max 65 yrs,
Income : ITR  > Rs 21 Lakhs per annum

HDFC is inflexible with its eligibility policies for issuing new cards. The exceptions can be provided, however, depending on your affiliation with the bank.


Fee/Charge Amount
First Year Annual Fee Rs.10,000 + taxes
Renewal Membership Rs.5,000 + taxes
Interest-Free days Up to 50 days
Cash Advance Limit 40% of the credit limit
Cash Processing Fee Rs.100
Foreign Currency mark up 2%
Payment return charges 2% of the payment amount (Minimum of Rs.450)
Over limit charges 2.5% of the over the limit amount (Min. of Rs.500)
Late Payment Fee
  • Nil for total amount less than Rs.100
  • Rs. 100 for total amount due more than Rs. 100 up to Rs. 500
  • Rs. 500 for total amount due more than Rs. 501 up to Rs. 5,000
  • Rs. 600 for total amount due more than Rs. 5,001  up to  Rs. 10,000
  • Rs. 800 for total amount due more than Rs. 10,001 up to Rs. 25,000
  • Rs. 950 for total amount due more than Rs. 25,000

Renewal fees are waived if expenditure exceeds 5 Lakhs in the past year. Also, if you have a strong link with HDFC Bank, the first-year fee will be waived off.

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Goods and Services Tax (GST):

  • The applied GST would depend on POP and POS. If POP and POS are in the same state, then CGST and SGST / UTGST would be relevant, and IGST would be relevant.
  • GST For FEE & Charges / Interest transactions: The reporting date will be reflected in the declaration for next month.
  • GST levied will not be reversed on Any dispute on Fee & Charges / interest.

Apply for HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card

What are HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card Benefits?


A feature-packed HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card comes with various lifestyles, fine dining, and travel rewards.

1.Joining & Renewal benefits

  • 5000 welcome points are provided, which amounts to Rs. 5000
  • 5000 renewal points are provided, which amounts to Rs. 5000.
  • Earn 5 Reward Points for every Rs. 150/- retail spends.
  • The reward points can be redeemed for air ticket or hotel bookings made through HDFC Diners Club website.

It is evident that this card alleviates the equivalent amount of reward points for both joining and renewal charges.

You will receive the following reward points:

  • 33% on 10X partners &Smartbuy (temporary offer).
  • 3.3% on all expends (INR 3.3 for every INR 100 spent).

And your savings are increases when you spend with 10X partners. You will be saving so much money, isn’t it?

  • 1 reward point you get is equal to Rs. 1 if it is used for hotel bookings and airline bookings on a particular website.
  • 1 reward point you get is equal to Rs. 0.40 if used to redeem 5 points of reward per Rs. 150 spent,
  • 3.3% reward rate is on 10X profits on Smartbuy and partner brands (Tata, Swiggy, BigBasket, Uber, BookMyShow&Treebo Hotels),
  • Reward rate of 30%
  • The monthly limit on reward points are 15000 bonus points for Smartbuy & 25000 bonus points for partner brands
  • You can convert your reward points into AirMiles via British Airways Executive Club (Avios).

Although temporary, 10X benefits continue to be increased every month. With a reward rate of 33 percent, it is already unrivaled as no card can compare to such a reward rate in this world.

2.Airport Access to Lounge

  • Unlimited Airport lounge access to 700 and more lounges both nationally and internationally,
  • Only the main card members are eligible for lounge access.

HDFC Diner Club Credit cardholders won’t have to rethink before buying anything in global lounges as you can swipe your card there, which isn’t applicable to other cards. No need to bring those additional DragonPass Priority / Dreamfolks.

Add-On Card Lounge Access: Officially, HDFC Bank mentioned that the unlimited lounge benefit is limited only to the main cardmember and not extended to add-on cardholders, but the truth is, they might or might not charge you. Around the world, people had stated that they had to pay for swipes on add-on cards. So, use it only if you want to take a risk!

3.Golf Program

  • Complimentary golf games, approximately 6 in every four months in 20 courses nationally and 40 golf courses internationally.
  • 24-hour Assistance Services in Golf Concierge.

4.Higher Credit Limit 

If you are HDFC Bank Diners Club Black credit cardholder, you will have a limit of 4-8 lakhs whereas its lowest limit is 4 Lakhs.

5.Concierge Services

24-hour Concierge services for the following vectors:

  • Golf Course Reservation Assistance and Referral.
  • Dining Referral and Reservation Assistance.
  • Business Services & Courier Assistance.
  • Car Rental, Hotel Referral, Reservation Assistance, and Flower & Gift Delivery Assistance.


  • You will be protected in case of any air accident with a cover of Rs. 2 Crores.
  • You will get a cover of up to Rs. 50 Lakhs on Emergency Medical Expenses.
  • You will be offered credit liability cover up to Rs. 9 Lakhs.
  • Delay in baggage? Worried that it is lost? Get rid of your worries as you will be offered Travel Insurance Cover of up to Rs. 55,000 on (Capped at $10 per hour limited to 8 hours).

7.Finance charges

  • Low Foreign Currency Markup of 2 percent.
  • Low-interest loan of 1.99 percent per month.

8.Other benefits

  • You can enjoy a 15% discount at partner restaurants.
  • Also, if you are using Global Value Program, you will be rewarded with 1% cashback on international transactions on an annual fee of Rs. 199.

Required Documents 

  1. According to the said requirements, the application should be filled.
  2. You have to submit a scanned copy of your PAN card or Form 60.
  3. You have to submit an identity proof such as Passport, Aadhaar Card, or Driving license.
  4. Income proof such as a copy of your IT returns, latest payslips, and Form 16.
  5. Proof of residence- Aadhaar card or Passport.
  6. 2 colored passport size photographs.


  • The acceptance rate is limited: While Diners Club coverage is increasing every day, it is not as good as Mastercard or Visa. You must always keep a backup card handy.
  • Lounge access limited to primary cardmember: Just like many other super-premium credit cards, they should have extended it to add-on members too.
  • No fuel surcharge waiver: There is no fuel surcharge waiver option with this card. 

Technical Information

  • The card has only 14 digits, and it starts with 36xx.
  • The card will only work where the EDC swipe machine is from HDFC Bank.
  • The card is under the Discover network, so wherever RuPay is accepted, this card will also be accepted.


The reward rate of 33% is so incredible that it beats all the other super-premium credit cards nationally. The 10X program is the best program provided by this credit card around the globe. If offered, do not refuse.

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Question: What is the eligibility criteria to apply for the HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card?

Answer: HDFC has its own set of eligibility criteria which is quite confusing. But if you have income above 15 lakhs then you can easily apply for this card.

Question: Can I use both the 10x rewards and 2x incremental rewards at the same time?

Answer: 10x rewards and 2x incremental rewards cannot be used at the same time.

Question: I am a Business Owner, what is the eligibility criteria?

Answer: For HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card the ITR Should be 21 lacs or more.

Question: How to get the annual fees of Rs 10,000 waived off?

Answer: You need to spend 5 lakh in a year for the annual fees to be waived off.


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