HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review: Fees, Eligibility & Benefits

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Today we will review HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card and will also discuss the card fees, features, benefits, offers, and eligibility.

Luxury, attention, expensiveness, prestigious, lavishness is what all of us want from any entity. We always aspire ourselves for having a prestigious and luxurious lifestyle. By purchasing or having ownership of anything expensive or premium is what gives us self-satisfaction and a feeling of superiority in terms of self-image. Based on such psychological needs of us, many companies have designed various types of products and services. Similarly, financial institutions have developed some financial products which give us the feel of being prestigious and important. HDFC Regalia Credit Card is one such product provided by HDFC Bank.

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card Review: Fees, Eligibility & Benefits

HDFC Regalia Credit Card is a Superior Premium Credit Card provided by HDFC Bank. By the name itself, it shows a sense of prestigious status. It is specifically targeted to those group of customers who are prestigious, premium, and valuable to HDFC Bank. The card provides a lot of luxurious benefits with its regular usage.

Key Features of HDFC Regalia Credit Card:

It is one of the top tier credit cards offered by HDFC Bank, which offers a great lifestyle and travel rewards. Listed below are the key features of this credit card.

  • Quick and Secured Payments: The card features a contactless technology which means you can just wave in your card on the payment terminal or card swipe machine. The card accepts quick and secured payments without entering your 4 digit PIN on the payment terminal. For such way in payments, you need to make a minimum purchase of Rs.2,000.
  • Reward Points: Earning reward points through HDFC Regalia Credit Card is easier and faster than other credit cards. Attractive gifts and rewards are available exclusively for Regalia Cardholders. You can also convert those reward points into Air Miles, which are redeemable across a variety of national and international airlines.
  • Redemption of Reward Points: By spending Rs.150 on your Regalia Credit Card, you can earn 4 reward points, and it expires within 2 years of the points’ accumulation.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Enjoy 0% surcharge on fuel purchases across all petrol pumps.
  • Welcome Bonus: The premium customer will get 2,500 reward points and welcome bonus.

We often go shopping with cash but have you ever thought of shopping with Reward Points? Well, when you shop with such cards you also earn an extra benefit which is reward points, and when you redeem them from the HDFC Bank website itself you get options to convert those reward points into cash or vouchers, or you can choose to shop from those reward points. And guess what? Shopping with those reward points, you don’t have to pay any cash. That’s the actual benefit you get to enjoy using an HDFC Regalia Credit Card. Now let’s learn more about the benefits that come with the card.

Benefits of HDFC Regalia Credit Card:
  • Yearly spending benefits:  You can earn reward points of Rs.10,000 on spending Rs.5 Lakh or higher till an anniversary year. If you spend Rs.8 lakhs and more in a year than you earn Rs.15,000 reward points.
  • Dining Privileges:  You can enjoy the privilege of exclusive dining at around 3000 plus restaurants in the country. You will also get a 15% discount every time you dine out. The names of those eligible restaurants are listed on the HDFC website
  • Interest-Free Period: You can enjoy up to 50 days of interest-free if your previous month’s payments are made on time.
  • Overseas currency mark-up free: You can also enjoy a mark-up fee of 2% on the foreign currency on its usage in other foreign countries.
  • Airport Lounge Privileges: You can enjoy a complimentary Priority Pass Membership for preferential access to over 1000+ airport lounges across the world and 12 free visits to domestic airport lounges in a year. With that priority pass, you are entitled to refreshments, use phones, faxes, internet, conference rooms and add on members.
  • Zomato Gold Membership: With this card, you will be entitled to Zomato Gold Membership for a year with no charge on your card. Along with the same, you will be entitled to 2 drinks with no extra charge on dining out on listed restaurants.
  • Travel Concierge assistance service:  This entitles you to customize your travel experience while making reservations for travel, bookings of hotel rooms, movie ticket bookings, and other services.
  • Air Travel Insurance: This card offers free insurance to the primary cardholder in case of air travel accidents. The air accident death cover is of Rs.1 crore, emergency overseas hospitalisation cover of Rs.15 lakh and credit liability cover worth Rs.9 lakh.
  • Petrol Surcharge Waiver: The cardholder is waived off on fuel transactions. Payments ranging from Rs.400 to Rs.5000 can be waived off with a monthly surcharge waiver cover at Rs.500 monthly bill.

HDFC Regalia Credit Card does offer you the feeling of being treated as being premium, valuable, and enjoying a Luxurious Lifestyle.

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Fees & Charges of the HDFC Regalia Credit Card:

Type of fees or charges Amount (Rs.)
First year membership fee Rs.2,500 + taxes
Renewal membership fee Rs.2,500 + taxes (waived if you spend Rs.3 lakh in one year)
Additional card fee Nil
Revolving credit charges 3.49% per month
Cash advance charges 2.5% of the amount or a minimum of Rs.500
Overlimit account charges 2.5% of the amount or a minimum of Rs.500
Payment return charges 2% of the payment amount subject to a minimum amount of Rs.450
Cash processing fee Rs.100
Rewards redemption fee Rs.99 per redemption request
Late payment fee
  • Less than Rs.100 – None
  • Rs.100 to Rs.500 – Rs.100
  • Rs.501 to Rs.5,000 – Rs.500
  • Rs.5,001 to Rs.10,000 – Rs.600
  • Rs.10,001 to Rs.25,000 – Rs.800
  • Above Rs.25,000- Rs.950
Balance transfer processing fee Rs.250 or 1% of the balance transfer amount, whichever is higher
Railway ticket booking fee 1.8% of the transaction amount +taxes
Re-issue of damaged/lost/stolen card Rs.100
Outstation cheque processing charge
  • Cheque value of less than Rs.5,000- Rs.25
  • Cheque values above Rs.5,000- Rs.50
Foreign currency transaction fee 2% of the transaction amount

For more information about HDFC Regalia Credit Card refer to this PDF from the bank website.

Apply for HDFC Regalia Credit Card
Eligibility for HDFC Regalia Credit Card:

Applicants who are eligible for availing this Credit card should be:

  • At least 21 years of age.
  • Not more than 60 years of age. (65 years for self-employed people)
  • Monthly income must be more than Rs.1.2 lakh for Salaried professionals.
  • Self-employed should have annual income more than Rs.12 lakhs.
  • He/she can be an NRI or resident of India.
  • Should have a Credit score of at least 750 and above.
Check Eligibility for HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Documentation for HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Documentation is the main process for this card so you should have all the following mentioned documents.

  • Identity Proof: PAN Card/ Aadhaar Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Voter ID/ Overseas Citizen of Indian Card/ Person of Indian Origin Card/ Job card issued by NREGA/ Letters issued by UIDAI.
  • Address Proof: Aadhaar Card/ Driving License/ Passport/ Ration Card/ Utility Bill of 3 months old/ Property Registration Document/ Person of Indian Origin Card/ Job card issued by NREGA/ Bank Account Statement.
  • Income Proof: Latest withdrawn 1 to 2 salary slips/ Latest Form 16/ Last 3 months’ Bank statement.

Application Process of HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Since now, all processes are done online; you can apply for this credit card online with the help of the following steps.

  • Open the HDFC Bank’s website and select the Regalia Card Form from the listed options.
  • Click on Apply Online button.
  • An online web form will open where you will be required to fill the details as mentioned over there.
  • Then select the box where it is mentioned that bank authorities will contact you and then submit the form online.
  • After the bank representatives receive your online application, you will receive a phone call or text message on your registered mobile number, and they will inform you over call whether you are eligible or not for the Regalia Credit Card.

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Since Banking is made simpler now through net banking and smartphone applications opting for such offers won’t be difficult.

Aren’t you thrilled about this HDFC Regalia Credit Card? A credit card which gives you so many benefits even also on credit. So don’t wait anymore instead apply for one and you can enjoy the lavish and luxurious lifestyle you have always dreamt for.

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