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Has anyone Won Omaze with Free Entry? Is it Legit?

Has anyone Won Omaze with Free Entry? Is it Legit?

Omaze is a popular online platform that offers individuals the opportunity to win unique prizes and experiences – from dream vacations to meet-and-greets with celebrities, all while supporting various charitable causes. One question that often arises is – has anyone won Omaze with free entry and if the platform is legitimate. While winning a prize with a free entry is possible, the odds may be significantly lower compared to those who contribute financially. However, Omaze has a track record of delivering prizes to winners, and its commitment to transparency and charitable donations adds credibility to its legitimacy. In this article, we will explore how individuals have won Omaze giveaways through free entry and evaluate the platform’s overall trustworthiness.

Has Anyone won Omaze with Free Entry?

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The idea of Omaze emerged after the co-founders of Omaze Matt and Ryan didn’t win a dinner with Magic Johnson and a courtside seat at a Laker’s gamer in an auction. They had the most generous thought “Why should life’s most amazing experiences only go to the rich”. And that was a charity auction, but it only raised $15,000.

They worked on the idea and brought Omaze into existence. Allowing people to indulge in an exciting prize-winning lottery that is at the same time supporting a great cause. In a house draw on Omaze, UK Susan Havenhand who lives in Somerset, UK won the luxury Cotswolds house worth £3,500,000 with just a £10 ticket. Sounds unreal? There are a few rules about the entries and prizes which are listed below.

  • Each free entry is equal to 2,000 entries which will cost you $100 if you opt to donate.
  • The campaign started after May 14, 2020, and the maximum number of entries for any one person is 6000 per person per campaign, and some of the campaigns have different limits which can be seen under the Experience rules.
  • Campaign windows start at 12:00:01 and end at 11:59:59 Pacific Time (“PT”) on the days specified.
  • Omaze does not reveal the total number of entries per campaign.
  • There are some limitations on how frequently someone can be eligible to win a grand or non-grand prize.
    • You may not win a grand prize within the same 18 months of winning a grand prize.
    • You may not receive more than one non-grand prize within a particular sweepstake.
    • Your country may not allow you to receive a certain prize.
  • If you live within 100 miles radius of the site, then Omaze may provide ground transportation or a stipend for ground transportation instead or else you have to arrange all the transportation and any other cost that may occur while receiving the prize.

Is Omaze Legit?

Omaze is definitely legit. Questions about the legitimacy of Omaze are senseless as Omaze is too big to be a scam. Numerous celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even Daniel Craig have advocated the prizes and Omaze legitimacy. Other than this you can check the interviews of the winners after they won and received the prizes as promised. Check the whole list of interview winners here.

What can You Win on Omaze?

There is a variety of winning prizes on Omaze. Some of the prizes are once-in-a-lifetime experiences like a dinner date with some other celebrity, a courtside ticket to a basketball game, expensive cars, houses, cash prizes, and much more. There are some guaranteed prizes or gift cards on paid entries. Omaze may offer some guaranteed perks and gifts on the paid entries.

How to Enter Omaze for Free?

We have already learned has anyone won Omaze with free entry now let us learn how you can enter a chance to win one. To enter any Omaze campaign for free follow the steps given below.

1. Head to the official website of Omaze and click on All Prizes.

Omaze homepage | has anyone won Omaze with free entry
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2. Choose the campaign which you want to join.

Current running campaigns page of Omaze
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3. Scroll down and click on the Enter without contributing button under the paid entry options.

Entry page of the campaign on Omaze | has anyone won Omaze with free entry
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Now fill out the form before the deadline and you are good to go. Once the campaign closes Omaze will choose the winners within 10 business days using an automated drawing process then there will be a confirmation process which will include a background check to make sure the winner meets the legal standards required.

The winner will be informed through email, and they need to respond within the specified time and if there is no specified time then the reply must be within 24 hours of the email sent. If he or she failed to so does Omaze may move on to another randomly drawn potential winner.

Omaze treats each entry whether it be paid or free as equal and 6000 entries done without contributing have the same chances as the paid 6000 entries.

On average Omaze takes 20% of the total donations made as it is a for-profit company for marketing and other expenses. Hopefully, now your legitimacy of Omaze or what is Omaze doubts are cleared, and the question that bothers everyone who wants to win the prizes without any single penny has anyone won Omaze with free entry is answered in the article.

While Omaze does offer free entry options, the odds of winning without making a donation or purchasing an entry are generally very low. Although some individuals may have won through free entries, it is important to remember that it is a legitimate platform known for its charitable fundraising efforts, and the majority of winners are those who contribute or purchase entries.

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