Why is Gurgaon a good option for buying property?

Located adjacent to the Indian capital, Gurgaon in the National Capital Region (NCR), has come a long way from being a tiny little agricultural village, to developing as an industrial hub. Boasting of high per capita income, excellent infrastructure, and optimal connectivity, the Millennium City is a significant industrial and residential center today.

With various international developers introducing new projects across Gurgaon, the demand for property in Gurgaon is fast shooting up. The real estate sector is booming in the city, and the builders are keen on coming up with myriad residential and commercial projects in the area.

If you have been contemplating buying a property in Gurgaon, then here are few things to keep in mind before arriving at a decision.

Strategic location

Spread across an area of 732 square km, the city is strategically located near the capital and is well planned. Gurgaon has become one of the major industrial hubs of North India with many domestic and multinational firms setting up their bases here. The proximity to the airport makes the city attractive especially from the accessibility point of view. The location makes it easier for clients from other cities and overseas to visit organizations in the area.

Gurgaon is not only a major commercial hub but a residential hot spot too. Thanks to the high preference for residences in the vicinity of the workplace, a large number of residential projects are also thriving here. Places like Faridabad, South Delhi, Dwarka among others are quite easy to access from Gurgaon.

Why is Gurgaon a good option for buying property?

Employment opportunities

Many well-known brands operate from swanky offices in Gurgaon. As a result, there are abundant job opportunities available in the city. Furthermore, several other international and national corporations, are looking to set up their offices in Gurgaon too.

Excellent connectivity

The proximity to the capital makes Gurgaon an attractive destination. Metro Railway makes the city well connected to Delhi. Additionally, Rapid Metro also connects the city internally. Also being very close to the airport, the city is great connectivity wise for international companies who need to entertain overseas clients very often.

Residential space

The growth in companies has also brought an influx of high-end professionals from different parts of the country to Gurgaon. This has resulted in great demand for residential properties in the city. Also, many former residents of Delhi prefer staying in Gurgaon to avoid the daily traffic jams, pollution, and an increasing number of crimes. In fact, many well-known players such as DLF, Godrej, Tata Housing, Unitech, Raheja Developers, and many more have various noteworthy and modern housing projects in Gurgaon.

Amenities & upcoming facilities

Different areas in Gurgaon, are developing very quickly, and the city already boasts of new schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, retail markets, and much more. Shortly there are many posh and worth-living sectors in the city expected to develop. Various international developers are also likely to soon introduce many new projects like – special economic zones, shopping complexes, community centers, health centers, luxury apartments, educational institutes, hospitals, 5-star hotels, entertainment parks, and theaters.

To conclude the city’s property market is bustling with many new upcoming developments, like Reliance coming up with Special Economic Zone in the region. Hence the city is an attractive option for people looking to build their dream homes or just investing to reap high benefits later.

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