GetKeywords Review – Best SEO Tool for Keyword Research

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Want to get better SEO results to increase traffic on your website? SEO has become an essential part of the online world today as if you want to stay afloat, you would have to speed up your SEO game. SEO helps get both quality and quantity of traffic, which can drive your business to a different level.

The most helpful way of doing it is by using SEO tools, and one of the best tools is GetKeywords. There were various reviews seen and read on SEO tools, but the GetKeywords review was the best.

GetKeywords Review – Best SEO Tool for Keyword Research

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools support the website owners to list higher in search engine results. They also proffer data and alerts on the overall health and progress of your website. This aids in enhancing web content by analyzing content for keywords, backlinks, and additional SEO factors.

SEO tools also help by showing you the areas of opportunity and spot weaknesses or problems that avert you from ranking and getting visibility in the SERPs.

SEO tools can help you in various areas such as:

  • Local SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Mobile SEO
  • WordPress SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Rank Checking
  • Site speed

Why use SEO tools?

Just imagine making a chair, just by using your hands. You would not go that far? It would be best to have equipment or tools such as a saw, screwdrivers, a measuring tape, etc., to complete it. Same goes for the website, you might make a website, but without using SEO tools, you would not get any information on:

  • How many visitors are viewing your webpages
  • Whether traffic has fallen immensely?
  • What keywords you can apply to get the heed of more visits
  • How you hold up to competitors and where the most incredible opportunities lie.
  • If you have any HTML errors?
  • They enable you to calculate search performance countries, regions, or languages.
  • How many links you have.

Thus, SEO tools can be of great help as they help you sort the data quickly and give accurate results and help you increase more traffic. One such tool can be said to be the best SEO tool, “GetKeywords,” as it is easy to use, and its results are magnificent.

What is GetKeywords?

It is an advanced keyword research and market analysis tool from BlogBing. This software was launched in 2015 by Saurabh Chauhan, and his goal behind making this tool was to assist you in doing the most detailed SEO keyword research to find the right words for your niche. The best thing about this software is that it presents your data easier to browse and responsive dashboards to the users.

This tool is used by thousands of SEO professionals and marketers globally. They help you center on the next generation of keyword research with Audience Insights & Intent-based Keyword suggestions to specifically get what is wanted with the least efforts.

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Features of GetKeywords

Features of GetKeywords

This tool is being used by a lot of marketers and SEO professionals worldwide. The reason why people are giving excellent GetKeywords Review and using it is because of its unique features. Here are the details of some of its characteristics:

Easy to use- This tool is very user-friendly, and anyone can use it without any trouble. Using this tool is very simple and straightforward; even if you are not a tech-person, you would still be easily able to operate it.

Language Filter- There is a unique feature in this app to find any keyword in any language. You have an option to select the language for the keywords. This means that as per your target audience, you can choose the language and the keywords, which can help you gain the attention of more customers and drive them towards your website. They support more than 60 languages, which means that you can choose the appropriate language when you do keyword research for a foreign market.

The dashboard is easy- The dashboard of GetKeywords is simple and straightforward to use, even for new people. You would have to put the keyword and click on the search button; it would automatically provide you with related keywords, SEO difficulties, locations, domain availability, filters, and SERP rankings.

Precise Search Volume with SEO difficulty and SERP- You would get the accurate volume of your hunt with the SEO difficulty. In fact, you also have an alternative to filtering the search volume with search engine ranking and SEO difficulty.

Shows availability of domain- With the help of GetKeywords, you will view a keyword-based availability of the domain. It also shows an exact match domain as per your keyword. An exact match is essential because it is still a ranking factor for various search engines, and it also renders an additional boost for very low competition niches.

Top Location- They also provide you to get the information on the top 5 most searched locations. For example, if you search for the global option, it would show you the top 5 countries. If you search for the state, it will show the top 5 cities’ data. This way, you would be able to focus more on the top countries and market more in the countries where it is searched less.

Location Filter- It enables you to seek keywords for your target location. You would be amazed to know that it is the single tool that proffers this feature. If you want, you can filter your location based on your country, state, or city. GetKeywords have more than 100k plus locations; it is a significant reason people prefer this tool.

Provide Real-Time data- Another mind-boggling characteristic of this tool is that you get real-time data. Data that is 1-2 months old is of no use as it changes continuously. Hence, it is best to have access to real-time data as it helps you change the alteration in your marketing or SEO plans instantly.

Get the advertiser’s keywords- You would get to know the advertiser’s keywords and the help of this tool. Plus, it would also display you people or companies doing their ads for the same targeted keywords. This would help you in changing your plan or using the exact keywords to get more traffic.

Device Friendly- It also renders top devices to create your website device-friendly. The advantage of this is that users would not have to wait long to load the complete website.

Pricing & Plans of GetKeywords

Get keywords offers 3 plans; you can choose one as per your usage and budget. The names of its plans are a start, growth, and executive. You get an option to opt for the monthly or annual plan. It is recommended to opt for yearly plans as they are cost-effective. You can get up to 40% off on annual plans. In every plan, there would be a set limit for searching the keywords.

Let us know about these plans in detail:

1. Startup plan:

a. If you choose the monthly plan, you would have to pay $39 a month. In this, you would get the benefit of searching 25 keywords per day, doing 50 SERP searches every day, and can get up to 700 keyword suggestions.

This was about the monthly plan; if you opt for their annual plan, you would have to pay $24 for a month and get all the benefits as above. But for the yearly plan, you would be able to save $15 a month.

b. The growth plan is $49 for a month, but you get more than double the benefits compared to the startup plan. In this plan, you would get 100 keyword searches every day, 200 SERP searches per day, up to 1500 keyword suggestions, and you can also log in with two systems simultaneously.

Its annual plan is for $29 a month, and rests all the features would remain the same. But, you would be saving $20 a month if you take its yearly plan.

2. Executive plan:

The monthly cost for the executive plan is $69 a month. This plan’s benefits are getting 500 keyword searches for a day, 1000 SERP searches per day, up to 1500 keyword suggestions, and 3 simultaneous logins.

The executive plan’s annual charges are $39 a month, which means you would be saving $30 a month if you opt for the yearly plan over the monthly plan. The benefits of annual and monthly plans would remain the same for all the plans.

Benefits of using GetKeywords

Apart from its amazing features, there are some additional benefits that you can avail yourself of by using this tool. As per the GetKeywords Review, by people, we have made a list of its significant advantages:

1. Top Advertisers– The unique thing about this app is that it would also show you the top 5 advertisers bidding for these keywords. This data can be beneficial as it would tell you the value of the keyword. If your competitor is spending ample money on it, which means it is a profitable market.

2. Top questions- This would show the top questions of what people are searching linked to your keywords. The major benefit of knowing these questions is that you would get to know the searchers’ mindset and what they are more interested in. You can use this data in various ways, such as:

  • You can make those keywords great titles for articles and blog posts.
  • Also, they can be used as H1, H2 in your post.
  • Perfect longtail keywords
  • You can find additional keywords from questions.

3. Keywords filter and save list- GetKeywords fetches the data from Google, and then you can filter it by choosing related keywords, Google Adwords, Question Keywords, etc. The good part is that it also provides you with an option of saving the list of your best keywords.

You would not have to save the keyword separately; instead, you can save it straight away in the keyword list.  Doing this is very simple; comprehend the simple steps:

  • Hit enter on the box next to the keywords you need to add to the list.
  • A Checkmark would arrive on the screen; click on the ‘Add to List’ button.
  • If you yearn to save it in the current list, select the list you want to save it and click on the ‘Save’ button, but if you want to create a new list, type the name and click on the ‘Save’ button.

4. Various options to save- GetKeywords offers you multiple options to save the keyword data; you can do it in various formats. For example, if you want to copy it to your clipboard, then you can copy-paste it. You can save it as a CSV or can also save it as a PDF document.

5. Advanced Keyword Filtering- On GetKeywords, you can not only get suggestions for keywords, but they also offer their users a filter option. With the help of this trait, you can filter the keyword at your discretion. Here are some of the remarkable filter choices for you:

  • Search Volume: MIN – The keywords should have at least this many searches every month
  • Search Volume: MAX – Keywords search volume should be less than this number
  • PPC: MIN – Least number of advertisers for those keywords in Google Adwords
  • PPC: MAX – Highest number of advertisers for those keywords in Google Adwords
  • CPC: MIN – Minimum cost-per-click for the keyword in Google Adwords
  • CPC: MAX – Maxinium cost-per-click for the keyword in Google Adwords
  • Included Keywords: OR – It shows the list of keywords, but it must include at least one of these words
  • Included Keywords: AND – This shows the list of keywords and all the words need to be added
  • Included Keywords – Enters the words you want your keywords to add. Press “Enter” or type “,” to type multiple words
  • Reset – If you want to clear all the filter values
  • Set Filter – Apply the set filters you have chosen for keyword suggestions.
  • Keyword Difficulty: MIN – Minimum average keyword difficulty for keywords
  • Keyword Difficulty: MAX – Maximum average keyword difficulty for keywords
  • Excluded Keywords: OR – Excludes keywords containing one of these words
  • Excluded Keywords: AND – Excludes keywords containing all of these words
  • Excluded Keywords – In this, you need to enter the words you want your keywords not to combine. Press “Enter” or type “,” to enter multiple terms.
  • Enable filter: YES – View keywords with the filter enabled
  • Enabled Filter: NO – View keywords without applied filters
  • Number of Keywords: MIN – The keywords should have this many minimum words
  • Number of Keywords: MAX – The keywords should have less this words count

6. Keywords suggestions list- As per their keyword technique, you can choose and use the filter. This would show you the list of generated keywords, and each keyword would show you the data of monthly search, CPC, PPC, and average keyword difficulty. You would see all this data in a table form, and you can change it ascending or descending form as per your choice.

7. Average Keyword difficulty- For making the keyword research simple and straightforward, they offer an average SEO difficulty score as per search competitors. The number ranges from 0 to 100, and the higher the score, the higher would be the SEO race for that keyword.

8. Search trend data- With the help of this method, you would get the exact search data for every month in a year. The users can view the trend chart for the past four years. The benefit of checking this is that you can know whether the keywords’ interest has increased or declined over the years. You would also get to know more information on seasonal keywords that are famous during a specific time, for example, Diwali Bonanza, Christmas sale, etc.

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Types of Keyword Research by GetKeywords

Get keywords offers it, users, with 13 kinds of keyword research methods. Here are some details on them and choose which form is best for you-

1. Google Adwords keywords- This keyword date comes straight away from the keyword planner within the Google Adwords platform.

2. Related Keywords- This is an excellent method as this Getkeywords uses several data sources to search for the other related keywords for your keywords.

3. Google suggest Keywords- These keywords are shown by Google when you put a keyword or search query within the Google search bar. It is a great way to explore longtail keywords for your target keywords. It is recommended to use these keywords as Google shows these keywords because they search for them the most.

4. Question Keywords- In this would see the most popular questions which are connected with your keyword. When you do SEO, you can use these questions:

  • As longtail keywords
  • For writing articles and blog post titles
  • Getting listed for featured snippet & questions in Google
  • Ides for making supporting content

5. Deep LSI Keywords- It can also be said that you would find the alternative words for your keywords in this search. This is a good method as it eliminates overusing the main keyword. In fact, using these alternatives helps in formulating the opportunity to rank for multiple keywords.

Keywords practice within your content is also an essential on-page SEO factor. Let us understand this by an example; if your keyword is hair loss, then keywords like hair loss, hair loss treatment, hair loss causes, etc., are said to be LSI.

6. YouTube suggest keywords- In this keyword search, you would see the suggestion given by YouTube when you place your keyword in their search bar. This method is useful if you wish to generate YouTube videos and place them high on YouTube. GetKeywords only gets keyword from YouTube but do not give search volume from YouTube.

7. Amazon suggests keywords- These keywords are beneficial if you wish to find buyer intent keywords. As the name suggests, you would get the keyword suggestions by Amazon when you put the keywords in their search bar.

8. eBay suggests keywords- It is similar to Amazon suggests keywords as in this as well you get the keyword recommendations when you insert your keywords in their search bar. This approach is advantageous if you want to seek eCommerce-based keywords.

9. Adwords suggestion by domain- This is an excellent method for buyer intent keywords as in this, and you enter a URL; it would display all the suggested keywords from Google Adwords for that URL.

10. Related keywords by domain- When you put a URL, it would search for all the associated keywords using its data sources linked to that URL.

11. Organic Keywords by domain- If you want to search for your competitor’s keywords, this can be an exceptional method. This technique would show you all the organic ranked keywords for a website.

12. Paid Keywords by domain- Using this method, you can see all the keywords the website is paying for search result ads.

13. Bulk Upload- This technique is pretty different from the methods mentioned above. Here you cannot generate keywords, but it enables you to enter a list of keywords, it can be of 10, 100, or 1000, etc., and it displays all the competitor metrics for it. This method can be profitable if you already have a keyword list and wish to do advanced research.

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Why is the GetKeywords Search trend better than the others?

Why is the GetKeywords Search trend better than the others | GetKeywords Review

They are one step further than the related tools as they show data for the last 4 years, which can help you change the keywords or follow the same if it works well. Additionally, you can also see the click-through rate for searches.

You can get to know how many searchers are clicking on a SERP web listing. For example, if the search volume of a keyword is 100 and it shows the click-through rate of 30%, that means you are fighting for 70 more searches in a month.

Google Search Results count

With GetKeywords tools, you would get to know the total number of Google for that search query. This also shows the basic overview of the market as well.

Organic clicks percentage

With this metric’s help, you would easily calculate an estimated percentage of searchers who will click organic results. The computation of this percentage is done by the number of Ads displayed for the search query. It has been observed that when there are various ads, then the ratio of the organic clicks lessens.

Shows search first page’s advanced elements

This element helps show other advanced features available on the first page, such as top stories, search snippets, YouTube videos, people also SK, etc.

In-depth competitor analysis

GetKeywords help you in fetching in-depth analysis of every web listing on an organic listing. There are several competitor metrics available in the app, such as:

1. Keywords – Total numbers the website is ranking

2. Backlinks – Shows the total backlinks of the website

3. Traffic – Total traffic the website receives

4. FB – Shows the FB shares count

5. Title – It determines whether a specific keyword is used in the title of the webpage

6. URL – The hyperlink of the website which is ranking

Top 10 results

You would love these features of GetKeywords as here you can get competitor analysis beyond the top 10 results. Most people love to compare their performance with the top 10 people in their field, but it is always good to know that you can go beyond the top 10 results. They have a “Load More” option to see others’ performance on the 2nd page.

GetKeywords Pros

  • Various keywords reference to explore.
  • Ability to do keyword research by global, countries, states and cities.
  • Advanced metrics presented, such as the ability to see device ratios, shows the top location, show advertisers.
  • Advanced keyword filtering.
  • Exhibits search trend up to 4 years.
  • Manifests the competitor rankings keywords, traffic, backlinks, FB, and keyword in the title.
  • Displays click-through, organic clicks data & bounce data.
  • Comfortable to use dashboard & mobile-friendly.
  • Extensive SERP analysis with the ability to check data for more than the top 10 websites.
  • 7-day free trial.
  • Realtime data with varied data sources.
  • More than 60+ languages are supported.
  • Creates longtails keywords and questions which people ask online.
  • Keyword list feature, copy to clipboard, export to CSV & PDF.
  • EMD domain availability checker.

GetKeywords Cons

  • It takes 3-10 seconds to load keyword data (It is because of real-time data).
  • No rank tracking module.
  • Doesn’t show PA, DA, & trust score for webpages.
  • It’s not unlimited, but the plan limits keywords & SERPs analysis count.
  • It does not show advanced backlink data (actual links) but only shows the total backlink count.
  • No documentation.

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GetKeywords reviews are fantastic, and people love this tool over other similar tools. It not only offers unique features but is also economical as compared to others. Thus, getting this tool would help you a lot in doing effective keyword research and improving your website’s traffic.

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