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13 Unique Fundraising Ideas


Why should fundraisers be limited to the creativity of its idea? Raising funds on birthdays, weddings and marathons are pretty standard – tried and tested fundraising fare. There are certain fundraising ideas that stand out as creative, unique, and downright unusual. The more unique and appealing it is, the chances of raising more are higher, don’t you think?

Here are 13 unique fundraising ideas that will blow your minds away:

1. Barbeque-a-thon

So, you have been raising funds via classy up-market fundraising events at posh hotels or resorts. How about next time you host a barbeque party in your backyard? Tell your donors that the money being raised is so important that you rather spend most of it on the causes that you are supporting, instead of the event. However, do collect the full amount, whatever you would have charged for the fancy event.

barbeque - 13 Unique Fundraising Ideas

2. Get kids involved

We are in such a frenzy to raise funds that we often ignore the children. We forget that not only are parents keen to involve their kids in various activities, they will be more than happy to pay for the event and in a way end up contributing toward your cause. Conduct picnics, day outs, dancing, modeling, acting activities, etc. for kids to be part of. Set a price that fulfills all that you spent, plus the extra something for your fundraiser.

3. Swap your plants

Raising funds by selling plants is a tried formula. You layout a whole variety of plants, people visit you, pay for the ones they like, and take them home. Here’s a plant sale fundraiser idea with a twist. You don’t sell the plants per se, you just take an entry fee from all who visit you. They then pick up any plant they desire for ‘free’! The money you collect as the entry fee becomes your funds.

4. ‘Pay to work’ day

Times have changed and that has brought people who like to roll up their sleeves and get to work – they like to get involved in what you do rather than just writing cheques. This gives you a great opportunity to hold a ‘pay to work’ which is a combination of fundraising and volunteerism. You simply ask people to make a donation in return to be part of your program/event.

5. Wrap your fundraising events around holidays

There are always days on the calendar which you could take advantage of and get people to contribute. Target major social occasions. Independence Day, Christmas, Diwali, etc. would be good choices. An example would be, you could partner with a local bakery and have people purchase a certain type of cake, where a percentage of the proceeds go toward your cause.

6. A walk with your canines

Walking and running fundraisers are ancient. Here’s a fundraising idea that is a little offbeat. Walk with your canine friends and raise funds. Who knows, maybe your little pup raises the most money?

7. Auction your promises

Visit local businesses and ask them to donate their services for you to auction off. You or your friends could then promise to wash cars, mow lawns, or do household chores for the highest bidder.

8. Midnight/moonlight walks

A perfect fundraiser for those who do not mind walks at night.

9. ‘Clean my windshield’ fundraiser

You can do this at a fuel station or set up a window on the side of a busy lane. Ask people to donate/contribute to your cause to have their windshields washed. Or you can also go knocking at your neighbors’ doors and wash their cars/windshields for them for a small amount of cash for your cause.

10. Bingo

Invite friends, families, and anyone who is willing to be part of your fundraiser to take part in bingo. Charge them a small amount to play with you and win prizes.

11. Film show/premiere at home

Stage a film screening at home. Save your money by asking people to bring their own snacks and also to pay a small amount to watch the movie.

12. Ice-cream Eating

You can either get sponsorship from your nearest ice-cream shop or buy large tubs of ice cream and sell them by the scoops on a hot day.

13. Cooking face-off

Allow talented (and well not-so-talented people) to show off their culinary skills by paying to participate in your cooking competition. Allow people from outside to participate, taste, and vote for the dishes by paying a small fee. *Here’s an extra one…a bonus fundraising idea, just for you:

14. Twitter Fundraiser

If we look at Twitter from a fundraising perspective, it’s an amazing platform to engage donors and potential donors.

Over the last couple of years, Twitter has steadily been on the rise in helping to raise millions for charitable causes and spread the word about social issues.

Sushma Singh

Sushma Singh

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