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Free Mambu Microfinance Software for small MFI’s

Free Mambu Microfinance Software for small MFI's

Free Mambu Microfinance Software for All the Little Guys

Finally, all the small MFIs, NGOs, and microfinance do-gooder’s out there can have access to technology to manage their clients and portfolios for free. Mambu has just launched its revamped Community edition which gives an organization of up to 1500 clients, access to all the tools they need to run their operations – including accounting totally free!

Free Mambu Microfinance Software for small MFI's


Revamped Editions

Today Mambu announced an overhaul to their editions and officially introduced the Enterprise edition! These two simultaneous changes open the door for small MFI’s and NGO’s by giving them free access to the tools they need while giving large organizations the powerful technology they demand.

The three major changes in the free Mambu Community Edition are:

  • Integrated Accounting – the core piece of successfully running a microfinance operation is now available to all organizations: online, secure and free
  • Unlimited Users – it’s important that everyone in an organization has access to the operational information, without the security risk of having to share passwords
  • Increased Client Limits – now you can use Community edition with up to 1500 clients, giving MFIs more time to build their business before having to pay for technology

Now there’s simply no reason to run a microfinance operation on paper or spreadsheets or hire developers to slap together a patchwork piece of software. Mambu Community opens the doors for all small MFIs to handle their technology needs and put them on the right track as they grow their operations.

Keeping the goal of catering Community to everything that MFIs need, Mambu Professional now has all the features an MFI wants. From bulk collections to aging analysis, contract and receipt printing to image uploads and historical analysis, Mambu Professional is there to take MFI operations to the next level of efficiency. It’s also now available with a 45-day free trial so you can be sure it’ll meet your needs before you commit to it.

Last but not least, is the rollout of the Enterprise Edition of Mambu. Running on its own infrastructure and supported by a dedicated Account Manager, Enterprise is there to meet the demands of large and established financial organizations. Three major features give Enterprise the power to be the core platform of any organization: Business Intelligence allows for the generation and creation of any imaginable report on your data; SMS gives massive scale by automating notifications and API’s truly open the door to the endless possibilities of extending the platform and connecting it to mobile money providers, banking agents or financial switches. Look for more details on these new features in the coming months or contact Mambu for a sneak peek.


Mambu is excited to be able to deliver technology to larger enterprises while giving small organizations the tools they need to succeed in the critical early days of a new microfinance organization. These changes align Mambu even more with the goal of enabling microfinance for organizations of all sizes.

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