How to Earn Money with Google AdSense?

Written By Sushma Singh

Does seeing so many websites and blogs make you anxious about how they make money? Or Are you going to start your own blog/website but don’t know how to make money? Well, the answer is quite simple, its Google AdSense. Discover how to earn money with Google AdSense in this article.

In recent times, the trend for earning money has changed drastically. Do you feel the same? Everyone intends to earn money just sitting at home in front of the desktop. But the question that arises in the mind is that are there any such options available through which a decent amount of money can be earned? If you as well are sailing in the boat, then don’t worry there are numerous options to make money from the internet but it requires your time and hard work.

There are thousands of people globally who are earning money online in different ways but one of the best and easiest way of doing it is through Google AdSense. It is the best-proven success method for lots of bloggers to earn money with Google.

It is an absolutely free service that is offered by Google particularly for the publishers so that they could monetize their web content. A publisher can be anyone with the YouTube channel, website, blog or from any other online platform. It is the most renowned method of monetizing the content and a great step for people who wish to earn online. It has made many billionaires in the world and is still making more.

Why only Google AdSense?

The reason why people recommend using it is that it is very easy to use and once its configuration is done, you just need to sit back and see money crediting to your account. The best part is that you would not have to worry about the online scams as it is related to Google, so it is safe to work with them. Next thing is that they pay you well and on time.

How Google AdSense works?

Starting with Google Adsense is pretty simple. The first thing that you would require is a blog or YouTube channel to get the approval for AdSense account. Now, you would have to create a free account in their program, you can use your Gmail account to create one.

Once your account has been created to would have to add an AD code to your website. As in this step, Google would review your blog and see if you have followed the guidelines. Copy and paste the HTML code on the blog, so that Google can check your blog content and if you have adhered to their policy your account would get approved and you would see ads displaying on your pages.

As your account gets approved from Google AdSense, then you would have to fill the payment instructions to receive payments. Once all this is done, then comes the most vital part which is to drive more and more traffic to your blog, so that you can increase the revenue.

How to earn money with Google AdSense?

Making money from this source is facile but needs a lot of hard work. In Google AdSense revenue can be generated based on the clicks that your Ad receives in every 24 hrs. One of the most important things to remember is that only unique clicks would be counted for revenue distribution.

Here are the few steps that you would need to follow for earning money from Google AdSense:

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  • Create a blog. Making your only blog is a simple process and it would just take half an hour to set up an amazing blog
  • The next step is publishing content on your blog. It can be anything that you like such as related to fashion, cooking, politics, technical, etc.
  • Once your content is ready, now apply for Google AdSense as mentioned in the last paragraph
  • Once the account gets approved, Place AdSense ads on the blog
  • Now, each time a visitor would click on the ad you would get paid for that

This means that after setting the account your goal should be attracting more people towards your blog so that you could earn more money from it.

How much can you earn from AdSense?

This is one of the most basic questions that every beginner asks about. Well, there is no exact count but yes people are earning thousands of dollars from it every month. If you wish to calculate your income, here is an estimate for you. If you want to earn $500 dollars a month and would be working 30 days in a month. So, $500 divided by 30= $16.66 a day.

Thus you would have to earn $16.66 every day to earn $500. You need to create 17 pages on your blog or website to earn $.50 per page every day.

But the truth is that no one can predict the net earning from a blog, it would solely depend on few factors such as niche, competition, total traffic that your website receives, ad placement, type of content, targeted traffic that you are receiving and also the number of ads in your niche.

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Thus if you want to increase revenue fro AdSense, then you should put 1 ad on the top of your article, the other on the sidebar and if you have some more then you can place it at the end of the article.

Things to Consider while using Google AdSense

It is paramount for you to know that following their policies should be your first priority. As, if you do not follow them, they cancel your account and payments. So here are a few important points to remember about Google AdSense:

  • Invalid Click: It is critical for you to ensure that you do not get any fake or invalid clicks as this is the major reason why most of the AdSense accounts get banned. There are people who ask their friends or relatives to click on the ad by various IP addresses if this gets detected then the AdSense team blocks or disables your account
  • Using it on an Unsupported Language Blog: You need to ensure that all languages are supported and qualified for the Adsense program. The reason is that Google does not support all the languages. If the language that you have chosen does not qualify as per Adsense TOS, and you are using your Adsense account to show it on a blog, you need to make changes immediately. Moreover, it will be considered a violation if you use any method to make your blog serve ads optimized and multilingual.
  • Hosting Copyright Content: Do not ever put any copyright stuff on your site as Adsense will not allow you to do so. That is why Adsense will never support the content and media like Movies, Songs or other related files.
  • Incentivized/Bot Traffic: Many publishers are using bot traffic to get clicks and get bulk impressions on live chat. To get those clicks, they deal with third-party software through click-exchange programs, paid-to-surf, paid-to-click, auto-surf programs, etc.
  • Manipulating Targeting: One of the leading ways of doing advertisement are Well-Targeted ads. While many publishers manipulate the audience targetting to get more traffic. However, this is one of the ways to engage your site with invalid traffic. Not only this, some publishers manipulate the keywords SEO to drive high volume traffic for reaching out to high bid value ads.
  • Linking the site to illegal or adult content- This is one of the reasons due to which their site is banned by Adsense. Adsense is a family safe network. The following type of sites/ads are brought down by Adsense immediately:
  1. Racial Content
  2. Porn/adult material
  3. Violent content
  4. Gambling/Casino
  5. Hacking/Cracking
  6. Distribution of course work like Student essays
  7. Pages/websites involved in selling Weapons and Ammunition
  8. Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Any Kind)
  • Advertisement Label: Nowadays, many publishers are using the pop-up options which include ‘Click Here to chat with this hot chick’ or ‘Click Here to Win a Prize Money’. Although these may encourage clicks in the beginning but not in the long run. It will only deteriorate your goodwill and image.
  • Altering the Adsense Code: It is not at all permitted by Google to ever change your Adsense Code. Being a programmer, it might sound a great idea to shade the image and place the Adsense Image Ad Unit with the Adjacent Image. Once you do this, Google Adsense will ban you.
  • Competitive Contextual Advertisement: If you are using Google Adsense as an advertising program, you are not allowed to use any other contextual advertising program. However, you can still use other ad networks for monetization.
  • Sending Ads on Email- It is against the Google policies to send any kind of adverts within the email. It does not matter if it goes viral, if Adsense would know about these ads sent on email, it might ban you.


Google Adsense is one of the highly rated and recognized available programs. You would be lucky if your Google Adsense gets approved as it means that you are on the right track. You also need to follow Google Adsense best practices from the beginning to ensure the sustainability and authenticity of your ads or account to keep it up and running.

I hope now you know how you can earn money with Google Adsense and what things to consider while using Adsense. But if you still have any queries regarding this guide then feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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