Government Sponsored E-Mahile scheme shatters lives in Karnataka

The ‘E-Mahile’ scheme of the State government, meant to empower women, shattered the lives of Jayashree of Ergatti village in Savadatti Taluk of Belgaum district. Her husband Somaiah Mallaiah committed suicide unable to bear the humiliation meted out by moneylenders.

In Mysore, another man attempted suicide when bank officials frequented his house for the recovery of the loan, which his wife Meena had taken a year back under the scheme. The status of the other 106 women chosen under the scheme across the State is no different.

At least six men divorced their wives due to this empowerment scheme while a large number of ‘beneficiaries’ had to sell their land and valuables to repay their debts.

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Government Sponsored E-Mahile scheme shatters lives in Karnataka

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