High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List (Verified)

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Are you thinking of bookmarking your website link for better SEO opportunities? If yes, then it is imperative to make sure you chose the best social bookmarking sites list.

Before we illuminate you about the top social bookmarking websites list, let’s inform you about what is meant by social bookmarking?

High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is an online service allowing tagging of a website page with a browser-based tool. Primarily, this process facilitates all the users to revisit the website anytime they want, hassle-free. In other words, social bookmarking is the process in which users can add, edit, share and annotate bookmarks of web documents.

The bookmarking websites also allow users to share enticing articles, website links, blog posts, articles, images, and videos. These websites are a one-stop solution for managing/organizing and storing crucial links. One of the best features of these websites is that it allows users to search by topic.

In 1996, when these online bookmark management services were launched, they provided great support to content marketers and social media platforms. The term ‘social bookmarking’ and ‘tagging’ were popularised after social bookmarking sites came into action.

Why is it important to Choose the Best Bookmark Site?

One can relate their website or blog to a different niche only with the help of social bookmarking websites. In addition, it is also beneficial for getting backlinks with organic search traffic.

Moreover, it is only the bookmarking site that enables you to organize and manage your valuable web pages and blogs and even revisit them.

Also, social bookmarking is one of the primary factors that help improve the search engine ranking of your website and blogs. At the same time, it also allows you to optimize and share bookmarks for your content.

Several companies are spending way too much money on digital marketing methods to increase their value and providing users with a better customer experience. However, using an ideal social bookmarking for your website is a great way to enhance the ranking of your website as it is one of the most effective off-page SEO techniques.

Other factors that make it indispensable for a company to choose among the top social bookmarking sites list are mentioned below:

1. Popularity: As humans operate social bookmarking sites, which implies robots cannot use this technique. It concludes that it brings organic traffic and visitors to your blog/website, helping your website become renowned. This overall leads to bringing in more traffic.

2. Profitability: The more will be traffic on your website, the more revenue will be generated. Using efficient bookmarking sites will ensure better and consistent returns on investment as it helps increase the sales of your commodities and popularise your services.

3. SERP Ranking: Your SERP ranking is improved for your target keywords after submitting your links to social bookmarking sites.

4. High PR Backlink: Opting for a superlative bookmarking site to bookmark your blog post or website, then you will get a high PR backlink.

Bookmarking technique is also beneficial for branding, promotion, and indexing of websites or articles/blogs.

Significance of Social Bookmarking

  • The domain and page authority of your website or blog is improved because of increasing traffic.
  • Getting quality links back to your website becomes easy after bookmarking your blog pots and website in high DA social bookmarking sites.
  • The bounce rate decreases with the increase in interested audiences’ ratio.
  • You will get an opportunity to make your website or blog appear to thousands of people and make your profile socially active.

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How to get started with Social Bookmarking?

Different social bookmarking sites involve a distinctive process of allowing you to bookmark your website. For instance, getting approval on social bookmarking sites such as reddit.com can be quite challenging. It is because they do not allow spamming. One needs to be more socially active in getting approval on these types of sites.

Are you a newbie in SEO? If yes, you must go through the top social bookmarking sites with high DA and PR diligently.

You can also make a captivating profile intrigued with appropriate information for the target audience. For instance, always add these sections on your blog, including Comment, like others, share, upvote, as this will drive more traffic towards your blog.

Always ensure to create an intriguing title and concise description for your blog post. The description should cover all aspects that your blog is enlightening about. Highlight and add the targeted keywords, and choose the category that fits the best with your post link.

How to Bookmark your website?

1. Follow these 2 steps for the sites in which the account registration is mandatory

a. Once you sign up from the login/registration page, always choose the log in via a third party of any social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail.

b. Once you have signed up, you can effortlessly mark any website link or blog post with a supported web address relevant to submission or bookmarking.

2. Only follow this step if the account registration is not required

a. In this case, you do not need to visit the login page and sign up. Just select your website link with a supported web address and click submit. Once you do this, you will receive an approved link for submission, social bookmarking, or sharing.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2021

Numerous SB sites are available today; however, we have prepared the social bookmarking sites list; proving to be appropriate for your website or blog:

1. Reddit.com (Domain Authority – 90)

Reddit is an ideal social bookmarking site where you can create the topic and share it with others via social media platforms in the form of images, videos, and links. This platform is competent in providing your website immense traffic as Reddit is clogged with gaming discussion. Not only about gaming, now people have started talking about various other topics as well.

Overall, it leads to a boost the traffic. Moreover, it is an ideal social bookmarking site for your website based on technical content. Plus, it has a user base of more than  330 million users worldwide.

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2. Google Bookmarks (Domain Authority – 100)

As the name suggests, this social bookmarking site is owned by Google. Through this magnificent platform, you can share images, content, and videos across various interest-based groups (also called Collections), communities, and circles.

One can avail of this service for free; who are Google Account Holders. It was launched in 2005 and is entirely separate from the bookmarks function or browser-based bookmarking on any popular browser, including Google Chrome.

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It also allows people to store the topics or content they are intrigued with and share it with their friends or acquaintances.

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3. Stumbleupon.com (Domain Authority – 97)

High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List (Verified)

You do not need to create and register some other account to list your website over this platform, and your Gmail account is enough to avail services of this impeccable bookmarking site. Stumbleupon community is owned by eBay, having a massive user base.

Listing your website to Stumbleupon will bring immaculate results as you will notice an increase in traffic only after a few days. The wide range of users of Stumbleupon will be redirected to your website, leading to a boost the traffic.

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4. Newsvine (Domain Authority – 91)

It is another social bookmarking site that is one of the oldest sites. It is highly reliable as thousands of users are already using this renowned platform to increase their website’s engine search ranking and boost traffic organically.

Moreover, Newsvine is well known for providing various features to its users, allowing them to share images, videos, and blogs with other individuals. Simultaneously, the platform does not charge anything to list your website, which is the best part.

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5. Flipboard (Domain Authority – 90)

Flipboard is used by top-rated bloggers and SEO experts to share quality information. It allows you to curate the word top stories that enhance the value of your website and blog.

This platform allows you to publish blogs or other content and captivating links to drive traffic to your website. Start registering to this platform and see astonishing results.

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6. Delicious (Domain Authority – 96)

Delicious helps you save web pages and content on which you want to come back later anytime without interruption.

If you want to improve your website’s search engine ranking and boost its visibility, do not give it a second thought. You can opt for Delicious.com as it is featured with the top-rated domain authority. This platform provides a free listing option, plus listing your website on Delicious is simple and straightforward.

It is a transparent and reliable platform through which millions of people have obtained considerable traffic for their website.

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7. Digg.com (Domain Authority – 98)

High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List (Verified)

Digg is a platform offering immense features helping all types of websites to enhance their ranking in search engines. This platform allows you to bookmark, compile, save, archive, and tag web pages of your interests.

This website was founded in 2012, which is known for providing a comprehensive range of services.

It is one of the most preferred bookmarking sites all across the globe as it offers bountiful tweaks. At the same time, it also provides users an option to find intriguing content from a wide range of users.

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8. Slashdot (Domain Authority – 91)

Slashdot comes under the best social bookmarking sites list focusing less on tech news and trends. However, Slashdot is best known for its user-friendly functionalities and can fulfill all your requirements effortlessly.

Users can easily share links, images, videos, content such as articles or blogs, and other data through this platform to bring more traffic.

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9. Pinterest (Domain Authority – 94)

Although Pinterest is a social media networking site that operates similar to a social bookmarking site, just like you can create boards and save content (which is called Pinning) in bookmarking sites, you can do the same on this platform.

You need to click on the Add button to create your own board. Here, you will get 3 different options. Clicking on the ‘Add a Pin’ option will allow you to add bookmarks manually, only if you are not using the bookmarklet tool.

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10. Bizsugar (Domain Authority – 80)

High DA Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List (Verified)

Bizsugar can help your website grow and boost website traffic for free. The best part is the traffic will be organically increased.

In addition, Bizsugar provides you with a wide array of features. This bookmarking site is an ideal choice for all small-scale ventures who want to grow traffic to their website and increase their visibility.

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Is Dofollow Backlink provided by all Social Bookmarking Sites?

It entirely depends upon the social bookmarking site webmaster, who is accountable for managing all site activities. Some websites provide you Dofollow Backlink, but some of them do not think about the link status.

Is Social Bookmarking Link Permanent?

If you list your website on scam social bookmarking sites that are labeled as Spamming websites by Google, in that case, your bookmarking link can be removed automatically. Other reasons for link removal are listed below:

  • Due to some Google Core update
  • To make your website safe from Google penalties
  • The site owner removed your link due to some reason

However, listing your website to a reputed and reliable bookmarking site will never let your social bookmarking link be deleted.

What is an Ideal Social Bookmarking Description?

Looking from an SEO perspective, bookmarking content is a very crucial element that plays an important role in improving your search engine ranking and your website’s visibility. Always ensure not to use fancy words; keep it simple, informative and crisp, so that it sounds coherent and users find it interesting to read.

The description should always match your title. It is also suggested to never stuff the keywords unnecessarily in the description as it will look naive and drop a bad impression.

Reasons for Bookmarking Sites to Delete your Bookmark?

There could be several reasons for the removal of your social bookmark or link from social bookmarking sites, including:

  • If the port is copied from any other source
  • If it contains the same title.

The Social Bookmarking Sites List mentioned in this guide is written after proper research catering to audiences and their requirements. We understand how crucial it is for your website to select the perfect social bookmarking site. Hence, we have developed this complete list of social sharing sites that will help boost your website’s traffic organically.

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You can try and check all the websites and select any one based on your personal preference and suitability. Remember, choose it shrewdly after analyzing all the aspects as it is a significant SEO activity on which your brand’s image depends the most.

You can write to us if you have any further questions, or if you have some suggestions. You can drop your comment in the below comments section.

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