Top 15 Cryptocurrencies to Invest other than Bitcoin (2022)

Written By Sushma Singh

You must have heard the name Bitcoin at some point in your life, some of you must have invested in it, and some of you may not have believed in its reality and didn’t invest. Well, now Bitcoins are out of reach based on the cost you have to pay for it. However, we have come up with Top 15 Cryptocurrencies to Invest other than Bitcoin. Read on!

Bitcoin was originated way back in 2009 but was almost nonexistent until 2013. It was the first to set the trend of cryptocurrencies, and the market is still attracting many new investors regularly. But it is not the only type of cryptocurrency in which you can invest. Its large pool of more than 15k types of cryptocurrencies available across the globe. And they have a huge capital in the market as well. Some are old, which were initiated along with Bitcoin itself, but few of them are recently launched and have been showing exponential growth.

But before going to the details of the top 15 cryptocurrencies, one should have proper knowledge of what a cryptocurrency is. So, let’s begin.

Cryptocurrency means a type of digital or virtual form of money which is available in the form of coins or tokens. While some cryptocurrencies also try to reinvent themselves in the form of credit cards and other aspects, the majority of them are completely imperceptible to the touch. If we get into the literal meaning of the word “Cryptocurrency,” we will find that the first word Crypto infers to cryptography, which is a complicated part of digital security and the second part is Currency which infers money. So the term means a digital and secure form of coinage.

Now let’s have a look on the list of the 15 top-notch cryptocurrencies that you can consider to invest in other than bitcoin this year:

Top 15 Cryptocurrencies to Invest other than Bitcoin (2022)

1. Ethereum (ETH)

Other than Bitcoin, you can consider Ethereum crypto for your investments as it is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. It was developed and launched in 2015. Ethereum has been the colonist of the Sovereign State of dispersing application and smart contracts, which are said to be completely free from any kind of fraud, downtime, or any disturbance from a third party. As of now, the Ethereum capital market value is $15.6 billion, and it has the rate of each token as $142.54.

2. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple was invented to provide low-cost cross border payments and with end to end authentication and transparency. It is an international pact network that works in real-time and offers very low-cost worldwide payments that, too, without any delay. It is the third-largest cryptocurrency currently and is counted as a very successful brand in the world of cryptocurrencies as it has a market capital of $9.2 billion and the value of each token is $0.21.

3. Litecoin (LTC)

It is one of the few currencies that started with Bitcoin and was known to be the silver to the gold of Bitcoin. Although it is very similar to Bitcoin, it is said that it provides better transaction confirmation if compared to bitcoin because it has a much faster block generation rate. It is currently the sixth-largest cryptocurrency in the world and has a market capitalization of 3 billion dollars in 2022, and the value of each token is 46.9 $.

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4. Tether (USDT) 

Tether is one of the most famous blockchain-enabled platform which is specifically designed to provide the facility of the utilization of flat coinage in a digital way. As per the current information, Tether is the fourth-largest company of cryptocurrency in the world, and as of now, it holds the market capitalization of $4.6 billion and $1 as its per token value.

5. Bitcoin cash (BCH)

The Bitcoin cash is one of the initial altcoins, and it has been popular because it is the subsidiary of the original Bitcoin. It was established in 2017 and has now captured the market with the total capital of $4.4 billion and value for its one unit of $240.80.

6. Libra (LIBRA)

This is a special case in the world of cryptocurrencies, the LIBRA has been trending and is the most hyped brand even before its launch. It is developed by Facebook, and because of the reach that Facebook has, it is expected that it will have massive attention from across the cryptocurrency world as soon as it is launched in the market.

7. Tezos (XTZ)

Originated by the French team, it is always going to be an important part of the cryptographic coinage world. It is said that it has been programmed multiple times to improve the protocol and make it more secure. It is expected to have an annual return of approximately 6 to 7 percent on your stakes.

8. Monero (XMR) 

Monero is an untraceable cryptocurrency and is very private and secure. It was launched in 2014 and is an open-source cryptocurrency. It gained attention as soon as it was launched because it was focusing on scalability, and it used a special algorithm, which is the ring signatures. It currently holds the market capitalization of more than $994 billion, and the value of one token of this cryptocurrency is $57.16.

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9. EOS 

It is a new digital currency launched in 2018. It was created by a legend ‘Dan Larimer’ who is also the creator of ‘steemit,’ which is a social media platform that is based on blockchain. EOS is said to be similar to Ethereum. It also offers a special platform for developers where they can build applications that are decentralized. It has a market capitalization of $2.7 billion in 2020 January, and the value of one token of EOS is $2.85.

10. Bitcoin SV (BSV)

It is the more recent invention after the Bitcoin cash. It is the child of the child of the original Bitcoin. The full form of SV in BSV stands for “Satoshi Vision.” It is specialized in very fast transactions and very less processing time and also it is very much secure. BSV’s capture $2.1 billion of market capital along with each token value of $114.43.

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11. Binance Coin

It is the official coinage of the very famous “Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.” It was launched in 2017. However, the platform came into being recently but has gained global attention due to its trading volume. It can be used for paying transactional fees on exchange and can also be utilized to pay for some of the services and goods that may include travel fees etc. it holds the market capitalization of $2.3 billion with a token charge of $14.71 as per the report of January 2020.

12. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is also a blockchain platform that can be utilized to create smart contracts as well as decentralized apps. It is the third generation of the blockchain platforms. Cardano is an open-source platform that claims to be easily governor bill and scalable, just like Ethereum. It is a better option for you if you think you are going to invest for the long-term. Currently holds the market capitalization of $1.23 billion.

13. VeChain (VET)

VeChain based on blockchain, but it is different from others as it is built for enterprise-level and is aimed to provide a distributed ecosystem for the business that is scalable and self-circulating. Initially, it was focused on being built as a supply chain management tool based on IoT, but later it was created for much more than that. It holds the market capitalization of $314.85 million.

14. NEXO

With a history of more than ten years, NEXO is known as the world’s first provider of crypto-backed loans that was supported by ‘credissimo,’ which is the leading group of European financial Technology. If you are looking for something that will give you returns in terms of equity, then you can go for NEXO. The market capital for Nexus as of now is 86.81 million.

15. eToro

Etoro has its history of existence across Europe and the United Kingdom. But now it has been extended to the United States as well. On your digital platform, they provide a variety of different acids that you can sell or buy. An additional advantage of using this platform is that they have the facility of a practicing trading account, which will give you an insight into how it is to trade in such an environment before using the actual funds.

Whatever is the cryptocurrency you choose, just make sure that you can bare the amount that you invest. It’s better to play it safe. Initially invest only a limited amount of money that you can get over with if by any chance you lost. Also, make sure that you have valid wallets that can hold your funds of investment as it is safe to prevent any chances of mishap.

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One more thing that you should know about investing in this digital currency is that here it does not matter which country are you based in. Being an Indian citizen, you can also invest in the cryptocurrency of the US, UK, or anywhere else. Some of the economic experts also predict that the cryptocurrency will take over the traditional investment systems soon. But there isn’t any cryptocurrency that can be tagged as the best of all as this digital market is not yet stable and is volatile.

I hope the article has provided some value and it will help you choose among the Top 15 Cryptocurrencies to Invest other than Bitcoin. But if you still have any queries or if you like to add anything to this guide please feel free to reach out using the comment section.

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