Certificate of Registration for NGO Trust and Society 2014

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Payment of Registration Fee

Normally fee of Rs. 50/- to Rs.1000/- (depending on the state law) is payable as a registration fee of a society and it should accompany the request for registration payable in cash or by Demand Draft. In Union Territory of Delhi, the Registrar intimates the applicant society by a letter stating that all the formalities have been completed and the documents filed are acceptable. The applicant society is required to deposit the registration fee after receipt of this letter.

Formalities of registration and requirement of documents etc. may differ slightly from State to State. The applicants may, therefore, contact the Registrar of Societies having jurisdiction in advance.


On receiving the documents mentioned above the Registrar shall satisfy himself about the compliance of the provisions of the Act and correctness of the documents and then certify in his hand that the society is registered under the principal Act 1860 or other corresponding Acts.

Obtain Certified Copies of the Rules and Regulations

The presumption that the society was duly registered under the Act arises not on the Certificate of Registration granted by the Registrar but on copies of the Rules and Regulations and Memorandum certified under section 19 which constitute them prima facie evidence of the matters therein contained.


Certificate of Registration for NGO Trust and Society 2014

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