25 Best Medical Schools In The World

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We all know the importance of medicine in our lives. Its importance and demand have made it a field that is highly regarded albeit difficult to get into. It is one of the most desirable professions and each year tons of students apply to various medical schools around the world to get the chance to enter this field. Competition is tough in this field as every student wants to get selected into the top medical colleges in the world. In this article, we will inform you about the best medical schools in the world that are known for their outstanding teaching staff and facilities.

25 Best Medical Schools In The World

Getting selected into these schools requires focus and dedication but once you get selected, your future is set as a medic. These schools have world class teachers that will help students hone their skills. Let us now begin our list.

1. Harvard University

Harvard University website

It is one of the top medical colleges in world that has ranked no.1 in the Best Global Universities. It is based on performance and spreads excellence all across the globe. As a university, it is made up of undergraduate medical courses. The university’s academic calendar is semester based, with English being the sole language of instruction. There are more than 70 libraries and 19 million books, and the volumes have made it one of the largest academic libraries in the world.

  • Total number of students- 21,575
  • Academic staff- 2,298
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,573
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 1,824

2. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University website

One of the best medical colleges in world, John Hopkins University is ranked as the 9th best Global University. It is categorized based on performance, excellence, and success rates. The university has nine academic divisions that extend education in arts, science, engineering, medicine, nursing, international relations, and public health.

The undergraduate students are involved in the research with the faculty’s help and participate in various award ceremonies. The programs offer finance to the students for good educational support.

  • Total number of students- 16,552
  • Academic staff- 3,812
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 1,389
  • Doctoral degrees award- 683

3. University of California, San Francisco

University of California, San Francisco website | Best medical schools in the world

The University of California in San Francisco follows hardcore professional schooling for undergraduates and Master students. The number of student enrollment has increased by an average of 3000 per year. There are four programs: graduate, doctorate, certification, and physical therapy. The university is ranked for its several specialties’ under UCSF Medical Center (the leading teaching hospital). They have partnered with companies like Pfizer and GE healthcare for research fellowships. It is one of the top medical colleges in world.

  • Total number of students- More than 3000 each year
  • Academic staff- 2000+
  • Undergraduate degrees award- N.A.
  • Doctoral degrees award- N.A.

4. Stanford University

Stanford University website

One of the best medical schools in world, where most of the students are at the graduate level, has a great experience overall. The degrees offered here are in humanities, science, medicine, and engineering. Here the medical degree is only at the graduate level. 90% of the students get jobs on campus. The university is known for funding $1 billion in student research from the Federal Government. This funding is for performing projects at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in the U.S. Department of Energy lab operated by Stanford.

  • Total number of students- 16,319
  • Academic staff- 2,227
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 1,893
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,040

5. University of Toronto

University of Toronto website

It is one of the best medical colleges in world and ranked 16th as the top Global University based on performance and excellence indicators. The university offers 700+ Undergraduate Programs and 200+ Master’s degrees, with medical being one of the central departments. It has more than 44 libraries with more than 19 million books available. Banting and Best Diabetes Centre of this university are named after the researchers who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology for their exceptional works.

  • Total number of students- 75,821
  • Academic staff- 2,972
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 12,248
  • doctoral degrees award- 1,767

6. University of Washington

University of Washington website | Best medical schools in the world

One of the best medical schools in the world, the University of Washington ranks as the 7th best global university based on the excellent performance of the students over the years. Around 70% of the students are at the undergraduate level exploring 370+ programs. As per reviews, the fees are high, so the students work on campus.

It is one of the top medical colleges in the world, offering medicine, nursing courses and 280 specialized research centers. The university of Washington provides community-based medical programs to complete clinical rotations in various states. It increases the number of rural physician care offered by graduates.

  • Total number of students- 47,606
  • Academic staff- 4,596
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 8,341
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,470

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7. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania website

It is one the best medical colleges in world, ranked 13th as the best Global University. The structure of the university is a semester-based academic calendar, with English being the sole language. It organizes various specialized subjects taught here. Medicine, design, nursing, and social policy are top-rated among them. It is affiliated with the hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian. The students get good funding for further research. Fellowship is offered to the students for their projects.

  • Total number of students- 21,211
  • Academic staff- 3,300
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 2,931
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,208

8. University of Oxford

University of Oxford website

Ranks as the 5th best Global University and the top medical schools in the world. The calendar is divided into three terms Michaelmas (fall), Hilary (spring), and Trinity (summer). English is the sole communicating language. It is the central university in the United Kingdom with a well-equipped dining hall, standard room, and library.

There are 500+ undergraduate programs and doctorates offered. The tuition fee is on the higher side for non-European students. The best thing is this university offers 900+ scholarships to graduate students for higher studies. Studying Medicine at Oxford will fetch you premium jobs.

  • Total number of students- Not disclosed
  • Academic staff- N/A
  • Undergraduate degrees award- N/A
  • Doctoral degrees award- N/A

9. Duke University

Duke University website | Best medical schools in the world

Rooted back to the 18th century, it is one of the top medical colleges in the world, known for extraordinary educational results. The university includes subjects like Law, science, engineering, public policy, environment, medicine, and arts. It is semester-based, offering Duke’s highly ranked graduate programs at places like the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Fuqua School of Business.

This university is partnered with Wuhan University to create the new Duke Kunshan University in China, offering graduate degrees to the probable eligible students. The Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore is also very popular.

  • Total number of students- 15,000 and more
  • Academic staff- N/A
  • Undergraduate degrees award- N/A
  • Doctoral degrees award- N/A

10. Columbia University

Columbia University website

Another top medical college in the world ranked 6th best Global University for excellence. The university comprises three schools for undergraduate Columbia College, School of General Studies, Fu Foundation School of Engineering, and Applied Science. It is known for subjects like Law and Medicine. Columbia University is closely associated with Cornell University, with 200+ subjects taught in Master’s degrees.

It is a famous university that facilitates studying abroad and higher research opportunities. Clinical medicine is a popular subject matter for doctorate students. The university is affiliated with the Jewish Theological Seminary, Barnard College for Women, and Union Theological seminary. It is one of the most popular universities and one of the best medical colleges in world.

  • Total number of students- 22,801
  • Academic staff- 4,672
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 1,655
  • Doctoral degrees award- 941

11. University of California

University of California website

The University of California is ranked as one of the 14th best medical schools in the world. It is referred to as UCLA. It is a public institution where 70% of the undergraduate students are present to graduate from the top subjects taught here. Around 20% of the students are international. The admission is pretty strict.

The university caters to subjects like Political Science, Business, Economics, Biology, Botany, Engineering, and Medicine. The primary teaching hospital is The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center having top medical facilities. 350 laboratories and 300+ faculty in medicine offer dedicated research help to the researchers. The students earn a lot of respect and participate in the student research program.

  • Total number of students- 42,890
  • Academic staff- 5,753
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 9,238
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,335

12. University of Michigan

University of Michigan website | Best medical schools in the world

The University is one of the top medical colleges in the world. Many undergraduate-level students from more than 110 countries join this organization to pursue a degree. The academic calendar is on a trimester basis. The primary teaching medium is English, along with 65 more foreign languages.

It guarantees the house for incoming first-year students, offering them various opportunities. Around 19 colleges are affiliated with this board offering high educational values among students. The top-ranked several specialists in subject matter like medicine science experts teach here. Research-based programs are associated with the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center, Addiction Research Center, and Ground Robotics Research Center.

  • Total number of students- 44,663
  • Academic staff- 5,498
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 7,076
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,533

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13. Yale University

Yale University website

Yale University is one of the oldest and best medical colleges in world. About 45% of the students are at the undergraduate level. They have a scope of 20% of international students to enrol in the top subjects taught here. Medicine is one of the main subjects of excellence that brought a lot of recognition to the University for their students.

The students get facilities of accommodation as well in this university. The other subjects include History, Economics, and Politics. The management courses and Law also gained attention. There are many research centres like Yale Program in Sleep, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and Yale Cancer Center for students. The main focus associated with this university is Chemotherapy treatment that started in the 1940s.

  • Total number of students- 13,317
  • Academic staff- 2,259
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 1,408
  • Doctoral degrees award- 742

14. Imperial College London

Imperial College London website

One of the best medical schools in the world, Imperial College in London, is focused on subjects like natural sciences, businesses, medicine, and engineering. It is associated with top research centers like the Center for Hedge Fund Research, the Data Science Institute, and the Institute of Global Health Innovation. There are around 400+ undergraduate students who get a chance to have hands-on research opportunities based on excellence.

The university participates in various International Research Opportunities Programme in diverse countries like the Seoul National University and Massachusetts Institute of technology. The students go there for 8 weeks to explore the research methods during their summer break. The pioneering inventor Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin by treating a bacterial infection in 1945 at this University.

  • Total number of students- 17,630
  • Academic staff- 1,580
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 2,660
  • Doctoral degrees award- 895

15. University College London

University College London website | Best medical schools in the world

It is one of the best medical colleges in world and the third University established in 1826. It is popularly known as UCL having campuses in Australia and Qatar. 11 Academic divisions include the laws; life sciences; medical sciences; arts and humanities; engineering; education; brain sciences; population health sciences; mathematical and physical sciences; social and historical sciences; and Bartlet. It is a special division that focuses on architecture and planning.

The university is affiliated with various medical centers like Royal Nationals Throat, University College Hospital, and Nose and Ear Hospital. The multi-disciplinary research in medical sciences opens a gateway for the students to explore personalized sciences, lifelong health, neuroscience, and Environment Research.

  • Total number of students- 35,895
  • Academic staff- 3,440
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 5,215
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,230

16. University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh website

It is one of the best medical schools in the world and ranks 42nd in the Best Global Universities. This university’s performance is consistent with the high number of student enrollment, where 20% is for international students. The subjects that excelled here are Arts and Humanities, Biology and Biochemistry, Medical Science, Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems, Oncology, Clinical medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Radiology and many more. The subject matter experts are scientists who have years of expertise. There are scholarship facilities for students who excel in their field with research assistance for further studies.

  • Total number of students- 26,841
  • Academic staff- 4,821
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 4,713
  • Doctoral degrees award- 997

17. Karolinska Institute

Karolinska Institute website

Karolinska Institute is one of the top medical colleges in world. The programs offered by this university are based on Medical science, including specialized subjects like Optometry, Nursing, Dentistry, and more. The preferred medium of teaching is English. They have bachelor’s and global Masters’ degree programs.

They offer Bio-entrepreneurship, public health sciences, and global health as well. There is a three-day intensive Swedish language class for all International students. It covers neuroscience, cancer and hematology, epidemiology, and public health sciences—40% of the academic research conducted yearly for aspiring students. The students from this university were selected as the recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physiology.

  • Total number of students- 7,937
  • Academic staff- 831
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 1,027
  • Doctoral degrees award- 355

18. Washington University

Washington University website | Best medical schools in the world

The most popular and the best medical colleges in world count Washington University for excellence and performance. There are 12,000 full-time students available for enrollment in the university every year. The academic year offers a variety of subjects like art, architecture, sciences, businesses, engineering, medicine, social work, public health, engineering, and business.

The researchers focus on energy, medical science, and entrepreneurship. Every year the undergraduates receive guidance on future studies and financial support from research team experts. The university is attached to research centers like Government and Public Policy, the Genome Institute and the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, and Weidenbaum Center on the Economy.

  • Total number of students- 14,545
  • Academic staff- 1,814
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 1,823
  • Doctoral degrees award- 786

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19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology website

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the best medical schools in the world. It is listed as the 2nd top medical colleges in world for ranking in performance, acceptance, and excellence. The university has roughly 60% of graduate-level students. Popularly known as MIT contains the top 5 fields of study- Engineering, Medicine, Art and Social Sciences, Architecture, and Planning and Management studies.

It has an academic calendar of a 4-1-4 system starting in January. MIT has a considerable number of laboratories, like the MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory. There are $675 million spent on the research faculty and equipment for offering the premium subject analysis to the students pursuing a medical degree or any other degree in this university. It is also associated with MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory Department of Defense research and Development Laboratory, which focuses on national security issues and technological solutions.

  • Total number of students- 11,459
  • Academic staff- 1,370
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 1,142
  • Doctoral degrees award- 687

20. University of Sydney

University of Sydney website

One of the most popular universities in Australia and the top medical colleges in world, the university of Sydney is known for its campuses, research faculty, and other facilities. They offer an outstanding research facility that helps students secure their future. The students get accommodation and earning options within and outside the campus.

The tuition cost is variable based on the subject matter. English is the primary language of instruction. The faculty offers one year of research-based subjects that attract many international students. It is associated with 300+ research centers across the globe. Students get a lot of opportunities to take scholarships and study.

  • Total number of students- 49,213
  • Academic staff- 2,553
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 7,379
  • Doctoral degrees award- 732

21. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge website | Best medical schools in the world

Ranked the 8th best Global university, Cambridge has a legacy that attracts many international students. It has 13 residential colleges under affiliation. There are a huge number of graduates who prefer to stay back and continue their research at the same university. There are more than 100 libraries and 140 centres that all contribute to research and subject matters.

Top-notch faculties teach medical science with decades of experience. The university contributes to other research areas like the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics, the Center of African Studies, and the Cambridge Center for Economic and Public Policy. It has received grants for research of around $415 million.

  • The total number of students- NA
  • Academic staff- NA
  • Undergraduate degrees award- NA
  • Doctoral degrees award- NA

22. Catholic University of Leuven

Catholic University of Leuven | Best medical schools in the world

The Catholic University of Leuven is one of the best medical colleges in world and Europe. Medical Science is a specialized subject that international and national students explore to get a degree. It is both for graduates and masters. The research faculty is good, with a massive range of opportunities. It is globally ranked as the 48th Best Global University.

The subjects like Arts and Humanities, Biology and Biochemistry, Medical Science, Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems, Oncology, Clinical medicine, Pharmacology and toxicology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Optics, Neuroscience Behavior, Psychology, Engineering and NanoTechnology, and more are taught here.

  • Total number of students- 46,327
  • Academic staff- 1,275
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 5,484
  • Doctoral degrees award- 800

23. Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University website

Heidelberg University has been ranked 54th best Global university for excellence in performance for decades. It has a dozen academic divisions that explore subjects like medicine, economics, social sciences, theology, math, computer science, Law, modern languages, physics and astronomy, behavioral and cultural studies, philosophy, chemistry and earth sciences, biosciences, and more. It has two separate medical faculties for a detailed study process.

The academic calendar is a semester based where English is the communication medium. The university is associated with the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, and European Laboratory for Molecular Biology. This university’s research achievements are rising with aspiring students, researchers, and inventors.

  • Total number of students- 19,530
  • Academic staff- 1,407
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 3,011
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,166

24. Cornell University

Cornell University website

Cornell University is one of the best medical schools in the world. It has a student base of 21,000 students enrolling each year. 65% of the students are international students studying at an undergraduate level. Both domestic and international students pay the same amount of tuition fee.

A few professional divisions of this university are located in Ithaca, New York City, and Doha. The top subjects like medicine, agriculture and life sciences, engineering; human ecology; architecture, art, planning, business, industrial and labor relations and arts and sciences are offered.

Many students enroll on scholarships for further research and join as faculty. There is a 10 weeks program provided to students for stipend purposes. The university is well attached to research centers like Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics, Center for Advanced Computing, and Center for the Study of Inequality.

  • Total number of students- 23,600
  • Academic staff- 2,294
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 3,796
  • Doctoral degrees award- 822

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25. University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina website | Best medical schools in the world

The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, USA, is an ancient university established in 1789. It has a legacy and is considered to be one of the best medical colleges in world. It has a huge campus with 729 acres of land. University of North Carolina utilizes the semester-based academic calendar.

It is the most prominent university with music, restaurants, and shopping places. The students get a promising program to explore sports like basketball. Subjects like Law and medicine are highly in-demand among the students studying here. The former 11th president of the US, James K. Polk, former U.S. Senator John Edward, and Actor and former basketball player Rick Fox were students of this university.

  • Total number of students- 30,981
  • Academic staff- 3,853
  • Undergraduate degrees award- 4,678
  • Doctoral degrees award- 1,187

Benefits of Working in the Medical Field

Medics standing in a room
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

There are many reasons why one should choose a medical degree. It varies from passion and interest to calculated financial gain. Getting admission to the best medical college is a daunting task because of the competition. The reason for this fierce competition is the benefits you get in this profession, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Availability of Career Options

Once you graduate from one of the top medical colleges in world, you will be surrounded by different sorts of opportunities. There are ample jobs in medical science that are readily offered to students after graduation. You can start your own business or clinic as well. You can work in hospitals, labs, or even medical departments. In fact, you can also work as a professor in the medical field as well. If you are a specialized doctor then it is even better.

2. Ease of Access

In the medical field, you can choose to work from any location. There is excellent uniformity in the education offered to medical students. If you wish to work in international locations in South America or Europe, you can start applying to those places. You must be well versed in English or the native language of the country you wish to work in to land a job there.

It is essential that you can communicate with clarity to understand the symptoms of the patients and offer them treatment. If you wish to study abroad, it is a good idea to apply for higher studies in any of your chosen locations. The most preferred sites for a Master in Medicine are Germany, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

3. Universal Demand

The world needs more doctors. As per the World Health Organization, which is projected towards 2030, it is estimated that developing countries will lack 14.5 million medical professionals. That means the demand for healthcare professionals is very high.

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